It'd all seemed so easy when they started. It was college, and they wanted to have fun. The grudge between them had long passed. Neither of them was looking for a relationship or anything serious; they just wanted a fuck.

They spent long nights curled up together, the sheets thrown to the floor. It was different for Blaine than it had been with Kurt. With Kurt everything had been careful and tender. With Sebastian, it was desperate. They needed the feel of skin against skin and of someone pressed up against them.

Time passed and winter break came. Sebastian's parents had moved away to California, and the two of them said their goodbyes at the airport. Blaine went back to Lima. He missed doing something in their dorm room kitchen and feeling arms suddenly wrapped around his waist. He missed Sebastian trying to distract him from his homework, kissing up his neck. He missed falling asleep with someone's arms around him.

And he realized, maybe it sex wasn't as simple as he thought. Maybe no strings attached wasn't entirely possible.

As it turned out, Sebastian's break hadn't been so lonely. Sebastian must have called him by mistake and not realized it. Blaine sat there, phone glued to his ear for a moment as he heard Sebastian's muffled voice followed by a moan from someone else. For minutes afterwards, he sat on his bed, phone in his lap, realizing that the dull ache in his chest wasn't going to go away anytime soon.

When they'd gone back, he confronted Sebastian. But as Sebastian pointed out, they'd never been dating, so how could it count as cheating? After two weeks Sebastian changed dorms. He needed breathing space, he said. Blaine was too clingy.

OSU was big enough that they didn't have any classes together, especially with different majors. And Sebastian slowly slipped out of his life. And time moved on. Spring break came and went. Their first year of college was drawing to a close.

With Kurt, the break-up had been mutual. There had been closure. But now… Blaine found it hard not to dwell. Maybe that was what led him to seek out Sebastian late one night. He had seen Sebastian's roommate, Aiden leave.

Blaine knocked at the door. He heard the creak of a bed and footsteps. Sebastian must have looked out the peephole because the handle stopped turning. "Blaine."

"Sebastian, please let me in." When Sebastian didn't say anything, Blaine settled himself down, curling up next to the door. His hand reached out, tracing along the little dents in the door.

After a moment, there was a thud, followed by an "ow," and as he ran into the door, Blaine could tell that he'd done the same thing. Blaine's hand splayed out against the door. The little bump on the door told him that Sebastian had done the same.

"Come back, Seb."