[This story was first posted in August 2011 on the forum "We, the Infected" by me, gkmoberg1.]

Rejected ideas for novel's back cover
You are sooo lucky I found these!

"Two twelve year old children meet in Blackeberg, a pleasant suburban community to the west of Stockholm, and become the best of friends. They play games together, have foot races, and make a mess of the apartment building's basements."

"Oskar, a child who clearly needs better parental supervision, strikes out on his own, meeting a neighborhood waif in his complex' playground. Things go from worse to downright scary. Parents, let this be a lesson: watch well over your little charges!"

"Mr. H. Bengtsson, former school teacher from Karlstad Sweden, puts on a tour-de-force demonstration of how not to care for children. Left to watch over a single twelve year old, he runs completely amok, ends up in Hospital and under police detention. Following a vertical exit from the Hospital's upper floor and then an even more daring escape by way of its basement morgue, he returns home in an attempt to rescue the situation."

"Stockholm area police are put to shame in this slippery tale of a child who not only walks undetected directly through their combined investigative arms but then eludes them with a broad daylight escape. Throughout, police are stymied by a series of brutal killings committed by the child who meanwhile takes every opportunity to wear other people's clothing. Not a stitch of her own attire is damaged as the thievery continues. At the story's climax the child pinches his friend's mother's brightly colored yellow sun dress (clearly many sizes too large) only to completely ruin it as the bodies pile up once again. Who knows what else is contained in the large old fashioned trunk that exits with the child but it stands to reason the populace of Blackeberg is forced to head off that weekend to shop for more clothes."

"Jonny, Micke and Tomas - three children and friends in a cozy Stockholm suburb - are forced to bring in Jonny's older brother in order to put a stop to the upstart behavior of one of their sixth grade classroom's overweight menaces. Despite measures such as beating him with sticks, stealing his pants and physical abuse they find they cannot control the boy. Things come to head after the menace returns to school one evening wrecks all their schoolwork."

"Eli, a poorly behaved orphan who has been badly attended to, meets up with a vicious tree-stabbing boy who does little to thwart her troubled life of crime. The boy not only befriends her but then advances to turn his back on both parents. The duo proceeds to set themselves up for even more nastiness - which is fortunately cut short because the book ends."