The only clue to Tessa's heritage is through Mortmain, but everyone seems to know where they are from. Will and Cecily from Wales. Jem from England and China. Flo from China and America. Tessa from…

Cecily and Flo were staring each other down now from the opposite sides of the metal gate. Her blue eyes were matching Cecily's and they just wouldn't speak.

Finally Cecily did. "Let her in," she said.

Charlotte opened the gate and the girl's face flooded with relief, but quickly vanished as she put back on her calm demeanor.

"Could you guys please give us a moment," said Cecily hardly. Will looked at Cecily. She looked nervous, but nervous about what? The other residents of the Institute slowly walked away but not too far in case of danger.

"Flo, what are you doing here!" yelled Cecily. "We made a deal! You are putting us both in danger here!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't know where else to go!" said Flo in her rich Chinese accent. Cecily threw up her hands in exasperation in sank to the ground onto her knees and put her head in her hands.

"This is bad. Really, really bad," Cecily said. "You're going to get killed." Flo came and knelt down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Nobody needs to know except the people staying here. I have a feeling we can trust them once they know the whole story. Cece, you saved my life." Then Cecily hugged Flo and Flo hugged her back. Flo was her best friend and always will be.

"Even though it may not seem, I am happy to see you," said Cecily and I think we have some explaining to do, because even I have not found out why you are really here."

Cecily and Flo made their way back to the others and then sat on the steps and gestured for the others to sit with them. Flo and Cecily both looked nervous and uncomfortable, but close.

"Hello," said the Girl in her Chinese accent, "I am Flo Wren Ashtonia Chayn and I am a close friend of Cecily, here."

"Yes, we figured," said Will not unkindly. "What exactly are you?" asked Will, this time a little rudely and Cecily shot his a glare.

Flo smirked and said, "I am a vampire."

Will only laughed and then said, "No you're not. You are on hallowed ground."

"I know, so let me explain." Flo seemed hesitant and a little scared.

Cecily cut in and said, "You have to promise not to tell anyone." Charlotte and the others all nodded their heads hesitantly. What was she hiding? What was Flo hiding?

"A year ago," Flo started, "That was when I was turned into a vampire. My family was attacked. First the killed my father, then my mother, then my two little sisters, and my brother," she started and her tears welled up. The horrible memories haunted her dreams everyday. Cecily wrapped her arms around the girl and continued for her.

"But they decided to keep Flo because she was pretty, smart, quick witted. She had the makings of a vampire, so they turned her. She had only been a vampire for a week and I was walking through the woods when I saw her being attacked by werewolves."

Then Flo, who had regained her composure continued, "I had no idea it was there territory. I was still innocent of the rivalry between vampires and werewolves. They attacked me and ripped and slashed my arms, and I started to bleed out.

'That's when Cecily came down. She saw the whole thing. She saw me try to tell them I had no idea, saw me beg and plead, saw me attacked. She came down and killed the werewolves but I only saw her in blurs. You nephilim truly do look like angels when you fight. My vision was fading and blurry and I only saw flashes of light.

'That's when Cecily came up to save me. She told me to bite her neck because I had lost too much blood and I did. She gave me what I needed to survive and that was a little too much for her. When I healed she had lost too much blood. I wrapped up her wound and took her home with me.

'I don't live with other vampires because I didn't want to be like them. I like faeries, and shadowhunters, and I am actually friends with a few werewolves now. Anyway I took Cecily home and healed her. Her angel blood has allowed me to step on hallowed ground, and walk in daylight. After that we decided not to see each other again and tell nobody."

When Flo finished her story everyone was looking at her both stunned and sadly. Then Will said, "So why are you here now?"

"The vampires have found out what has happened to me. They burned down my house and are currently trying to find me."

Cecily hugged the girl again and said, "I am so sorry." Cecily looked up at charlotte and asked, "Can she please stay here?"

Charlotte looked hesitant, but finally agreed. Cecily helped up Flo with an arm around her shoulder and led her inside to find Sophie and prepare a room. On Flo's back there was also a tattoo on her shoulder of a black, thick V. Then there were thin loops on the top that made it look like a heart.

They all seemed stunned, obviously the two were close friends. Jem decided to retire to bed and same with Charlotte and Henry. That left only Will and Tessa. Will still looked stunned and a little frightened.

"My sister let a vampire suck her blood," he said still in shock. Tessa smiled. She though what Cecily did was brave and kind and Flo seemed like such a nice girl.

"I probably would have done it too," stated Tessa, " and I know you Will. I have a feeling you would do it also. Not all vampires are like De Quincy." Then Tessa got up and walked back into the institute leaving Will alone on the steps.