Kyoko slipped her phone into her hideously pink love me uniform's back pocket as she entered the locker room.

'Kyoko's especially down today' noted said girl's best friend, Kanae. 'she didn't attack me let alone sense my presence like she usually does in that creepy way of hers.'

"Oi, now you don't even greet your best friend?" Kanae called to her depressed best friend at a hopeful attempt to cheer up the young talent and glean information about what had her so depressed.

"Moko-saaaan! Good morning! I'm so sorry!" Kyoko called out while running towards her.

Kanae smiled inside and efficiently side-stepped her best friend's oncoming hug. She commended herself at bringing her best friend back to normal. But she wasn't going to let her go without knowing what was wrong first.

"What has you so down, hmm? You didn't even see me?"

"Nothing Moko-San. I'm just my usual self," Kyoko hastily tried to convince her and her friend.

"I-I can't believe you Kyoko, I thought we- I thought we were best friends! And here, here you can't even tell me your secrets. We've endured the horrible pink curse together for 3 years now, and we've been best friends but you still won't tell me whats bothering you?" Kanae believed she had put on an irrefutable act as she turned around to face Kyoko. She turned around to face her friend in tears wailing, in a full out dogeza on the floor.

"WAAA! Moko-saaan! I'm so sorry. Please, your still my best friend! I'll tell you! I'll tell you! " Kyoko cried as Kanae smiled at her victory.

"Mo! Get off the floor! Friends don't need to dogeza. They just accept their friend's apologies. Okay? You're my friend, just tell me what's wrong."

Kyoko slowly picked herself up and plopped down on a bench and turned her eyes to the floor.

"Moko-San, please don't hate me after this."

"Mo! Kyoko, you are my best friend! I promise i wont ever hate you, no matter what you say."

Kyoko looked up and was smiling gratefully at her friend. Adoration shone in her eyes at Moko-san's uncharacteristic display of affection.

"I ... I think... I'm in love."


Ren had just finished his photo shoot for R-mandy's newest casual clothes line and was in his dressing room collecting his things, preparing to leave.

His phone rang with Kyoko's special ringtone and he smiled as she usually didn't call in the morning fearing she would be a burden for him if she rang during his work. In all truth however, Ren was ready to listen to any of her problems whenever, and where ever.

He picked up the phone to hear his Kyoko's voice addressing not him, but her best friend, kotonami kanae. Ren, curious, listened as he heard Kyoko speak.

"Moko-San, please don't hate me after this."

Motonami-San answered her with a reassuring, "Mo! Kyoko, you are my best friend! I promise I won't ever hate you, no matter what you say."

Ren wondered what exactly it was that they were talking about, but he listened in as he started to get the idea Kyoko was about to reveal a big secret here. A secret that she hesitated in telling Kotonami-San about, must be a huge deal for Kyoko. Ren felt like a dirty old man at only 23 but he couldn't help it. Now he HAD to know. He knew it was wrong, realizing that Kyoko had phoned him by accident, not intending to have her senpai, miles away, eavesdrop on the conversation.

He waited while Kyoko paused and tried mustering up the courage to spit her words out.

"I ... I think... I'm in love," she said. Her voice was fragile seeking acceptance from her best friend.

The words may have been muffled, but were heard as clear as day to his ears. Ren felt his heart break, and those bits and pieces shattered into millions of small fragments that drowned in despair when he heard those words leave Kyoko's lips. He despaired on how to try and put his life back together, because the one and only good thing in his life was now gone. Her heart stolen by another.


I looked up at Moko-San who just wore an incredulous look on her face. I cringed ready to hear the harsh words that would come from my best friend's mouth, but not prepared to accept them.

"You hate me don't you," I stated, depressed. Love was a rotten thing that prevented her from making any friends, and took away the few she had managed to make.

"Mo!" Kanae huffed. "Don't guess what I'm thinking! I'm happy for you," she said tilting my face to meet her eyes.

A smile broke out on my face and Moko-San accepted the hug I gave her. "Thank you, thank you, thank you Moko- San!"

"Now," she said pulling away slowly," Who is it, and how, EXACTLY, did it happen?" she questions threateningly, leaving no room to protest.

"well, um," Kyoko fidgeted, "it happened when..."


Ren seriously did not want to hear more. He just couldn't handle the pain and shock of this unexpectedly being brought on him. He could not stand hearing their friendly confessions for each other and simply decided he would hang up his phone after Kyoko had began profusely thanked Kotonami for being forgiven.

He slammed his phone shut, knowing, despite the rules he had imparted towards Yyoko,he could not handle the interviews he had left for today.

Ren phoned Yashiro, desperately hoping he wouldn't pick up, and was relieved to find that the gods cut him some slack at least for this. He simply would not be able to handle Yashiro's teasing for being too slow in the race for Kyoko's heart.

Ren left a quick message on his manger's cell, explaining an extreme bout of sudden sickness and the need to cancel all of his appointments for he rest of today.

Ren left, his head filled with thoughts of his liquor cabinet and Kyoko and when he would pass out.


"It happened when I was working with Tsuruga-San-" Kyoko began to explain, when she was interrupted.

"Oh thank gods, it's Tsuruga. At least he loves you back." Moko sighed, relieved.

"Wait,what? Tsuruga-San loves me? No no no no no. That's impossible. He could never love me, a girl he only thinks of as his lowly-" Kyoko tried to convince herself that Moko, just this once, was wrong.

"Kyoko! Mo! Will you SHUT UP!? If you fell in love with Tsuruga Ren, why can't he fall in love with you?!" Right now, Moko wished that her best friend would just have a little more confidence in herself.

"Because-well-because-That's just absurd!" Kyoko tried to convince Moko and herself that it just wasn't possible.

"Oh, so you're saying that the #1 Love Me member falling in love isn't absurd!?" Moko shot back.

"Okay," Kyoko conceded. "You win. But I still don't believe it. So do you still want to know the story?"

Moko nodded her confirmation when Kyoko's phone rang.

She got up, and looked at the number, recognizing it as Yashiro-san's.

"Moshi moshi Yashiro-San, it's Mogami."

"Good morning, Kyoko-chan. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and check up on Ren."

"What do you mean? Isn't he supposed to be working now? What happened? Is he okay?" Kyoko immediately began to fret.

"I don't even know. He just left me a voicemail saying to cancel all his jobs for the day, and that he was going home because he felt extremely sick."

"Arigatou Yashiro-San. I'll go right now." Kyoko hung up and looked at Moko.

"Gomen, moko-San. I need to go. We'll talk later." Kyoko said as she flashed back into her casual clothes, and out of her uniform.

Kyoko was out the door and on her bike by the time Moko said, "Bye."


I've only gone through two bottles so far. So who the flip is that at the door?! Ren thought, violently swinging it open at the insistent knocking, third bottle in hand.

He came face to face with the one person he wanted to avoid more than anything. Kyoko.

She was panting heavily; probably from having biked the whole way here, he thought. Her hair was windblown, and she looked like she would everyday, with her overused white purse, wearing a white jeans skirt, and a ruffly black top that matched her shoes.

And then she unleashed her rage upon him all at once.


Ren stared at her, shocked.

Kyoko barged into his apartment, stomping her way in and glancing at the wreck of the once spotless apartment.

A smashed glass lay in a heap at the bottom of one wall, pillows from the couch strewn all over the place. And Ren. He was just as handsome as ever, but his face and eyes betrayed his feelings. They were dark and hollowed of all emotion but pain.

"What happened Tsuruga-San? Why did you do this to your apartment?" Kyoko asked, slowly inching closer to the broken man that had stolen her heart. She slowly reached out and was about to place her palm on his cheek, when he flinched away from her touch. Kyoko retracted her hand so quickly it was as if she touched flames.

The knife in her heart twisted, delving deeper into the wound. It hurt her that he would recoil so and then refuse to face her as well as refute her touch.

"I, Mogami-san, am a grown man and owner of this apartment, entitling me to do as I may wish with my property. And that includes removing unwanted company from this premises."

So she had been delegated to unwanted company in his mind. She tentatively had just begun to reach out again, to allow happiness back into her heart.

This just showed her how wrong she was.