Deidara was hesitantly waiting outside his partner's door, his hand raised in the air, ready to knock. He was second guessing himself, even after he'd promised himself that he wouldn't. He was sure that what Itachi had said was right…that Sasori really did want to be with him, and that the only reason that the older man was pushing him away was the fact that he wasn't really human. With this in mind, he knocked on the door. He heard the shuffling of feet across the carpet, and then the door creaked open.

"What do you want, brat?" The puppet man hissed. The door was only open a crack, so Deidara pushed it farther as he barged in, pressing his lips against his partners, wrapping his arms around the wooden neck. The kiss was desperate on Deidara's part. Sasori did not to return the kiss. Deidara could sense this as the older man's lips remained stationary. He pulled away, trailing frantic, submissive kisses down Sasori's neck.

"Please…please, Danna!" He begged in a hushed voice. He kept repeating himself, over and over. "Please…please!"

Sasori finally had enough, and he pushed the blonde boy away. His shove was a little too rough, and as a result, Deidara went tumbling to the floor.

"I CAN'T GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT, DEIDARA!" The red head shouted, his fists clenched at his side. "Stop pushing this! It's never going to happen!"

Deidara stared up at him, half of his beautiful face covered by his bangs. His one visible eye shone with unshed tears. "Sasori-danna…all I want is you." His voice sounded fragile. He clambered to his feet, and attached himself once more to his danna. The older man tried again to push him away, but Deidara held on strong.

"Deidara, release me. This isn't doing to w-" He began, but Deidara cut him off with his lips. He place his partners arms on his hips, before wrapping his own around the older man's neck. He gyrated his groin against Sasori's leg, moaning wantonly. He knew in his mind that he looked like a desperate whore…and in this moment, that's what he felt like. But he needed his Danna to touch him. To want him again. He'd do anything for that.

"Please…Master, just take me. Touch me…do something." He moved his lips to the puppet's ear, placing a small kiss there, before whispering, "I need you…"

What he did not expect, was his partner to backhand him, hard, across the face.


Itachi was gazing at a picture, one that he kept inside his cloak, next to his heart. It was an old picture of his brother's academy class. He, of course, would gaze at his brother's smiling face from time to time, but as of late, he was focused on a different student. Short, hime-style blue hair. Big, innocent white eyes. An adorable, round face. He was gazing longingly at none other than Hyuuga Hinata.

He stroked his thumb over her picture, remembering just why exactly she was on his mind…you see, he'd travel every now and then to his old home. The Uchiha complex was old and charred now, so he never ran into any one there. He would roam the halls, almost as if to torture himself. He deemed it fitting punishment for what he had done…little did he know that he would meet his salvation there. A month ago, right before he was about to leave the complex, someone caught him. A young girl, around his brother age. She had the eyes of the Hyuuga clan, but they weren't as fierce. He overtook her easily, and trapped her in his old room. He'd decided to confess to her, one living human being, the exact nature of his crime. And when he did, when he confessed to her that he had been forced to kill his clan…she had sobbed for him. She pitied him…consoled him. So he set her free. Not only that, but he had left her his necklace. He fell in love that day…and he would see her again. He would risk…everything. Just to see those eyes…


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