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They had been walking for what seemed like about a month. It was snowing hard. Humphrey could barely see in front of himself. He snarled in the cold. Garth was walking with his face facing away from the howling wind. He looked up to see Humphrey, who was in know better condition than him. He had beads of sweat freezing on his fur. Kate and Alyssa were starting to fall behind Garth. Garth halted Humphrey by grabbing his shoulder. He looked back at Humphrey.

"WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS!" Garth shouted. Humphrey nodded.


"I HAVE NO IDEA!" Garth was looking around frantically. He couldn't see anything in the blizzard though. Humphrey disappeared for a moment in the snow, then came running back. He motioned for them to follow, and started walking forward. They followed him into a small cave. It felt like the sun rested inside of the cave when they walked inside of it. The wind was howling outside, and a little snow devil was twirling around at the mouth of the cave.

"Let's get some sleep. Hopefully it will be better when we wake up." Humphrey ordered.

"Shouldn't somebody take watch?" Alyssa asked.

"No, nothing is going reach us through that," Humphrey pointed over towards the mouth of the cave. "Besides, none of us will be getting too much sleep tonight, not in this weather."

"Yea, OK," Alyssa laid down and fell asleep. Kate walked over to Humphrey and nestled up against him, the two falling asleep together. Without another word, everybody fell asleep very fast, despite Humphrey's thoughts.

Humphrey was the first to wake up. He always was. He nestled his face against Kate's. He missed her so much, but now everything felt right again.

Garth woke up a few minutes later.

"It let up a little bit," Humphrey noted. Garth nodded.

"Yea, at least now we can move."

"Let's wake the two up and get going."They woke up Kate, then Alyssa. When the two finally got up and stretched, they began heading south again. It only took a few minutes for them to reach the town that Tim, Garth's uncle,, owned. They slowly climbed down into the crater.

"GARTH!" somebody laughed in the distance. Garth looked to his left, only to see his uncle jump at him. Garth yelped in surprise and was plowed over by Tim. He scrambled to get out of his grasp, but Tim had a firm hold on him. Garth was flailing around on the ground, while Tim sat on top of him laughing.

"Still gotcha!"

"Right, can you get off now, please?" he begged.

"Fine, fine. So! Ah, this is that lovely Kate you were telling me all about? The same one you almost died for three times to save? Ha ha! Hi Kate, I'm Toni's brother, Garth's uncle. Good to see ya!

"He almost die-wha?" She looked at Humphrey.

"Well he came here passed out from freezing to almost death. He got mauled by some giant bear thingy and he got stuck in a blizzard, and I think I heard an avalanche too. Brave lad, he is."

"You did WHAT!? Why didn't you bring more people to come save me?"

"Well, we technically were supposed to just find you, then come back with more but we decided we should just rescue you."

"You are such a dumb ass! But you're my dumb ass," She giggled, tackling him, the two rolling down into a pond. Alyssa sighed, Garth chuckled.

"Well, we figured we would stop by and say hi before we left for Jasper," Garth said.

"You should get going to the train tracks. A train should be there soon. It will take you right to Jasper," Tim told him. "I'll come visit some time. See you soon Garth!" He quickly pushed him out the Cave. Garth shouted at Alyssa and Humphrey and Kate to all get going. He quickly ran, the other three right behind him. Humphrey caught up to him.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Train," he pointed. They all picked up speed as they ran up the steep hills. They quickly caught up to the train as it was stopping and jumped in a open cart. They hid in some boxes, while some people inspected the cars. When they were gone, and the train was well on its way, they all jumped out and looked around.

"Well, here's our ticket home," Humphrey said, as he curled into a ball and fell asleep. Garth shook his head.

"That guy get's more sleep than healthy, I swear," He chuckled as he laid down. "So do I though."

"Yea," Alyssa curled into a ball in the corner of the car, while Kate fell asleep on top of Humphrey."

"Humphrey, I wish we could be more than friends. I want nothing more than to be in Kate's position, nothing more than to hold you close to me and fall asleep listening to your heart beat. But I suppose that was too much to ask for, wasn't it?" She whispered to herself, slowly crying herself to sleep.

What can I do? I can't date him, can't marry him, can't even look at him without feeling like I'm gonna puke. I just want to sleep next to him one more time, but not even that is possible. I should just end it, right here right now. I'll do it when I get home.

Humphrey woke up first, as per usual. He saw a sign saying Jasper park on it. He nudged Kate awake.

"We're here beautiful," he poked her. She giggled, then rolled over. He picked her up and shook her around.

"Hey! Not nice," she pawed at him. He woke up Garth and Alyssa, then they jumped off the tracks right at the entrance to the pack.

"Well, here it is. The last stretch home," Humphrey said. He started walking forward. Everybody was staring at the group in disbelief. Nobody thought they would ever come back.

"Daddy?" Kate asked. Winston blinked twice, shaking his head.

"Kate? Is it really?" he ran up to her and hugged her.

"Dad, I'm home," she started crying. Kate walked over to her mom, while Winston walked to Humphrey.

"Thank you, son. You did a good job. We were all waiting for you to come back, but we pronounced you all dead four weeks ago, as was part of the plans. It's good to see all of you back here. I cannot thank you enough, except to give you my blessing," Winston hugged him. Humphrey's ears perked up, a giant smile grew on his face. Alyssa heard this, saw his reaction, and walked off to her den. She felt a giant whole in her heart, and knew it was time to give up. She walked over to her den, and laid down.

Kate hugged Humphrey. "What are you smiling about, goofy?" she laughed.

"Hey Kate?" he looked down at her.

"Yes Humphrey?" she looked up at him. He felt a huge lump grow in his throat. He choked, coughed, she laughed at him and he blushed.

"Wi-...Will you...marry me?" he said, almost inaudible.

She smiled. "What was that dear?"

"Kate, I love you. Will you marry me?" he sounded much more confident this time. A grin spread across her entire face. She looked at her dad, who nodded his agreement. She laughed and tackled him, nuzzling him.

"Is that a yes?" he asked. She nodded, still smiling like a goofball.

He stood up, hugged her, then guided her back to his den. Lilly jumped out of no where and tackled Garth, who rolled around with her. Eventually, he picked her up and took her back to his den too.

"They are finally back, Eve," Winston said.

"Yea. They are. Thank God. I missed her so much. But if that Humphrey tries to do anything! And I mean ANYTHING! With my daughter. I will personally stab him to death in the leg's with his own ribcage. I will tear off his legs and feed them to the carribou. Slowly pull out his intestines and choke him to death with them. And above all us, pray for pups." She finished the sentence sounding peaceful, walking away, leaving Winston wide eyed and scared for Humphrey's sake.

Garth was in his cave, snuggling with Lilly.

"What did you guys do out there?" she asked, Garth felt like he was melting when she looked at him. He was so happy to be home, to be able to hold Lilly again.

"Well..." He began explaining the story.

Alyssa was sitting inside her den. She thought she heard howling, but chose to ignore it. She knew who it was. She did not care anymore. Life was becoming pointless to her, not having anybody to love. She heard a very distinct stomping outside her den. She looked up to see another one of those giant monsters that she had first encountered when she was stalking Humphrey. She closed her eyes, felt a sharp pain on the top of her heard, then everything went white. The monster walked out with Alyssa on it's back, taking her away.

Humphrey and Kate were sitting on the edge of a cliff, watching the full moon. The two looked at each other, and started to howl at the moon. They felt their adrenaline rush, they were swept away by the moment. Humphrey thought he noticed Kate stop. He looked over at her, to see her with her chest low, her eyes staring intensely at him, her tail wagging in the air. She slowly pushed him over, climbing on top of him.