I'm Back.

The giant animal stood back up. Humphrey took a closer look at it. It appeared to be a very big cat, no, not a cat. It was more like a giant wolf with fangs and stripes. It had black and grey stripes, and fangs that hung out a foot from its mouth. It snarled at Garth, who had hit in hard enough to knock it down. It stood on its back legs; it must have been at least ten feet tall. Humphrey glanced at Garth.

"It's not that big," Humphrey said.

"Humphrey doesn't play with it, it's big," Garth jumped out of the way of a paw. The claws were at least five inches long.

"Well it's no slouch, but we can take it," with that Humphrey jumped over another swipe and clawed his way up its arm. The monster roared in anger and started swinging around. Humphrey flew off of it and hit a tree. He moaned and rolled over, but didn't get up.

"HUMPHREY!" Garth and Alyssa both shouted at the same time. Alyssa ran over to him and nuzzled him. A streak of blood ran across his muzzle, and his eyes were rolled to the back of his head. Alyssa closed his eyes and nursed him. The beast snarled and ran after Alyssa. It covered twenty meters in a few seconds.

"It's fast too. Great."

Garth jumped behind it and grappled its neck with his claws. He then bit down and tore out a piece of muscle from its neck and clawed at its eyes. Garth bit its vertebrae and came up, hearing a disgusting snap from its neck. Alyssa watched in horror as the beast's eyes rolled up in into its head and fell down in front of her.

Humphrey sat still, unable to move. His eyes were closed and he was mumbling about Kate. Garth picked him up and began to carry him to the camp. He gave Alyssa the evil and kept going. He didn't care if she followed or not, as long as she stayed out of the way. But Humphrey being knocked out cold was going to slow them down, so he might as well just wait for him to wake up anyways. The beginning to set by now, it had already been a long day of walking.

Humphrey stirred in his concussion. In his mind, he was waking up. He slowly stretched out his back and stood up. Rubbing his eye, he looked around.

When did I get in here?

Two doors appeared out of no where. The left door was a pure gold, while the right door was brown with a lightning bolt. He didn't know why, but he felt he should pick a door to go through. They both attracted him equally. Suddenly, Kate walked out the left door and motioned for him to enter. He was about to, when Alyssa came out the right door and motioned for him to enter her door instead. He sat down. He didn't know what to do. Both Kate and Alyssa were nice. He liked them both.

Come on Humphrey. Let's go have another adventure. Kate's voice echoed in the room he was in.

No Humphrey, let's go try something new. Alyssa motioned for him to follow again. He thought about it.

Kate and I have gone through so much together. And what if I follow her, and I find her, and we can live happily ever after together. But Alyssa has always liked me. I did like her too. And she is just as beautiful as Kate in her own way. I guess I should just pickā€¦.

Garth was on watch for the night. Alyssa was sleeping right next to Humphrey, rolling on the ground and mumbling about how she couldn't let him go. Garth cocked his head sideways in confusion. She turned Humphrey down, and then at the same time she didn't want to let him go. It didn't make any sense, seeing as how she had her chance and blew it all at the same time. Humphrey was sleeping still, not saying a word. He looked confused, and worried, and like he was making a hard choice all at once. Garth looked up at the moon. It was starting to come down, and the sun would rise soon. Hopefully, Humphrey would wake up by then. Garth slowly closed his eyes and went to sleep. Nothing would bother them anyways out here.

Something snapped. It was a twig. Garth woke up, his sixth sense screaming at him. He didn't move, instead, he continued his breathing pattern as though he were sleeping. He listened. The brush around the shale beach rustled. Another branch snapped. He looked around to see a whole pack of wanderers was coming out of the brush.

Wanderers were lone wolves that made a pack. They followed the stars to find food and water. They also preyed on travelers and other lone wolves. The wolves began to circle them. Garth jumped up. Startled, the wanderers began to close in on Garth. He shouted at Alyssa and shook her awake, and then he grabbed Humphrey and pulled him over his shoulder.

"Run!' Garth took off, Alyssa followed. Garth crashed through the brush and the foot high cat tails. He put his shoulder in front and bent his head down to shield his face. He almost ran into a pond, but turned sharply and kept on going. Garth jumped over a log and then rolled under another one. After that he ducked under a tree and climbed up another, followed by Alyssa. They jumped branch to branch until they ran out of trees and then they climbed up the tree to the top. He could hear Alyssa right behind him, and also could he the wanderers crashing around behind him.

They are a noisy bunch. He though as he ran. He wished Humphrey was awake. With the two of them, they could easily take them on. But until then, he could run forever. The crashing was slowly getting further and further away. Garth looked down when he couldn't hear it anymore. They must have given up on the chase.

He took in his surroundings. They were in an oak tree, he noted from the leaves. There were a lot of trees, but spaced enough so that he could see the ground. He noted an alcove behind a pond that was hiding behind cat-tails. They would probably sleep there tonight. The ground was covered in a yellow grass that came up to his shoulders. It would be good hunting grounds. They must have run into a prairie, he thought. He began to climb down the tree. He motioned for Alyssa to follow.

"Well at least we ran in the right direction," He laughed. Alyssa laughed too. Then they began to set up camp and let Humphrey heal.