"WHAT?" Ichigo yelled.

"Ichigo you may be a great spy" Byakuya started.

"One of the best" Ichigo's partner, Rukia added.

"But you must finish high school" Byakuya finished.

"I know that…but I am busy with missions and stuff" Ichigo tried to argue.

"We are taking you off of most of your work…you may do a few odds and ends but you are to focus on school work" Byakuya explained.

"What about Rukia?" Ichigo asked.

"She will be getting a new temporary partner for the year" Byakuya stated.

"But…but…yes sir" Ichigo sighed.

"Good…but don't worry Ichigo…this should be easy compared to the things you have done" Byakuya snorted.

Ichigo smiled. "You must not remember high school very well…or you weren't one of the outcasts like I am" Ichigo replied. Byakuya opened his mouth to question the young oranget. "See you later Byakuya" Ichigo stated with a wave before leaving.

"Rukia" Byakuya started.

"At his last high school he was not only beaten up all the time for his hair color and his attitude…but he was rejected by his crush and then beaten to almost death…then he returned to school after healing only to be laughed, teased, bullied, and beaten" Rukia explained.

"Oh…no wonder he was happy to become a spy" Byakuya sighed.

Fuck, late on his first day. Ichigo was pissed that his alarm didn't go off and now he was late. He raced up the stairs to the front of the school. He signed into the late sheet thingy in the office, got his schedule, and went to his first class. He knocked on the door. "Ah, that must be our new student" a voice stated. "Come on in" a voice called. Ichigo opened the door and walked in. 30 pairs of eyes laid on him and Ichigo could feel a blush crawling up his neck. "You are late Kurosaki-san" a voice stated.

Ichigo looked over at his teacher, a tall blonde male with stormy grey eyes dressed in a green robe, a green and white striped hat, and had a fan to hide his obvious smile. "Sorry…overslept…though from your enthusiasm I wouldn't be catching up on my sleep in this class" Ichigo snorted.

A bit of laughter. "That's excellent to know Kurosaki-san…so let's see where you can sit so we can continue class" the teacher pondered as he turned to look at the class, scanning for an empty seat.

"Ah…Kurosaki-san…you can sit between Shirosaki-san and Jeagerjaques-san" the teacher stated, gesturing at two boys in the back row with a seat between them. Ichigo's mouth went dry and he could feel his cheeks growing warmer. He was staring at the two most beautiful men he had EVER seen and he had been all around the world and met many people.

One of them was an albino with long snow white hair hanging loosely about to his midback, molten gold eyes surrounded by a sea of black, pale white skin stretched over a strong lithe, well muscled body at about 6'1, and 2 piercing in his right ear as well as one on his left eyebrow. He was dressed in black skinny jeans, a red button up with the sleeves rolled to the elbows and black sneakers.

The other had a mess of cotton candy blue hair that was perfect with a few strands hanging over clear sky blue eyes with teal markings on the corners of them, lightly bronzed skin stretching over a 6'3 body of muscle and sex appeal. He was dressed in a half zipped up white jacket, no shirt under it, dark blue jeans, and red sneakers.

Ichigo walked between the seats to the two sex gods. He sat down between them, trying to keep his cool and not red faced. He didn't know if either of them were gay or not, though he doubted sex gods like them would be wanting a guy. Ichigo did know that both of the males were staring at him. Ichigo gulped, trying to ignore them, which was very hard to do since they were very hot.

Ichigo was glad to escape the class for lunch. But he didn't except for the sex gods he had sat next to grab him. Shiro, the albino grabbed his left arm while Grimmjow, the bluenet got a hold of his right arm. Ichigo squeaked as the two of them carried him away. Ichigo's mind was screaming. One part was hoping and praying they would fuck him in a closet or something. Another part of him screamed, thinking he was about to get the shit beaten out of him. A final part was considering kicking their asses for 'kidnapping him'. "W-what are you t-two doing?" he snapped.

"Taking you to lunch with us" Shiro purred. "New meat like yourself doesn't last long without protection" he added.

"I can take care of myself" Ichigo snarled, pissed at the thought of being saw as weak.

"That may be the case…but with a cute little face and feminine body like yours, you are bound to get taken to a closet by some undesirable guys" Shiro teased.

Ichigo turned red. "S-shut up" he snapped.

Suddenly the oranget was dropped onto the floor of the roof. He looked over at the others sitting there. There was a blonde kid with brown eyes and a piano grin, his hair cut into a bob. He was dressed in brown pants, a burned orange shirt, and a red tie. Next to the blonde was a one purple eyed, shoulder length black haired, extremely tall male dressed in black slacks and a white wifebeater. Then there was another black haired male, a bit shorter than Ichigo with bright emerald green eyes, pale porcelain colored skin, dark green teartracks from the bottom of his eyes to the bottom of his face. He was dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt. Then there were two busty women, a blonde with light brown skin and aqua eyes, dressed in white half shirt with long sleeves and black jeans while the other woman had green hair, hazel eyes, light skin dressed in a black miniskirt and pink tanktop. Lastly there was a small brown haired male with blue gray eyes. He was dressed in black jeans and a black hoodie.

"Grimmjow…Shiro-senpai" the small brown haired male chirped.

"Hey Tensa" Shiro grinned, walking over, sitting down, and pulling Tensa onto his lap. A twinge of jealousy stabbed Ichigo in the heart.

"Grimmy" the green haired woman squealed.

"Who is this?" the smaller black haired male.

"Ichigo" Grimmjow replied as he let the green haired woman hug him.

"Nice to meet ya Ichigo" the blonde kid stated.

"That's Shinji, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, Hallibel, Nel, and Tensa" Shiro pointed and named.

Nel was quick to give him a hug before pulling him to sit next to her and Hallibel. The girls had decided to share their lunch with him.

Ichigo sighed. High school was a bit different here, but he had a feeling he would still suffer hell. He glanced at Grimmjow and Shiro. Maybe if he got lucky, a bit of heaven as well.

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