Before Dawn

Pairing: Benkei x Yoshitsune

Disclaimer: Benkei will crush me with those hands of him if I try to claim Yoshitsune

Warning: Male x Male relationship, fluff

A/N: Just a small story between my works. Hahaha. (my boss will kill me ^^a) no actual plot, much like a ficlet or a drabble, I think.

Un-betaed. Don't flame me, please. It won't get me anywhere. Critiques and advices are much more appreciated.

Benkei awakened from his short sleep of the night; he looked down and found his young lord snuggling deeper into his chest. The monk sighed contentedly before he pulled the slim figure on his chest closer and tighter. If he still could to trust in his intuition, he felt like this Genji was smiling against his chest, and sure, he feels the smaller arms snaked around his back; tracing random shapes on it with his lithe fingers.

The room felt so big even in his eyes. It's just a modest Japanese room with a very few furniture in it. The futon he slept in was in the middle of the room, a small table and an oil lantern at the corner, an iko where his and Yoshitsune's clothing are hanged is standing beside the wall and a Momiji-painted screen divided the wide space between the futon and shoji door.

His eyes captured a flash of his spear he placed steadily beside a pair of Katana belonged to his young lord that were displayed gracefully on a Genji clan's crest-engraved rack. Those are the reminder of their unfinished battle with Heike.

When will it be over? He wondered.

He tucked Yoshitsune's lock behind his ear, the first time he looked into Yoshitsune's face; he never imagined how this fragile-looking young lord could to endure his clan's vengeance on his shoulders without complaining even once. Where are all the strength he have came from? But anyway, when he think about it, the first time they met at Gojo Bridge he was also underestimating him, and it resulted in his utter defeat.

"Benkei?" Yoshitsune called softly as the monk rouse up from the futon. "Where are you going?"

Benkei smiled in amusement when he saw Yoshitsune's eyes still tightly closed, but his smaller hand was clutching on his arm like stopping his any movement in an instant. He wondered farther, is this why he lost in their first battle that time?

He cupped his lord's pale cheek; brought his face closer to Yoshitsune's ear, "Don't you remember? I have to go to Heike's mansion to collect information for our next move."

"I love you." Benkei whispered, kissed Yoshitsune's lips and his still closed eye gently.

Then he stands up and put on his clothes and armor practically. After he fixed the blanket on his lord's naked body, he took up his spear and opened the shoji door.

"I love you too."

Benkei's steps halted by the sudden statement he heard. The monk turned his body, Yoshitsune still hasn't move from his place before. His uncovered back exposed to the midnight air from outside the room, but it doesn't looked freezing. On the other hand, his back strangely flushed red beautifully like the Momiji painting on the screen.

"Yoshitsune-dono." He muttered audibly.

"I love you too." The young lord repeated,

"Now go." He raised the blanket over to his face, but Benkei still could to see his ear turned red too, crept down even to his neck and eventually joined with his already flushed back. "And come back soon." He added in a muffled voice behind the blanket.

Benkei holds his amused chuckle; he kneeled before his lord and his beloved, and say a single word before he then stands up and closed the door firmly,


- Iko = a Japanese traditional rack for hanging kimono.