Chapter 1 Preview

Alice was amazed upon discovering that the cabin she's in now is a way to get to one of Umbrella's laboratory. Well, there's something she wants to know, she wants to know who the man behind the killings of some Alices is. Some Alices meant her clones. Someone's trying to copy the exact her but always fails in trying. And now she has to know who that might be so she can give justice to her clones. Once Alice got down, she was shocked seeing the laboratory disorganized. Equipments and things are scattered on the floor with some blood on it. She is confused and asking herself what the hell happened to the place. Hell, as if she has answer to it. She got inside to one of the doors when the White Queen appeared. Alice asked her what happened there. Then she learned that Dr. Isaacs got bitten and injected himself several times of the antivirus that causes him massive mutation. She also learned from the White Queen that Dr. Isaacs thought that Alice's blood is the cure for 'everything' and that this crap could end. After her conversation with the White Queen, Alice went looking for Dr. Isaacs but what she found was a bunch of her clones in a watered container. She felt her heart raged with fury seeing this experiment of that bastard. Alice walked passing along her clones but at the end of the line, her eyes caught a glimpse of red strands. Alice stopped from walking and held her breath. She could feel her feet trembling and heart pounding. There are question forming in her head. Could it be Claire? Could she still be alive? But no, she's dead. She saw it with her own two eyes that day. Alice started to walk again to get a better look of the last woman in the container but a silhouette passed quickly at the opposite side. She followed it with gun aiming at something but what she saw was really horrifying. It's Dr. Isaacs who suffered from the side effect of the antivirus.

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