Epilogue: Reunited

The four of them made a camp near the cabin. Alice and Chris are in the Hummer resting while Kmart is cooking their late dinner. Claire who doesn't know what to do just joined Kmart outside the Hummer.

The redhead is in front of the bonfire, thinking of something. She sighed after sigh. There are lots of things in her mind and she couldn't find any answer to it. Kmart, cooking their food noticed the redhead uneasy. She went to her and sat beside her.

"I still can't believe you're alive but I'm happy." Kmart said without looking at Claire.

"Neither I am." Claire paused. "Tell me, what happened when I was gone?"

"When you were gone? I was devastated. Really devastated. Good thing Alice was there for me. She never left me. She took care of me just like the way you did to me." Kmart told her as she remembered her first week without Claire by her side.

They fell silent again. Claire watched the fire danced in front her while Kmart watched her. The teen smiled for she is happy that Claire is back. Nothing changed in her except that she's already infected. Because of that bastard, Claire is infected. Kmart's eyes saddened at the thought though she knows that Claire is not contagious she's still worried about her condition.

"What about the others? I mean the convoy? Where are they?" Claire asked.

"The last time I remember, they were in Reno. And they're heading to Alaska."

"Alaska? That's too far. Why are they going there?"

"Well, in our last scavenging, Alice found a journal that says a safe haven exists and it is located in Alaska. It is called Arcadia. We decided to try our luck to go there but unfortunately, Alice didn't come. She has plans for her own."

"And you, a stubborn child, went with her." Claire smiled as she put her arms around Kmart's waist.

"Well, I can't have her all the fun." Kmart said.

"Tell me the truth, why did you go with her?" Claire seriously asked the teen.

Kmart sighed and looked at Claire. "I can't bear losing her too. I just can't lose another sister that's why I went with her without her notice."

"You mean, you sneaked up on her?" Claire's eyes widen with shock.

"Yeah, I did." Kmart grinned. Claire shook her head as she smiled at the teen.

Alice woke up. She stirred a little and found Chris looking at her and smiling. "Hey." Alice greeted as she sat up.

"Had a good sleep?" Chris asked.

"Well yeah. It just, my wounds hurt a lot." Alice said pertaining to the wound she got from explosion.

"Well, you're really tough. You had me worried, you know that?" Chris smirked.

"I'm sorry. I really am. It's just…" Alice was cut off when Chris put his finger on Alice's lips.

"I know and I thank you. Thank you for saving my sister. I'm really glad you found her." Chris smiled that made Alice's cheek to blush. Good thing, it's a little dark so Chris won't see her face. Alice moved a little backwards and looked outside.

"No, it was her who found me. She was also the one who saved me." Alice said.

Both of them fell silent. Chris watched Alice as Alice to continue to look outside. "I'm glad she's alive." Alice suddenly said.

"Yeah, so am I."

"Let's go and see them." Alice said and opened the door of the Hummer. She walked towards Claire and Kmart without looking at Chris. The latter followed behind her and soon both of them are in the campfire too.

Claire noticed the bothered look on Alice's face so she raised an eyebrow. "What?" Alice asked the redhead confusingly.

"Are you okay, Alice?" the redhead asked.

"Y-yeah I'm fine." Alice answered. Kmart, looking at Alice straight, noticed the older woman's reddened cheeks. Kmart grinned at the sight and she slightly chuckled. This time, both Claire and Alice looked at Kmart with a raised eyebrow.

"What is it Kmart?" the redhead asked.

"Nothing." And she continued to chuckle. "I'll just finish my cooking." Kmart stood up and headed back to her chore.

"What is it with her?" Claire turned to Alice.

"I don't know." was the blonde woman's reply and she sat beside Claire.

They are eating silently. Claire is busy eating her food and so are Alice and Chris while Kmart is watching the three. The only thing they can hear is the wind blowing.

"You did great here Kmart." Claire said.

"I know and thanks." Kmart grinned at the redhead.

Claire stirred a little and looked at Alice. "Okay, tell me what's bothering you Alice."

"What?" Alice turned to Claire.

"You were so silent since you woke up." Claire said.

"She's right." Chris added.

"Yeah." Kmart grinned and nodded. "Tell us Alice."

Alice rolled her eyes at the teen. She knew that Kmart is up to something. "I'm just a bit tired that's all." Alice answered.

"Wanna go back to the Hummer?" Chris asked.

"NO!" Alice almost shouted and the three were shocked from her reaction. "I uhh… I just need some time alone. Excuse me." Alice stood up and left the camp.

"I'll just go after her." Chris said as he stood up too.

"Oh please do." Kmart teased.

As soon as the two were out of sight, Claire turned to Kmart. "Kmart, you're not telling me something, are you?"

"Well, I really can't tell you. Alice will be mad at me." Kmart said.

"Come on, it's only me. Besides, I'm not gonna tell her what you will tell me."


"Promise." Claire swore and held up her right hand.

After Kmart told Claire what she had just witnessed last night…

"They really did that?" Claire grinned.

"Yes. It was an accident though. I didn't mean to intrude, you know." Kmart said.

"I know. Haha." Claire laughed. "I think I like her to be my sister."

"So do I." and the two did a high five.

Claire found Alice outside the Hummer so early in the morning, doing some exercises. She went closer to her and decided to have a small talk with the blonde.

"Good morning." Claire greeted with a smile.

Alice stopped what she was doing and turned to look to where the voice came from. She saw a smiling redhead. "Hey, good morning." Alice smiled back.

"Doing some exercises huh?" Claire sat on the log near Alice and watched the blonde woman.

"Yeah. Just like the first time we've met." Alice answered and sat beside Claire.

"Yeah, I remember that." Claire said then paused. "By the way how are you doing with my brother?" Claire asked as she tried hard to hide her smirk at the question.

Alice suddenly looked at her and frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean…is he treating you nice? Cause if not, I'm gonna punch him."

Alice chuckled a little then shook her head. "Well yeah. He's treating me nice and so is Kmart. At first, I thought he's gonna be mad at us because of what just happened to you."

"Alice is there something you want to tell me? I'm your friend remember?" this time, a smirk appeared on Claire's lips.

"No? Why? Must there be something that I should tell you?"

"I don't know." Claire looked away but she's still smiling.

"Hey, did Kmart tell you something?"

"Uh…no?" Claire smiled widely.

Just as the time Alice shook her head, a series of trucks came into view. It's the convoy.

They are all gathered in front of the cabin. None of them are speaking. The new arrivals are all staring at Claire. There's only one question in their minds. Is this real?

Claire on the other head seemed uneasy. She doesn't like all the stares she's getting but she can't blame them. They might be all shocked from the things they've heard from Alice and her.

"Okay boys. Did you forget how to speak?" Claire suddenly asked. She really doesn't like people around her to be quiet. Well, not in this case.

Kmart smiled. She's really happy that her friends are back. On the other hand, Alice smiled also. She knew how happy these people are.

"S-sorry…it's just…I just can't…" Carlos wasn't able to say something. His mind was stuck.

"What now Carlos? Can't believe I'm still alive?" Claire smirked.

"Oh come here my redhead." Mikey interrupted and hugged Claire tightly. She was a little shocked but she's also glad that her friends are here.

"Since when was the time I became yours?"

"Oops, just now." Mikey smirked.

"Want me to kick your ass off?"

"Sure as long as it's you."

"Hey, hey it's my turn." Otto said then shove Mikey away.

"Hey, that's not funny man." Mikey said. Claire is smiling and a little teary eyed. She really did miss her friends.

"What? You're hugging her for so long." Otto shot back.

"Oh come here you guys." Claire said and hugged both Mikey and Otto. "I missed all of you."

Alice, Kmart, Chris and Carlos smiled at the sight. Everything is finally going well.

Claire pulled away from the embrace and turned to Carlos. "Come here you old man." Claire said and pulled Carlos into a hug. Carlos almost blushed but he hugged Claire back.

"I miss you old man." Claire said.

"I miss you too, Claire."

"Thank you for taking care of them."

"Not a problem." And he patted Claire's back lightly.

Both Alice and Kmart grinned at the sight. Chris smiled. He's just so happy to see his sister happy.

"Oh Carlos I guess you have to deal with brother Chris first." Kmart interjected. Both Claire and Chris frowned at the grinning Kmart.

"And what is that suppose to mean Kmart?" Claire asked as she put her hands on her hips.


"Well, Alice will take care of him." Claire winked at Alice. The blonde woman frowned at Claire.

"Huh?" Alice muttered.

Kmart nudge Alice lightly as she grinned at her. "Yeah, Alice will take care of him."

"Now, why is it me you're teasing?" Alice raised an eyebrow to both Claire and Kmart.

"Of course, cause you're my friend and I love you very much. That's why; I'm sharing you the fun." Claire said. She went closer to Alice and put an arm on her shoulder.

"Whatever Claire."

"Yeah. Whatever Alice." And both of them smiled.

"Hey guys, want me to sing in front of you?" Kmart asked the group. The group backed away a little and together they said…

"NO!" all of them said.

"Why not?" the teen asked.

"Cause you're too 'good?'" Claire said. She meant the other way around though.

"Yeah, K. Claire's right. Just listen to her, please." Alice added. The boys tried not to laugh. They didn't speak. Instead they walked out of the group.

"Whatever guys. It's your loss." Kmart said, rolling her eyes.

That night, everybody is preparing for a sleep. Carlos is sitting on the log, having a smoke. Claire saw him and walked towards him.

"Hey there old man." She sat beside him.


"What are you doing here alone?"

"Just having a smoke before I go to sleep. You want some?"

"No, thanks."

"You're planning to go to Arcadia right?" Claire asked.

"Yeah. As well as we're looking for Alice and Kmart."

"You want them to go with you." That's not a question but a statement.

"Yeah. And I'm glad we found them as well as I'm glad we found you, too." Carlos smiled at his friend.

"Well, I never thought I'd still be alive."

"Yeah. Thanks to that Dr. Isaacs but he's still a bastard."

"By the way, he injected me with the virus."

"What!" Carlos blurted out.

"Don't worry, I'm not contagious. The virus has Alice's blood on it. Dr. Isaacs was experimenting on it."

Both of them fell silent. Only the night sound can be heard until footsteps came. It's Alice.

"Hey guys." The new arrival greeted.

"Hey." Both Claire and Carlos said in unison.

"What are you two doing here?" Alice asked.

"We were just talking." Claire answered.

"Mind if I join?"

"Not at all." Carlos smiled.

"You know it's not so happy you three girls aren't with us." Carlos suddenly said.

"I know. Because we always lighten up your day." Alice smirked. Carlos rolled his eyes and Claire chuckled.

"Whatever Alice. But you're right. That's the reason why we decided to look for you and Kmart." Carlos smiled.

"Really?" Alice's face turned serious.


"Well, I didn't imagine that Kmart will go with me."

"Neither did I. We got worried about her, you know that?"

"How did you know she's with me?" Alice asked.

"Kmart likes sneaking up." Claire answered for Carlos.

"Claire's right."

"So what's the plan now?" the blonde asked.

"Burn Kmart." Carlos said. Both Alice and Claire shot him a dark look.

"Hey I was just joking." Carlos said.

"Whatever Carlos." The ladies said.

"Now what's the plan? Where are we heading from here?" Alice asked again.

"Alaska." Claire simply replied.

Carlos and Alice looked at her and smiled. "We need to keep these people safe."Claire said.

"Alaska it is." – Alice.

"Welcome back, leader." – Carlos.

"Alaska." Claire once again muttered.


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