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P.s. Scythe talk. The haft is the stick the person would hold onto with a scythe. Throughout this story, I will alternate calling it a haft, and a grip. And the blade would obviously be the gigantic sharp thing that sticks off of the haft. Annndddd… If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

-Maka Albarn POV-


I was running to catch up to the kishin egg, Soul Eater in hand as a scythe. It was clearly ahead of me, and fear struck me as I saw some woods ahead of it. Of course, it wouldn't be able to hide very effectively with me having Soul Preception, but I would have had to slowen my pace to concentrate on his soul. And that would have been annoying.

I took longer strides, digging into the ground deeper to propel myself forward. I heard Soul speak to me loudly, and I saw the elliptical red eye décor next to the blade narrow in frustration. "Run faster! It's almost to the forrest!"

I rolled my eyes, ignoring him. He knows it's not going to get away, but I can understand how he's concerned about it getting past those trees.

When the monster reached the woods, Soul and I sighed simultaneously. "I'll get a sight on his soul. I need to concentrate." I let my scythe know. I shut my eyes, and slowed my pace to zero in on its' soul. I smiled to myself when I sensed the red soul of the kishin egg. I know where it's going.

I let my smile fall once I realized the destination. I saw a home, with a single human soul inside. "SOUL EATER! It's going for a human! We have to move NOW!" I yelled as I picked up speed.

"Go Maka!" Soul urged.

I was relieved to find that I still had preception for its soul while I was running. It was almost to the house… and then again so was I. My breath eased up a little once I saw it run around the house, probably knowing that I was right behind it, and would surly have it be killed if it stopped to make the human soul a snack.

But, I didn't stop running towards the house. Instead of running around like it did, I ran straight through moving the sliding door over and entering an eating area, with a girl sitting on her knees, crying. She was looking at a picture, and her sad look immediately changed to a horrified one as she saw the scythe.

She screamed, and I shut the door behind me, eventually taking one hand off of the long, grey haft to soothe her. "Shh, shh! There is something outside. If I leave, you WILL die. There are no doubts about that. I need you to cooperate, okay? I am not here to hurt you." I assured her. She looked understanding and sweet.

"Y-You're here to help me? Oh, no no! I don't want to put you through so much trouble!"

What is this girl's problem? I ignored her, and grabbed her wrist to pull her to the corner, so that if the kishin egg were to break in, it wouldn't be easy to get to her. I saw her tears, and noticed that I felt no other soul in the house… Why is she alone? "Crappy way to start the New Year, am I right? To have potentially gotten eaten, if I wasn't here."

"No, I wouldn't say it's a horrible way to start the year. My mom always told me to look for the good in bad situations. I'm only really thinking about how I might have a new friend in frount of me." She smiled at me, and I immediately felt warm inside. "My name is Tohru Honda."

I returned her smile, "My name is Ma-"I was cut short by the door reopening. I returned both hands to the haft of the scythe, and spun to get in position for a possible fight.

"Why didn't you sense them, Maka?" I heard Soul whisper next to my ear. I knew Tohru couldn't hear him, but she probably would have heard me if I was to answer. So I ignored him, irritated I let my guard down.

But I was releived to find that the 'intruder' was actually human intruders. Both were about my age and not bad in the looks department. One had orange long hair, and the other had silver.

They took one look at Tohru in the corner with the tear she had running down her face, and must have assumed I caused it... Because they both attacked me.

"Maka!" I heard Soul call, fairly loudly. I scowled at him, because if these people hear him, we're both going to have to find a lie to explain why I have a talking scythe. I was snapped out of my thoughts when SilverLocks tried to kick my midsection.

I blocked him easily by bringing the haft level to his foot, and instead of him kicking me, he kicked the grip. The impact caused him to fling backwards, and once he steadied himself, he shot a look of annoyance at me.

Ha, he underestimated me. He probably didn't think I was that much of a threat.

After SilverLocks attempted the kick, OrangeTop advanced towards me and tried to grab Soul out of my hands. I easily deflected it by spinning the grip in my hand, and with obvious fear of getting his hand chopped off, he withdrawled. Even though there was literally no possible way I could have hurt him. I'm too controlled to allow that to happen. I help people: not harm them.

But, I caught the haft with my other hand mid-spin before it could hit the floor. Now, the blade was facing the ceiling. "Stop fighting!" I demanded. "I'm only here for Tohru!"

They gave me a horrified look, and I suddenly realized how that could be taken out of context. I went to correct myself, but SilverLocks gave a swift kick to the grip, upwards. He sent the scythe to fly up to the ceiling, making the blade lodge into it.

Nice move, I must admit. In my shock, and without Soul to act as my barrier between them and me, OrangeTop managed to land a punch to my rib. SilverLocks joined in, and obviously favoring kicks, he got a kick in on the other side of my ribcage.

"Maka…" I heard Soul whisper sadly. The two didn't hear it; probably because they were too busy being satisfied for teaming up on a girl. They should be SO damn proud.

I groaned irritantly, clutching my arm across the damaged areas, and spoke softly. "I'm here… to PROTECT Tohru."

They looked confused, and OrangeTop immediately denied me. "THEN WHY WAS SHE CRYING!"

"She was crying BEFORE I got here! She… she wanted to be my friend."

They both looked at me, and didn't seem too surprised by that fact. SilverLocks looked over to OrangeTop, "That does seem like Miss. Honda. Maybe she's telling the truth."

"Yeah," OrangeTop agreed, "And maybe she's not telling the truth." Or, well I THOUGHT he agreed.

"I am," I assured them, "I was chasing something, and it got away. I came in to make sure she stayed safe."

"It sounds believable." SilverLocks said thoughtfully.

"Wait, where the hell is Tohru?" OrangeTop asked.

I spun around, and noticed she no longer was where I had told her to sit. She must have been frightened about the scythe being flung around, along with the kicks and punches. Did she…?

I ran to the door closest to the corner I set her in, and found myself into a kitchen. I looked around, and saw another door. I ran through it, and realized I was in a laundry room. And I dreaded what else I saw. A door to outside slid open. She ran outside.

"DAMMIT!" I yelled. I went to run through it, but saw the boys run in. I looked at them, and made sure to steady my voice for what I was about to say. "You guys have to stay in here. It is bad enough I have to protect Tohru, but to have to protect you two also? That would be more of a problem than it has to be."

OrangeTop went to decline, but SilverLocks answered before he did. "We will stay." OrangeTop looked pissed, but showed no signs of exiting the house. So I ran out of the room, into the dining area realizing Soul was still stuck in the ceiling, and was relieved to find my partner in human form.

But relief ended once I heard the two bickering boys start to enter the room also, so I grabbed Souls' hand, and launched us outside. "Go Soul!" I told him, and he glowed red, turning into the scythe. I smiled, and shut my eyes searching for the two souls of Tohru and the monster.

My eyes shot back open, and I gasped once I realized that they were right near me. I saw Tohru, hiding behind a hedge. And the kishin egg was crawling around, obviously looking for her. Tohru had both of her hands over her mouth, and she looked like she was about to cry again.

"Hey!" I called to the monster. "Looking for someone?" I mockingly asked it as I lifted Soul up to rest on my shoulder. It screeched, and ran towards me.

"What the hell is that?" I heard OrangeTop call. I looked behind me, and saw he was standing on the porch.

"Get out of here!" I yelled.

"Hey, watch out!" He yelled back, starting to run off of the porch. I looked back, and the kishin egg attacked me. I was too late to react… My head hit the ground, hard.

"Ah, hell!" I was starting to get pissed off. I let my anger drive me, and in a moment of adrenaline, I pushed it off. I smiled, "Soul, let's end this." I told my weapon, and I turned to speak to the kishin egg again. "Prepare to die."

I took Soul, and spun him around my body, forcing the kishin to keep a fair distance. And then, I ran forward and sliced it completely in two. I heard separate noises of disgust and fear as the scythe sliced cleanly through. But I ignored them, and watched in satisfaction as the red soul rised to face-level.

My eyes grew wide and I grabbed it, hiding it in my trench coat. And at the corner of my eye, I saw Souls' reflection in the blade. "When can I eat it?" He asked, obviously lusting after what I had hidden.

"Later." I confirmed to him. I smiled, and started to walk over to Tohru. But, the more the adrenaline started to leave my body, the more aware I grew of the pain my head felt from it smashing to the ground. I staggered in my steps, and I blantly came to realize that I was starting to fall to the ground.

I prepared myself for a crash, but instead I felt a pair of arms around my torso, catching me. But, just as soon as the arms came, they disappeared with a literal POOF sound. I was on the ground in a pile of clothes. My vision was blurring, but I looked around, and saw a cat with a familiar color of hair.

"OrangeTop?" I called before I blacked out.

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