So, you were probably looking forward to a chapter.
Well, bad news: I QUIT.

On this chapter, at least. I am completely emptied of any creativity. So, what am I going to do? Well, I'm certainly not giving up on this story just yet. I just wanted to say this:

I am not writing this next chapter: You are.

I want you guys to PM me the next chapter! You will get credit for it, and I would certainly appreciate it!

It can be fun! Yes, I've never seen an author ask this of the readers, but oh well. I don't want the story to end and I know I have no ideas, so I'm entrusting this to you guys!

You can send it to me via Facebook Message (Through the 'like' page: It Is Only Me)

Or send it via PM here on fanfiction!


2. If I pick yours, I am given FULL PERMISSION to change what I want!
3. I want it to be at LEAST 2,000 words.
4. No OC's added.
5. Other than that, HAVE A FIELD DAY WITH IT. x3

I will be choosing the one I want August 20th!

Go, write, have fun! There's a chance the next chapter can be written by YOU!