Gods Eater Burst : Fenrir's Shinigami

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Character Profile

Name:Kira Kuroshi





Hair:Red Spiky (hair:5,color:3)

Skin:light skin (skin:1)

Eyes:Purple(Face:8 with purple eyes instead)

Weapons:long-blade type

Assault Type Gun

Shield type Defence

Uniform:Formal Top: Red

Casual Bottom: Red

Control Unit:Knight

Language:Japanese ,English ,Russian (voice:2)

Family:Father:Shinn Kuroshi-33(age of death)-Deceased- Former member of Fenrir's Engineer Department

Mother:Alice Kuroshi-32(age of death)-Deceased

Sisters:Luna Kuroshi-twin-6

Hair:Silver Bob-cut (hair:16 Color 6)

Eyes:Red (Face:9)

Skin:light (1)

Yuugure Kuroshi-8

Hair: Navy-Blue long Curls(Hair:5 Color:5)

Eyes:Blue (Face:8)

Skin:light (1)

Brothers:Sol Kuroshi-twin-6

Hair:Black Spiky(Hair:9 Color:10)


Skin:Light Tan (skin:2)

Jin kuroshi-9

Hair:Blond Neat-Spiky (Hair:17 Color:4)



Background:Kira has a calm and caring personality, and is also a kind and loving big brother. However, he hides it under a cold mask that he formed in order to protect himself from getting close to anyone other than his siblings.

Kira's main job was to look after his younger siblings after seeing his parents being killed by the Aragami Dyaus Pita(which Fenrir did not know it existed yet) which for some reason let him live as if he wasn't worthy of being killed and left. But not before leaving a permanent reminder on his body, a scar from his hip to his was a constant reminder of how weak he was. Fenrir called on him since he was a possible match to become a New-Type Gods Eater. The only reason he joined was because the Far East Branch gave him and his siblings protection from the Aragami. And so to protect his family, Kira decided to devour the Gods. It is noticed that when in combat that he becomes much colder than normal and prefers speed and agility more than strength. It has been noted that he has the potential to become a powerful Gods Eater.

Kira was born in Japan, but was raised in Russia when his father was transferred there to work on an important project.

Top Secret:

He met his childhood best friend Alisa Amiella in Russia. They were often seen together and rarely seen separate from one another. But Kira was forced to move back to Japan where his father was transferred back after an accident caused the project to be closed down. Kira's hobbies include drawing, singing, and reading in his free time when he is alone and he is rarely seen in the presence of others.

Prologue: First Day

The director of Fenrir's Far East Branch Johannes Von Schicksal was sitting comfortably in his desk when his laptop starting beeping. "Director." A female voice can be heard from the speakers. "We've found a possible match for a New-Type Gods Eater in the database"."I see, what's his name?" The reply was, "Kira Kuroshi, sir." 'That name sounds familiar.' he thought."Hmm... let's get him here to take the aptitude test" Johannes responded.

Kira was having a bad day at the time. First, his younger twin siblings were at it again."Onii-san, Sol was pick on me "cried luna as she ran behind his leg, "You liar, I wasn't doing anything" said Sol, clearly angry. "Big brother can you help me and Jin with our homework?"Asked his other little sister, Yuugure. "Wait a second, Yuu-chan. Alright stop it, you two. Go out and play with your friends." Kira told them as he turned to Yuugure and Jin and help them with their homework. The phone started to ring, startling Kira. He then went to pick up the phone "Hello" he said."Is this Kira Kuroshi?" the caller asked. "Yes, who is this?" He asked not knowing who this was."I am Hibari Takeda I am the operator for Fenrir's Far East Branch."

"….What does Fenrir want from me?"Kira asked, confusion written on his face. "You are requested to take the aptitude test for a New-Type Gods Eater."

As she said those words, the colour from Kira's face drained instantly. "You guys want me to become a Gods Eater?"He asked doubting what he heard."Yes, that is correct." she said confirming his fears. Kira has heard about what the lives of Gods Eaters and how they faced death every day. If he died, who would take care of his siblings? "You have been confirmed to be a possible match to be a Gods Eater. Please report to the Far East Branch tomorrow to take your aptitude test." She told Kira. He knew that he didn't have a choice. If he refused, they would kick them out to the Outer Ghetto and he didn't want that for his siblings."Okay, when should I report tomorrow?"He asked, "Please report at 0900 hours tomorrow, have a good day." She then hung up.

Kira put the phone back and began to walk towards the dining room to help his younger siblings with their homework.

'I can't believe this happening to me,' he thought.

The Very Next Day, 08:25 Saturday

Kira woke up early in the morning. His little sisters and brothers were still asleep since there was no school on weekends. He left a note for them on the kitchen and walked through the door. Putting on his earphones, he gave his siblings one last look before closing the door gently, careful to not wake them up. He then left the house and started walking towards Fenrir HQ.

35 minutes later, he arrived at the front Gates of Fenrir. Kira nervously passed through the gates and entered the building. Soon he reached the front desk at the entrance, "I am here to take the aptitude test." "Are you Kira Kuroshi" the operator asked. Confirming it, she then continued, "I am Hibari Takeda. I am in charge of handing out the missions and payment for missions, pleased to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too."

"Please wait until they are ready. While you do so, please pick your uniform." She then led him to a room with many types of clothing: jackets, sweaters and Vests with pants with objects attached to them

I chose A Red Jacket (Formal Top- Red) and Pants with Straps on them (Casual Bottom- Red) and walked back to the entrance and waited.

10 Minutes later of waiting

"please come this way" she led him to a door that split in half down the middle "please go in there "she said.I walked into the room and saw a giant Case in the middle with a giant sword into He walked towards the case then stopped.

A voice called out from the top of the room "Sorry to have Kept you waiting so long" man said "Now then,let me welcome you...to humankind's last fortress, Fenrir..." he continued "I will now test your compatibility as a member of the Anti-Aragami Punitive Forces, the Gods Eaters. Please try to relax a little. you'll get better result that way. When you're ready,go stand in front of that case in the center of the room .". Kira started to walk towards the case and reached out and grabbed the huge blade a few moments later the top if the case came top of his hand, them he felt a sharp pain in his hand , it felt like a wild animal was biting into his wrist."argh!"Kira cried out in pain he grabbed his arm trying to pull his hand out. Then the top of the case opened up and there was a red armlet on his wrist and black smoke like mist was coming out of pulled the giant weapon out of the case and brought it up close to his fact to inspect the weapon it was a blade with a shield and gun attached to it then he saw a black tendril come from the top handle of the blade and attach itself to his armlet." are the first of the Far East Branches 'New-Type' Gods concludes the aptitude test, now that we know that you are a match, you'll be going for a medical check up then... I'd like you to wait in the room beyond that door...Don't hesitate to let someone know if you start to feel unwell,I have high hopes for you." when he said that kira Put back the God Arc and left back out to the waiting room, he took a seat next to a teen with orange hair in beenie dressed in a pale yellow vest over a black tank top and wearing orange shorts with green on the side of the shorts with a un-zipped horizontally around the legs of the boys shorts and a brown and white scarf. he put on his earphones and turned up the volume of his music."Hey...you want some gum?"the other boy asked kira but kira could not hear him so he ignored him "Hey..hey ...HEY!" the other teen yelled a kira losing his temper when kira kept on ignoring him "what do you want?" kira asked in a cold voice to the other teen causing the other teen shudder" I-I-I

just wanted to know your name and if you wanted gum"the other teen told kira."no i don't want any of your gum and my name Kira , Kira Kuroshi now leave me alone " kira told the other teen "Kira huh? well my name is Kota Fujiki so you were a match to?""well obviously or I wouldn't be here" kira told him "hehehehe...my bad ,well that makes two of us you must be my age or maybe a little older , oh well I'm still your senior by a nanosecond ".

"As if you could be my senior"Kira mocked him"Hey!" their conversation or argument in other people's eyes was interrupted by the arrival of a woman dressed in white with a clip board."Stand up."she commanded."Huh?"asked Kota.

"I said 'Stand Up' on your feet!"she commanded again , we both stood up I was relaxed ,while kota was rigid and held his head back pointing his nose up"I'm on a tight schedule,so I'll be keeping things short. My name is Tsubaki amamiya, and i'm your advisor, This is your Schedule - after the medical check up you'll be taking a complete curriculum of, basic physical training, basic combat training as well a weaponry/armor clinic.

We have been the ones protecting you up until now . But from this day forward, you'll be doing the you don't want to die over something stupid, I suggest you answer my every order with a 'yes understood?" they didn't answer,"Answer me!"

"yes , ma'am!" they both answered,"All right let's begin the medical check ups. We'll start with to Sakaki's room by 1500 a tour of the facilities until then. This is our new home, Fenrir Far East . aka 'The Den.'

Make sure you pay your respects to the members of your to the elevator and chose the Laboratory for floor option, then head to 's office ok?When you're done with your check up, I want you to come back here...understood"she asked kira,"understood." responded Kira

"Alright, now be on your way". With that kira turned around and walked up the stairs to the elevator the pushed the open button and waited for the elevator to come back up,a"Ding"signaled kira that has reached his floor. the elevator's doors slide open so kira could walk in. when kira walked in and selected the Button and then the elevator started to move down to the got out and started walking he met a girl with pink hair"excuse me do you know where Dr. sakaki's office is"kira asked her."you must be the new rookie, I'm Kanon Daiba nice to meet you" replied kanon shyly "Kira Kuroshi" he replied "well 's office is straight down the hall"she told him"Thanks",then kira stared to continue to walk down the he reached the office he knocked on the door "Come in "a voice from the other side called."the door slide open and he entered the room. He saw two men in the room. The one on the computer was the first to respond"Hmm...you got here 726 seconds sooner than I expected. Good to see you New-Type!" kira did the math in his head 'so he expected me in 12 minutes and 6 seconds the man continued "I am Paylor Sakaki and I'm in charge of Aragami Technology R&D.

Well...we'll be seeing a lot of each other from now on. welcome then as you can see I'm still pretty busy getting prepared, Johannes, why don't you get your business out of the way first." told the other man "Dr. Sakaki, I think it's high time you learned to separate business from private matters". then he turned to kira "thank you for taking part in the aptitude test. My name is Johannes von Schicksal.I'm in charge of the Fenrir Branch in this again on passing the test-...sorry what is your name?" he asked kira "my name Kira Kuroshi""Hmm...you wouldn't happen to be related to Shinn Kuroshi"asked Johannes"Yes , he is my father"kira replied "I am sorry for your loss , he was a great man and a good friend isn't that right Paylor"the director asked "yes that is correct when your father was still alive and before you were born Johannes and him would always argue over the stupidest of things like who's wife was better or who could build the best robot,ahh...those were the good old days your father and johannes rivalry was always so entertaining to watch"said "Well enough of the good old days you still need your medical check up."He's a former Techie to you know,the New-types' medical check ups interest you to no end right ,johannes"stated "I decided to retire because we have that in mind."said the Director "Did you ever really retire, though?"asked "Hmm...now then,this where the real fun me explain Fenrir corporations objectives once more. Your direct duties are very simple. They are to keep aragami in this region at bay...and to collect materials...which are then converted to resources needed to maintain , as well complete the impending 'Aegis Project'-."uh look at these numbers..." interrupted "The Aegis Project...is simply put, a plan to create an impregnable utopia against the Aragami attacks. Located far out to see , close to the former Sea of Japan trench.-" "ahh..." interrupted the director's speech again"Once the project is complete . Humankind will be able to avoid extinction at least for a while-" the director was once again interrupted by "Amazing! So this what a New-Type is like!""Paylor...you are interrupting my lecture"stated the director"Oh! Sorry about that ,I was just so taken back by these stats... I got carried away."this confused kira what made him so different from other Gods Eaters."...At any rate, the fate of humankind is a stake. So give it your best right, I'll be taking my leave now.I'm leaving it all to you, Paylor. Send me the data when your , by the way if you need any favors just ask"said the director"Wait director"called out kira "Yes what is it?"asked the director "I need a favor now you see my siblings-"he was interrupted "I understand arrangements will be made for you and your siblings your siblings" then he turned back and continued walking."Okay, we're good to go down on that bed will you? You'll feel sleepy for a little while,but i assure you there is nothing to be worried about . when you wake up you'll be in your temporary room. Just a cat nap, so to speak. you'll get about 10,800 of sleep. sweet dreams" the last thought that went through kira's head was' Why does he keep using seconds.''Now that he's asleep lets start the examination"he activated the computers in the bed to scan hi body

"Brain activity seem to be normal,let's check his oracle cells,astounding he seems to have 30% more oracle cells in his body than most Gods Eaters. Hmm...it seems that the muscles in his body seem to built more for speed than strength , it also seems that the oracle cells in his body are making his body stronger. this conclude this examination all that is left is his physical.". " Kanon" called out into the hallway"Yes, "responded the pink-haired girl"i need you to give our patient here a physical examination" Gesturing to the unconscious kira "Wwww-what why me " Because I have to go do something very urgent till then"said as he left the room "This so embarrassing I don't think I would be able to seem him normally again,"said kanon she began to undress him her face was cherry the door opened and a voice called out hey - kanon what are you doing?'the person person was Sakuya, one of fenrir's top shooters. she had walked in on kanon undressing kira "Oh my kanon I didn't think you were into this kind of thing,don't mind me I'll be leaving don't worry I won't tell anyone about this." said sakuya. "What sakuya its not what you think!"yelled kanon but was too late when sakuya already left 'Damn you ' thought kanon before going back to completing the Examination.

3 hours later

Kira had woken up in his temporary room. He would stay in this room until the director found a suitable arrangement for him and his family Kira got off his bed and walked out the room into the hallway into the elevator to the entrance he walked down the stairs toward the front desk toward Hibari,"So you're done with your medical check up?Again I'm Hibari Takeda, and I oversee Mission orders! "she asked "Is it normal to wake up feeling violated," Kira asked her."No,not what I know I of."Now let me explain to you about the mission workflow. First you receive for a ,based on enemy intelligence you can change your weapons upstairs on the then launch the mission by giving approval at 'The Den Gate' over to the far end upstairs. Um do you follow?"she asked "Yes i understand" kira responded "That's good! I may cause you some inconvenience at times...But I look forward to working with you." she said "Me too" kira told her in a monotone voice."It seems you have a mission to eliminate an Ogre-Tail with lindow leader of the first unit.'hibari told kira"Please wait here Corporal Amamiya to come."she told him.

10 minutes later

"Oh, Lindow...the Director said if I saw you to come and see him"hibari told lindow

"Okay...Don't tell him you saw me. Hey there rookie The name is Lindow Amamiya.

On paper I'm your superior never mind all that boring stuff, okay?All I'm asking is you become someone I know will have my back OK?"said lindow "Oh who's this a rookie?"asked sakuya walking towards them " Yeah,and I'm pounding him with all our severe rules right take a hike,sakuya"said lindow "Yes,sir! Big boss,sir"said sakuya mockingly she waved a kira and continued walking"So anyway, thats about ?I'm sending you right into battle now...But I'll be accompanying you on this mission .Hey look at the time. We're gonna head out, guys." They have boarded helicopter

that will take them to their destination "so how are you feeling about your first mission?" asked just ignored was listening to music and thinking about the job at hand and about his little brothers and sisters. His thoughts were interrupted when the pilot called out that they have reached their got off the helicopter and walk to the meeting point."Hey rookie we're going to start the simulation got 3 orders"Don't die,If your number's up get out , lastly hide ,If you're lucky, catch the enemy off guard and blast it. Wait is that 4 ?"he asked thought ' Is this guy for real".The bottom line is, you gotta survive .Just follow everything else would be right let's get this show on the road!"we jumped off the ledge and started to move to the right where they heard a faint roar and they hurried to that area there they saw a single ogre-tail kira dashed behind it a sliced through the Aragami and kira did this 3 more times before jumping back to avoid the swinging tail and as soon as the tail of the Ogre-tail went back kira ran up to if and did a dashing slice through the aragami while lindow jumped into the air swinging his God Arc down on to the aragami's head while kira's god arc devoured a chunk out of the aragami the he swung his God Arc down onto the Aragami body finishing it "well done you did well rookie, very impressive "said lindow"kira ignore him as he was extracting the core from the Ogre-tail "lets go back base" said Lindow as the two began walk back to the helicopter.

sometime later

He was in front of 's lab he was heading for a lecture to learn about walk through the door and went to take a seat ."Alright, let's jump do you think am aragami is?'the nemesis of humankind,'an absolute predator',destroyer of the world'...well that about sums it up know then these aren't , you could say it means one simply has his eyes fixed on phenomena, before , I have a question .Have you ever wondered how and why the aragami came into being?As you probably know, the Aragami appeared out of nowhere one then , their numbers , as if they ripped through every evolutionary process "while was giving his lecture, kota was getting bored "Hey does this lecture have a point?

I mean why do we care about the reason for Aragami existence?"kota asked kira "Are so sure about that?"asked appearing beside kota."An aragami has no brain, neither does it have brain ,nor even spinal frail humans will perish if we get blasted in the head or chest...but that's not enough to bring down an aragami. An Aragami is a cluster of Oracle Cells, Each is an single-celled organism

which thinks and preys on others. That's right, an aragami is in itself a colony of thousands,make that hundreds of thousand , life this powerful and graceful fusion can not be destroyed by conventional weapons - not the ones we have, anyway. ...So how are you people to battle these Aragami?"Asked ."Um...let's see... Just keep slashing and blasting them our God Arc?"replied kota"Yes, the short answer is using a God Arc, A bio-weapon embedded with the same Oracle cells ...is the only way to stop the fusing of an Aragami's Oracle cells...However, this can cause rouge cell colonies to re-fuse, and then form a new best thing to do would be to extract the Aragami core the cell colony serving as the command is extraordinary difficult to with God Arc we have no way to deliver a decisive along the way, people likened this absolute being to countless Gods that passed down around here, and they started to call it 'Aragami'.All right, that's all for today's lecture.I'd like for you to refer to the Norn database in the terminal for more details about the aragami, understood? Oh kira, the Director would like to speak to you about your living arrangement okay." told Kira "Thank you for me "thanked kira."Living arrangements I thought all Gods Eaters lived in 'the Den'?"asked kota "Normally yes but because kira is the oldest of 5 siblings and both of his parents are dead, the Director is allowing kira to live outside 'the Den' so he could take care of his siblings." said "Woah the Director is really nice!"said kota "Not really , you see he is doing this to pay back a favor that he owed to kira's father .Back ago like around 18 years ago the Director used to be a techie like me he was and was in charge of a top- secret project a 2 years into the project Johannes was promoted to director, the project was almost complete but accident happened a negative reaction caused the project to become a ticking time bomb it was about to blow the people working on the project were rushing to the gate the director was running but was knocked down and he hit his head on a edge of a desk and was knocked out kira's dad saw this and rushed to save the director and brought him to safety". "Wow that is one big favor to owe to someone" said kota "Well off you go, I need to go do something important." said to kota shooing away kota. "Well this an interesting development, who have thought shinn's son would become a Gods Eater and a New-Type to be boy is full of surprise."

In the hallway

"ACHOO!"sneezed kira "*sniff* someone must be talking about me." said kira as he continued walking to the director's arrived at the Director's office door Kira opened the door "You wanted to talk to me director?"asked kira."Yes I called you here to talk about your living arrangements "

said the director to kira. I pulled some strings and got you a small section with 3 rooms a small living room with 2 bathrooms and a small kitchen with all the necessities you may need."said the director

"Thank you director for doing this I am very grateful"thanked kira "You are welcome I am merely paying back a favor I owed to your father"claimed the director ."Thank you once more, I must take my leave now" said kira leaving the room leaving the director alone in the room."What an interesting boy he's so much like his father hiding under that cold mask you put on.I wonder what the future has in store for you."

In the elevator kira waiting for the elevator to reach the entrance but suddenly was hit by a wave pain,"Damn it the scar is acting up " kira cried in pain the pain was too much for him it knocked him the elevator door opened kira's unconscious body fell out and people rushed to him."Hey are you okay, talk to it we need to get him to the medical bay lets hurry" yelled out

lindow."Don't worry buddy you're gonna be alright" he said to kira's unconscious rushed into the elevator pushing the button for the lab." Hurry up, damn you" barked lindow as the elevator moved."Finally" the rushed to the Medical bay hoping that kira would be alright.

Ch. 1 End

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