Fenrir's Shinigami

Chapter 5 Developments

"Hey" character talking

'What' character"s thoughts

"Hey"God arc speaking

'What' God arc thinking

Warning: Mild AU and spelling and grammar errors.

Sakuya was having a blast she was teasing Kira to no end."So, when can we expect wedding bells hmm ?"asked Sakuya in mocking voice."Sakuya I don't have time I have to get Alisa to her room before she wakes up."said Kira rushing to get away from just pouted and huffed "Well you're no fun. Oh, by the way tomorrow we are going on a mission so get here early for briefing."said Sakuya. As she turned to leave she said "Keep safe ,and make sure protection!"

This made Kira freeze in shock , he turned around and shouted "What! Sakuya wait you-"he was cut off when the elevator doors closed.

KIra's POV

"Something tells me this is just the start of."I said to myself

I sighed sometimes I wonder what is going through that woman's head.I continued my journey to Alisa's room when I arrived to her room I saw it was right next to mine.I opened the door to her room and walked over to her bed and gently laid her down as I moved to get up I saw her hand was gripping onto my Jacket I looked over to her and was shocked to see tears coming out of her Eyes and was mumbling my name and also calling for her parent I guess she was having a nightmare I moved my head to her ear and whispered gently into her ear "Alisa its okay I'm right here" I said but she still didn't let go I heard her mumble again ,"Kira... please don't leave me ." my eyes softened and I whispered to her again"don't worry I will always be with you. I will always protect you I promised so didn't I" I said remembering one of the many promises we made when we were children it seemed to work as she only loosened her grip but only slightly .

I then remembered something from all those years ago.'When she would be having nightmares singing to her was the only thing that soothed her.'I thought remember the past when this happened Alisa's mother would sing for her and it would stop her nightmares.

Play 'Zoom Into me' By Tokio hotel(I do not own the song and it lyrics both belong Tokio hotel)

Is there anybody out there

Walking alone

Is there anybody out there

Out in the cold

One heartbeat

Lost in the crowd

Is there anybody shoutin'

What no one can hear

Is there anybody drownin'

Pulled down by the fear

I feel you

Don't look away

Her crying became softer and her grip on me loosened .
'it seems to be working .'I thought

Zoom into me

Zoom into me

I know you're scared

When you can't breathe

I will be there

Zoom into me

her crying stop all completely though there were still tears in her eyes , but still held her grip on me.

"Looks like I gotta keep singing." I thought

as I was looking at her

Is there anybody laughing

To kill the pain

Is there anybody screamin'

The silence away

Just open your jaded eyes

Zoom into me

Zoom into me

I know you're scared

When you can't breathe

I will be there

Zoom into me

Come closer

And closer

Alisa finally let go of my jacket but was still having the nightmare

I began stroking her hair to try and soothe her.

When you can't breathe

I will be there

Zoom into me

Zoom into me

Zoom into me

When the world

Cuts your soul into pieces

And you start to bleed

Alisa started to show signs of waking

She began turning and groaning.

Her eyes began to open.

When you can't breathe

I will be there

Zoom into me

Song End

Alisa woke up but not completely.

"Kira..."She whispered

she tried to get up.

"Go back to sleep you were just having a nightmare." I said as I was pushing her back onto the bed and pulling the blanket up to her shoulders I kissed her forehead.

I got up and was about to head for the door "Wait!" Yelled Alisa Grabbing my wrist I turned to see tears in her eyes,"Please stay with me what if I have a nightmare again .and you won't be with here to help me,"she said crying

"It must have been a scary nightmare if she's this scared."I thought

"Alright ,fine just this once for old times sake." I said

Alisa's Pov

'I can't believe I just did that.' I thought a blush appearing on my face.

"Well it seems like Lindow can watch over them while I am with you."Kira said Breaking me out of my train of thought..

Kira began to take off his jacket "W-w-what are you doing?"I asked shocked of what he was doing

"Taking off my jacket I can't sleep with this thing on I'll be uncomfortable."said Kira giving her a strange look "What did you think I was going to do.?" Kira asked me

I began to blush in embarrassment."Kira sat on the bed and layed down next to me

my mind reminding me about our days together when we were children. 'We used to do everything together we played together ,ate together ,slept together ,and hell we even bathed together ,but then he and his family had to move back to made me so sad that there was a possibility that we would never see eachother again. I felt as if apart of me died when he left.'I thought remembering the past.

"Alisa, are you alright?" asked Kira as he saw me deep in thought.

"Yeah, I thinking about something." I said to him.

"Thinking about us."I said to him hugging him.

"Why are you thinking about that."he at me with a confused look on his face.

"When we were little we would always things together and you were always with me ,you helped me with my nightmares ,and protected me from the once did you leave or ever hurt I was with you I always felt warm and heart would always beat fast and the warmth would grow when your with me."I said as I burried my face in his chest I felt him wrap his arms around me.

"What I'm trying to say is that I l-"I was interrupted by the sound of the door opening and people falling into the room.

Kira's POV few seconds earlier

"I guess what I trying to say is I l-"Alisa started

'Is she going to say what I think she is going to say what I think she's going to say.' I thought

suddenly the door came open and people fell through it and onto the floor."Ow." some of them moaned as they laid there on the floor. I saw that it was Kota ,Sakuya and all of Squad 2 and 3 "What the hell are you guys doing!"I yelled at them.

They all bolted up and stared at me "H-h-hey Kira." said Kota shaking. I could see the fear in his eye ,as I could all of there see despite being here for a short time I built myself a reputation for severely beating the crap out of those that piss me off(*cough*Kota *cough*). "I'll ask again. what are you doing here?" I asked in a menacing except Kota scouted back leaving him by turned to look for someone to save him but everyone scouted away from him. He shrank under my glare."S-a-a-sakuya told us that you were alone in a room the new girl and..."he trailed off."And what?"I said in a menacing voice as a dark shadow rising behind me glaring at everyone in front of me with red demonic eyes."And we thought you were doing 'that'." As soon as I heard that my glare intensified and everyone started sweating.

"You have 5 seconds to get out ,anyone who is still in here will have a slow and painful death,"

I held up my hand counting down slowly


everyone started to rush to the door some were able to get out but the rest where stuck at the door trying to get through.


they started pushing harder desperate to get out those that got out where able to help some that were stuck to get out.


they all started to become desperate to come out that they started to climb over each other for some it worked and for others it just made it worse.


If by chance they figured out that what they whhere doing was doing was getting them nowhere they decided to go at 2 at a time


with only one second left they were all able to get out ,but just barely


Almost everyone was out ,"Why hello Kota looks like you're the last one here."

I walked towards him slowly cracking my knuckles. I grab the back of his collar and dragged him out of the room. Everyone in Far east branch heard the cries of pain of Kota echoing throughout the the cries of pain suddenly stopped it was silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing and had a moment of silence for Kota.

Chapter 5 end


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