Chapter One

I can't remember the last time I cried. It's been too long since I let my emotions run free. I don't feel anything now. I'm immune to the emotional pain that is inflicted on me daily. I'm use to the insults and abuse hurled my way. Sadly, I'm not immune to the physical pain. It's still a reminder that I suffer ever day. I remember the last time I cried now. I think I was seven. Or maybe I was eight. Can't remember. I remember Dad had hit me particularly hard that night and I was crying in the hallway outside my room, knees pulled up to my chest. He kicked me into my room, locked the door and I didn't get any food that night.

It's amazing how the human mind remembers things. It's also amazing how the human mind forgets tiny little details such as putting the salt on the dinner table for dinner. I got slapped for forgetting that one little detail. I have a sore jaw as a reminder to never forget that again. Oh well, this pain can't last forever, can it?

Even though it seems like it does.

I hold onto the hope that one day, it will all be over.

A/N: Hey guys, I was getting bored of doing my music homework for school so I decided to write this while it came into my head. Since I'm getting really annoyed at my homework right now, there will probably be more. Please tell me what you think. Sorry it's so short. :D