Disclaimer: The characters of Community do not belong to me. This is a Troy/Abed fic, because OMG. Total subtext that is almost blatantly obvious if you ask me. Almost as bad as Howard/Raj on TBBT or Jane/Maura on Rizzoli & Isles. Anyway, it's set during Pillows & Blankets. It has some Jeff/Britta, too. But spoilers for Pillows & Blankets, and can Troy and Abed find their way back to each other?

Among the Fluff

By Julia

Troy was sitting blanket fort, not sure how things had escalated to this. He had been annoyed that Abed hadn't wanted to go and make a blanket fort. Troy had thought that Abed was just trying to have things his way. Now they were in the middle of a huge battle. Troy had to admit, he just wanted things to go back to normal and watch tv with his best friend.

Blanketsburg was busy tonight, they were plotting for the next battle. Troy was alone, and then Jeff joined him. Troy was unaware of Jeff working for both sides. He would not have been surprised if he had known. Jeff Winger was a great guy but he was usually in it for himself. This time, he was trying to delay classes. "There's a possible infantry attack from Abed's orders in the morning." Jeff told him, as he sat down next to him.

Troy, who was eating Cheetos and drinking a Yoohoo, just looked at Jeff for a minute. Then he asked, "Do you think we're ready for that?" He knew Jeff would give him the truth, especially if the answer was long winded.

He was not disappointed. Jeff said, "I think we are, you could go and get some men and women ready if you want." Jeff leaned back against some pillows they'd won in a battle against Abed's Pillowtown soldiers. Then he blathered on about the cause for awhile. Jeff thought that Troy and Abed were being equally stupid. He didn't know what was going to have to happen to get them to stop. The study group was divided, too. "You know, Troy, Abed said you could never beat him." Jeff really didn't want them to keep fighting, but he didn't want to go to class.

Troy stuffed another Cheeto in his mouth. "Well, we'll show him." Was all he said. "How is Annie dealing with the nurse thing?" He asked. He was still so angry at Abed, he didn't know why Abed had to hate world records. He wanted to get in the record book. He was also hurt because not only was Abed his best friend, but he loved him. He had thought Abed felt the same way. Maybe he never had. That fact was what was really spurring Troy on.

Jeff shrugged as he thought about Troy's question. He didn't know how to answer it. Annie wasn't really talking to him. He had made her angry when he'd been working both sides. He knew Annie had a crazy thing for him, but Jeff was not interested in her at all. If he was honest with himself, he had feelings for Britta Perry. Jeff would never admit it out loud. Britta was so complicated and far too political. Then he realized that Troy was staring at him. So he said, "I'm sure she's fine. She's mad at me."

Meanwhile, in Pillowtown, Abed was eating cereal and watching tv. He was missing Troy. He didn't like this fight. He just wanted it to go back to normal, and watch tv with Troy. Abed was uncomfortable about a lot of things, and around a lot of people. Troy was someone that he always felt comfortable around. And he could be himself. Abed didn't have a lot of people he that he could be himself with. He was too weird for most people. Abed loved Troy. Abed definitely hadn't really been interested in girls before, and it didn't bother him that if he was in love with Troy it meant he was gay. Troy was so upset, and Abed guessed he could understand why. They did seem to go along with what Abed wanted sometimes. Abed didn't want to seem like he was in control of the friendship. Abed didn't like upsetting Troy, even if he did think world records were lame.

Britta walked by with the camera she was taking pictures with. Abed watched her. Britta was not trying to end the war, which was odd. Usually Britta interfered with everything. Jeff thought it was the most annoying thing about her. That's when she sat down next to Abed. "Are you sure you still want to fight with Troy?"

Turning his head to the side as he looked at her, Abed was not sure how to answer that. No one knew about the feelings that Abed had for Troy. He thought Troy might feel the same, and he was sure if he did no one knew that either. "No, I'm not." Abed admitted slowly. "But we're already this far in, and Troy is upset. I want to stop but I will fight as long as Troy does." Abed didn't want to stop. It might be the last thing that they ever did together. Abed didn't want to stop. He didn't want to admit this out loud to Britta though.

She moved her camera out of the way and put her arm around Abed's shoulders. "Abed, you should see if Troy wants to end this crazy pillow fight. You guys are friends."

Shirley had tried to get Abed to do the same thing. Abed appreciated his friends' efforts. "I appreciate your help, Britta, but Troy is angry. He doesn't want to stop." Abed said, his voice was soft.

What Britta said next surprised Abed. What she said was something that Annie might have said, since she lived with them. "Abed, you and Troy are in love with each other, aren't you?" Britta usually didn't get things right on the nose like that.

Abed looked at her with disbelief. He didn't know how to answer that, he wasn't sure he wanted to confirm or deny anything. Turning his head in a completely Abed way, he said slowly, "I cannot confirm or deny that to be true, Britta." Abed was sure she'd barrel on assuming that it was true, it was what Britta did. That was why Jeff found it annoying. It was also why Abed thought Jeff was in love with Britta. Britta and Jeff were similar in a lot of ways.

To his surprise, Britta gave him a knowing look. "Come on, Abed. I've seen the way you guys interact. I know there's love between the two of you." She laughed a little. "You, at least, love Troy." She didn't sound as if she was asking.

This Abed listened to but did not say anything. He just continued to eat his cereal before it got soggy. "So if that is true, what will you do about it?" Britta asked, not taking her eyes off him. She wouldn't look away. She was waiting for his response.

As Abed was working on what he would say to that, his cell phone buzzed. He had a text message from Jeff. He wanted to meet him outside the cafeteria for a meeting in 5 minutes. Abed wasn't sure what to think about this. He supposed he would go, if Jeff was calling for a meeting may he had a good idea for attacking the Blanketsburg troops. Abed wondered if he was going to go. Deciding in 2 seconds that he would, he said, "Britta, I just got a text from Jeff. He wants a summit meeting. I'm going to go. Excuse me."

Britta thought about this for a minute. She knew Jeff was working both sides, she had seen him in Blanketsburg, as well as Pillowtown. She had probably taken photos (albeit bad ones) of him in both places. Maybe he was trying to stop the fight. "Yes, you should go. Maybe if you win you can patch things up with Troy."

Abed wondered if that was something that Jeff wanted to do. He supposed it wasn't a bad idea, if he and Troy made up. Abed just wasn't sure if he should make it that easy. Abed got up, and put down his cereal bowl. He didn't know exactly what would happen, but he was curious to find out.

When he got there to meet Jeff, Troy was there too. Abed let himself look at Troy for a moment before Jeff began speaking. "You guys have let this go on long enough. You were friends once."

Troy didn't dare sneak a glance at Abed, he looked at Jeff. "He said world records are lame." Troy said, still sounding hurt. "We always do what he wants to do." Now is when Troy chanced a look at Abed, who was now looking at Jeff. Troy didn't know what Abed was going to say to that. Troy would like Abed to apologize for what he had said.

Jeff took this in. He was not sure how he was going to make this better. He actually faltered for a second. "Sometimes we have to be the bigger person, Troy." He tried, it didn't matter what Abed had said, world records were lame. Jeff just wanted their friendship to be fixed. The war had been going on long enough.

Abed listened to Jeff tell Troy this. It sounded odd coming from Jeff's mouth. Abed was not used to hearing Jeff say things like that. Tilting his head to the side, he mulled this over. Maybe Jeff was trying to get them to be friends again. Abed thought that was a nice thing. Jeff didn't always do nice things. Abed was also not used to fighting with Troy. They usually got along very well. This was new to both of them. Jeff had been rambling on while Abed was thinking, and he seemed to be done. Abed said, "Troy, maybe our friendship is over." He didn't like the thought, but it seemed to be where they were headed.

Saying the words out loud seemed to have an effect that neither of them wanted. Troy looked unsure of what to say. He was incredibly hurt that Abed had said that. He said slowly, "Yeah, I think we should decide that whoever wins should get the apartment."

Now Jeff was at a loss for words. When Abed had agreed, and Troy and Abed both went back to their camps, Jeff was a little dumbfounded. "That was not how I wanted that to go."

Then he was joined by Britta. "Your plan backfired, Jeff." She said, holding up her camera. She had just tried to take a picture of a hallway covered with pillow fluff, but she had actually managed to get a picture of Jeff looking dumbfounded. "Jeff, Troy and Abed are actually in love." She said, as she let the camera hang down against her on the strap.

"Oh, I know that." Jeff said, and looked at her. "Do you think that's new information?" He asked. "I don't think that they've admitted it. What do you expect we do about it?"

To this, Britta did not really have an answer. She shrugged. "I don't know, but I am sure it's helpful in some way. You can use it to get them back together. I'm sure they think nobody knows. I mentioned something to Abed, and he wouldn't talk about it."

Running his hand through his hair, Jeff took that in. Jeff used to be a lawyer. He could use this to their advantage. He could maybe get them to admit it out loud. It would maybe end the pillow fight. He looked at Britta. "Annie is not talking to me now." He told her.

Britta was already privy to this information. Annie had told her she was upset with Jeff. Britta had been dying to tell her that Jeff was not in love with her. Britta was still harboring feelings for Jeff. She didn't think Jeff felt the same for Annie, but Britta wanted to tell her anyway. Britta was insanely jealous, because what if Jeff felt the same way? It was just unacceptable. She didn't want to lose him to that panywaist. She realized she better say something, Jeff was looking at her funny. "Well, why is she not talking to you?" She finally asked.

After mentally wondering if Britta was off her rocker, Jeff said, "She found out I was working for both sides and she got angry. Accused me of just wanting to get out of classes."

Britta gave him a look. She knew that was true, whether Jeff wanted to admit it or not. "Well, isn't that true?" She asked, laughing a little.

Laughing, Jeff elbowed her in the side. "That doesn't mean that I want everyone else to know, Britta." He said, laughing a little more. He always felt so odd around her now. Like, he never knew what to say. He just didn't know if anything he was doing was giving away how he really felt. He didn't want to do that, in case she didn't feel the same way back. In fact, he was sure she didn't. She thought he was a great friend but that was it.

When Jeff elbowed her, Britta had to work at hiding her true feelings. She loved whenever he touched her. Trying to avoid closing her eyes in pleasure, Britta said, "Maybe if you fix this thing with Troy and Abed she'll talk to you again."

Shrugging, Jeff nodded. "That's what I was thinking. I figure if I try to stop what I pushed along she'll stop being mad." Jeff wondered why Annie being mad at him didn't seem to bother Britta. It didn't seem to have any effect on her whatsoever. She wasn't happy, she wasn't upset. Jeff didn't know what to say. Or think. Great, more confusion over Britta.

Britta wanted to kill herself. She was giving advice to Jeff about Annie? Had she gone insane? She asked, "So, do you know... Annie has a huge crush on you?" She asked, hoping Annie didn't kill her. Annie hadn't actually told her, either. Britta had deduced on her own.

Making a face, Jeff bumped her with his shoulder. "I know. I don't feel the same way about her. I wish I did. It would probably make things easier. I love someone else." Jeff said, and then he wanted to kick his own ass. He hoped Britta would choose not to ask who it was, he was usually pretty good at lying, but there was something about Britta that made him want to tell the truth. It was a lot annoying.

This Britta took with a grain of salt. This didn't mean it was her. She just nodded. "That makes sense. Annie's too young for you anyway." She was going to say more when Star Burns came up.

"Guys, there's a big battle about to go on in the cafeteria." He waited until they broke apart, and got up to follow him before he moved.

There was a big battle going on. Britta immediately began taking photos, and Jeff stood out of the fray, not sure what to do to stop it. He saw Shirley, hitting pillows on people. She was part of Blanketsburg. Leonard was hitting some residents of Blanketsburg hard. Jeff didn't know where to start. He saw Chang and his band of boys. Jeff surveyed the scene, until the dean came in yelling. "The world records guy called. He's not coming. What a waste of two and a half days!" Then he left the room.

Everyone but the study group drifted away, there was no reason to fight anymore. Except Troy and Abed. They were still trying to fight each other. Jeff saw his chance to make things right and stepped over to them. "Why are you still fighting? You two love each other."

They both kept hitting each other, but Abed cast a glance at Britta, who shrugged. Abed said, "This can't end. It might be the last thing we ever do together." He looked sad as he said it. All Troy did was nod.

Jeff took this. "Alright. Doesn't that speak volumes about how much you love each other? You are willing to stand here and hit each other with pillows for hours. It says a lot to me." He would keep arguing his case till he got the result he wanted. Jeff would do anything for his friends, he was finding.

Troy sighed as he kept hitting his best friend. "We're grownups now. We have real problems." He didn't confirm or deny anything about him and Abed being in love, if that was even what Jeff meant exactly.

Nodding, Jeff said, "You do. But I had those magical friendship hats for you." Jeff had totally thought they were idiotic. "If you let me put them on you, you can just let all of this go."

They both shook their heads. Troy said, "We aren't stupid, Jeff. We know you made those sarcastically." But his voice sounded hopeful.

He couldn't resist laughing a little. "Yeah, I did. And I will roll my eyes sarcastically when I put them on your heads. But you guys don't have to be that way. You can be however you want." He went to put them on their heads.

The other two men laughed. Abed said, "We know you left them in the dean's office, Jeff."

Sighing, Jeff went off to the office. He could have just pretended he did, but he went the extra mile. Troy's was bunched on the floor, and Abed's was a little dusty. He picked them up and headed back to the cafeteria. He put Troy's on him first, and then Abed's on him. Britta accidentally got a great picture of the moment when she was trying to take a picture of the light hitting a plate of waffles.

The rest of the study group filed out. All but Troy and Abed. They stared at each other for a moment. They didn't know what to say. Troy knew what he wanted to say. He just wasn't sure he could. He stared at his feet for a moment, nervous. Finally, he said, "What do you think Jeff meant when he said we love each other?"

This was easy for Abed to answer. Things might change if he answered. But maybe they would change for the better. Abed had not run the possibility of this because he'd never thought it would happen. He wasn't sure what would happen if he chose what the answer actually was. Abed said slowly, "I think he means... we're in love with each other."

Troy was really glad that Abed said it and gave him an opening. Troy ran his hand over his head. "Oh, because I am in love with you. Do you feel the same way?" He asked, finally looking at Abed.

Abed tilted his head, in his Abed way. As if he was thinking about how to answer. He was, but he already knew he could be honest. He finally tilted his head back to normal. "I do." He said in his normal way. "Cool cool cool. So what now?" He asked. He wanted to know what they were going to do about it. Abed liked to know how things were going to work beforehand.

Troy thought about it for a second. He wouldn't mind making out a bit. But he knew Abed might not be ready for that. "Why don't we go home and watch tv? And we can cuddle."

Abed smiled. "Ok. Cool cool cool." Then they left to go home.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta were both hanging out at a bar. They'd decided to go and get a drink. Jeff was hoping that he wouldn't get too drunk and start spilling how he felt. It happened to people all the time, it had happened to him and Britta before. This was an incredibly stupid idea. He was an incredibly stupid man. Things could happen. Jeff was sipping his drink and casting glances at Britta without trying to be too obvious.

Britta took a sip of her own drink, then downed it. The pillow fight situation seemed to be behind them, and she was glad about it. She didn't know how she and Jeff had ended up here, but they had. Britta ordered another drink despite her better judgement. She just knew this was going to end badly. It was either going to end up with them fighting or Jeff telling her who he was in love with, since it wasn't Annie. Britta looked at Jeff. "So you did a good job helping Troy and Abed mend their friendship."

Jeff smiled despite himself. He said, "Yeah, I guess I did. I didn't mind doing it actually, but if you tell anyone I said that I'll deny it."

Britta laughed. "Deal. But do you think they... got what you meant when you said they loved each other?" It was an ulterior motive, what she was doing. She figured if she could get him to talk about it, she could admit her feelings.

Jeff wondered what she was getting at. He knew what he had meant when he'd said loved instead of liked. Maybe he needed to get out of here. Britta might have ulterior motives. Jeff was not ready for what being with Britta seriously was going to mean. Yeah, he had had a girlfriend last year, and look how that had ended up. It had been a disaster. He didn't want to mess up his friendship with Britta if he didn't have to. Jeff got up off his bar stool. They'd come separately so he could actually leave if he wanted to. "I'm sorry, Britta. I can't do this. I value you too much as a friend to allow whatever is going to happen here tonight happen."

He started to walk off, despite Britta's shock, and headed out to his car. Jeff was not going to let his friendship with Britta end up in terrible shape. Once he got in, he sat there in disbelief. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but he knew he could have spoken up and possibly gotten Britta. Jeff didn't know if he was mayor of crazy town or not but he almost got up and went back inside. But he stood firm and started his car. Then he put it in reverse and got out of the parking lot. He was possibly going to regret this, but he supposed if it was going to happen with Britta it would anyway. Jeff very secretly was an optimist. He knew it was a very lame thing, which is why no one knew. Jeff drove down the road, wishing he had a different life. He would do anything for his friends, but sometimes he wished he had his old life as a lawyer back. it was so much easier when you didn't care. But as much as it was easier, Jeff didn't actually want to go back to not caring about people. Whether he admitted it to himself or not, that had been a fun time in his life and he was not looking forward to ever going back to it.

When he got inside his apartment, he got out a bottle of tequila and started to drink from it. He didn't think it was a good idea to get rip roaring drunk right now, but he didn't have any other ideas, and it would help him get to sleep. As he was settling in on the couch, bottle in hand, he received a text from Annie. 'Jeff, what you did for Troy and Abed was really great.' There wasn't any of those cute smilies, but it appeared she wasn't angry anymore.

He stared at the phone, wondering what he was going to say back. He didn't want to give her the wrong idea. Annie was far too young for him. He didn't know what he had done to get her having a crush on him, but it was definitely uncomfortable and it had to stop. He decided to ignore her for now and sipped his tequila. Jeff was going to have to figure out solutions to these problems another day.

Author's Note: I hope you liked! This is my first Community fic, so be gentle if you didn't. I have plans for another chapter, with the whole Britta and the carny thing. XD