I thought of this story after watching and old favorite of mine from when I was a kid "Cinderella"and then "Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella"! I hope it turns out okay!


A Princess, Prince, evil family members, a weird Latina fairy godmother, a quirky ginger servant/friend, a glass slipper, and romance, what is wrong with this picture? Well, let's start back at the beginning and inch you into this bit-by-bit, you'll get it.

Ally's POV (A.K.A. by stepsiblings Cinderally)

I followed my stepsisters into another mall store, this one a bit more my taste, and my sisters bobbed in and out of fitting rooms. "Cinderally, how do I look in this?" "It's not quite right for you it makes you look a bit unfit." I sighed and my stepsister Tilly glared at me. "Milly, I was gonna try on that dress next!" Tilly hissed as Milly came out in an aqua blue halter dress that showed all her fat rolls. I cringed and Milly growled back "I saw it fist and it looks way better on me than it would on you, right Cinderally." I cringed again, Milly was chunky, not really fat, but neither was Tilly, yet the idea of a skin tight dress like what Milly was wearing on either of them was unpleasant to the eye and way too small for either of them. They were both always trying to find close that were two times smaller than what they needed. "Cinderally!" my two stepsisters screamed and I snapped back to reality. "How about you guys try to share?" I offered and they rolled their eyes in unison.

"Yeah right, let's change and go to the next store! You can have that dress Milly!" Tilly grumbled walking back into the fitting room. Milly smiled as if she won a beauty pageant, which would be possible if she lost a few pounds, put less make up on, and wore clothes that actually looked decent on her. I stood from my seat as the girls rushed to the register to buy what they wanted, meaning more bags for me to carry. I had my arms loaded already with shoeboxes, bags of shirts, bags of pants, bags of hair care products, bags of skin products, and bags of dresses. I couldn't carry anymore, I could barely see over the boxes already. My sisters walked on after loading me with more bags and I followed. They swerved into a store across the corridor of the mall and on coming foot traffic knocked me over.

Bags, boxes, and clothes went everywhere. I scowled sitting up and slowly began to pick the stuff up as people walked by trampling the bags or kicking them to the side. I saw a hand set on the same bottle of shampoo I reached for and a voice sigh "Are you okay?" I looked up and saw a blonde haired boy with soft brown eyes staring at me and his eyes went from concerned to surprise as he met my darker brown ones. He was wearing swim trunks and a deep blue tank top, a local surfer, I figured. "Yeah, I'm just helping my stepsisters with their shopping." I averted my eyes picking up a shirt as he continued to help me. "Why are you carrying so much around? Are your sisters unable to carry their own things?" the boy laughed. "Well-" I began to say, but my sisters stomped up. "Cinderally, come on! What did you do?" Milly growled taking in the site. Tilly glared "Are you that dysfunctional?"

The boy stood up shoving half the bags into the girls' arms "You two have two arms, use them." I stared at him shocked secretly wanting to applaud him. They shoved the bags toward me and I stood wincing as I felt a twinge of pain in my ankle as the loaded me up again and I fell down. "What are you doing?" Tilly crossed her arms glaring. "I hurt my ankle, give me a moment." I sighed and then the boy, a person I barely knew pushed my sisters aside "Here, take my hand." "She's obviously faking. Leave her be, boy!" Milly grabbed his arm as I reached my hand out to his. His glare was dark and cold "Let go of me. If you really want all this stuff carry it yourself. Your sister is injured." Milly shrank back and the boy grasped my hand sliding my arm around his shoulder supporting my weight.

He took me over to a bench well away from my sisters and helped me sit down. "Thank you, but I should probably go help them." I warily looked over my shoulder in the direction we had come from. "Do you always help them like that? I've never met siblings that acted like that, um, what is your name." he smiled. "Ally, my sisters call me Cinderally, because I'm always doing chores and starting fire in their bedroom fireplaces." I shrugged. "I like that name, Ally." the boy smiled "How's your ankle? May I see it?" I sighed "A little painful I suppose, but it will be better once I get home and rest it." The boy knelt down and touched my now swollen ankle. "You'll need to ice it and pain reliever might help with the soreness as well." "Ally, there you are! Your father needs you at the music store, now." my stepmother appeared with my two angry stepsisters. "Yes stepmother, I'm on my way." I stood glancing at the kind blonde boy and limped in the direction of the store.

Austin's POV

The girl, Ally, she was such a kind girl. Her brown eyes were soft; her wavy brown hair was softer than a feather, and her voice was prettier than a bird's song. I had never met someone like her and the image of her wouldn't leave my head. Dez called to me taking me from my thought. "Prince Moon, there you are. Where have you been? Singing to your people dressed as a commoner again?" my servant and closest friend frowned. "Dez, call me Austin. No, I didn't sing today, but I did walk around as a commoner." I smiled my mind floating back to Ally.

"The King is looking for you, and said that he wishes you'd give up on the singing career idea, I disagree, of course, but he said you will take over the throne. It is your destiny, to become king and produce an heir." Dez groaned "Man that sounded like my own father being responsible. I bet he can't make a music video with a camel and a kangaroo look cool." I shook my head "Dez, focus for a moment. Why are they looking for me?" "It was something about a ball, or fiancé, or something. Maybe it was about a call and what to say." Dez scratched his head. "Great, I'll go see him and mom. Its best you stay out in the hall or here until we finish talking. You know how the whole talking thing goes, argument and disaster." I moved around him. "You ruined the whole thing, I was going to eavesdrop." Dez whined and watched me walk off toward the throne room. I was dreading what my father and mother had planned this time.

It's just the beginning, but let me know what you think!