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Chapter 1 - Exploring Edward

Bella's point of view

Edward was going to really do it! I couldn't believe it! All this time I'd only managed to get several glances at his beautiful body. I wanted so much to explore him and get to know him intimately. I knew he was naked underneath the comforter covering him up to his chin.

I couldn't help staring into his dark eyes which were now swirling orbs of desire. I could see his hesitation and shy vulnerability as he slowly removed the comforter covering him. I took a quick peak at him, oh god! He was already very aroused from the way something was pointing in the air! As if in a dream I felt my hand reach out to it. When my finger touched his icy skin I felt the familiar shock. I couldn't resist tracing it. Edward shivered at my touch. Oh it twitched! And my god it looks huge! I needed a moment to gather my thoughts. I knew I was blushing and I needed to control my reactions to him as well. I also knew how self conscious and shy Edward was so I decided to take things slowly at first and put him at ease.

"Edward you look so beautiful…I can't believe you are mine…" My voice sounded as if it came from far away even to my ears. Edward Cullen naked! Not to mention very aroused! And I was touching him very freely! My inner voice was screaming at me in glee! I had waited so long for this.

"I'm yours love.. forever.." I very husky voice whispered back. Oh!.. Just then something cold touched my nipple I looked down to see Edward's finger tracing my nipple. Oh no he doesn't!

"Still my turn Edward!" He held very still. Was he really ok with this? Should I ask him? I didn't want him to be uncomfortable.

"Edward…..Is it ok if I touch you?" What was he thinking? Why was he so still? Can the others hear us? Edward had put on loud music and told me that no one can hear us with the noise.

"Yes love. You can do anything you want." Oh god! That velvet voice….I felt a shiver rush right to my core.

"Anything?" What would he taste like? Jessica had told me it was awful. But I didn't think it would be like that with Edward.

"Anything except that!" Oh! Shit! How did he know I was thinking of doing that? Well best act like I wasn't thinking that at all.

"What Edward?" He was at a loss for words. Good! I didn't think he'd come out and say it to me. So I can pretend that I was not thinking of sucking the living daylights out of him!

"Anything… except for going all the way…" No way! At least not today! Well I'd better look my fill now. Once I started touching him he might pull away and I won't get to see him properly again. I slowly ran my eyes all over his body taking in the beautiful chiseled vampire laying next to me. He looked so human laying here like this. His happy trail of bronze curly hair continued from his chest to the base of his thingie. That part of him was very pink. Come to think of it he has a slight pinkish tinge on his face too! This is the first time I noticed it. Was he blushing? Can vampires blush? They do have blood in their system from feeding. Was it because of it that, that part of him looked so human? The only thing that betrayed that he was not human was his stillness just like a statue. What a perfect statue.

Oh my god! This perfect creature loved me! I told myself to focus! focus! I looked up at him. He was staring at me. His eyes dark with desire. His lips were half open. I leaned down to kiss him. He grabbed at me trying to drag me closer. No way!

"Patience Edward" As I traced over his face I couldn't help but stare in wonder at him. I couldn't believe he was mine! He had a very strong jaw line. As I traced his full lips I felt the cold touch of his tongue on my fingers.

"Edward!" I warned him and he gave me his crooked smile. He was trying to dazzle me. I nearly stopped breathing. Then I just gave in to my desire and frantically kissed him everywhere I could reach. His tiny nipples were erect. I bent down and sucked one of them. Then blew over, they peaked even more. I'd read on the internet that it was a nice sensation. Yes! I finally did that internet search about male nipples!

"Bella…" I barely heard him. Wow! He looked like he was really turned on. I wanted to touch his shaft once more. Will he stop me? Should I distract him a bit? I kissed him while reaching for his hardness. He shuddered and I could feel the electric shock go right to my core. I was surprised to find moisture on my hand. I removed my hand in my surprise and looked at him.

"It's..err..it's..." Edward was looking at any where but my face, stammering.

"It's ok" I managed to mutter. What I really wanted to do was know what it tasted like.

"It's only..before.. you know...pre..." He was still trying to explain. I knew he was embarrassed. Now I felt myself blushing. Just then the word pre triggered something in my mind and I remembered exactly what it was... pre come! I held up my hand telling him that he didn't need to explain. He released a breath and nodded his head in relief. I rubbed the wetness on his hardness moving my hand carefully down.

"Oh Bella so good.."

Did he like it? I was thrilled. I concentrated on all I had learnt over the internet, touching his sack while stroking him. To my amazement he was getting wetter and warmer if possible with every touch. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Will he stop me? I looked at him again. Oh god! He looked close. He was gasping for air. Almost sobbing. I leaned down to kiss him. He closed his eyes. He looked totally gone.

"Bella.. ah… I'm close love…" I barely heard him. This was my chance. It was now or never! Without thinking twice I took him in my mouth. Oh! He was so big! I sucked on him twirling my tongue. I nearly gagged when he released. I swallowed everything he gave me. Wow! So this was what it was all about? I couldn't help smiling to myself.

I'd just given Edward Cullen a bj! Me! Bella Swan and I knew he had loved it although I knew I was going to get hammered for this. But it was all worth the utter peaceful blissed out look on Edward's face when he came. He was magnificent in his pleasure. He had never looked more other worldly than at that moment. Spread out for me in all his naked glory he let out a growl screaming my name in ecstasy... even as he lost control he remembered me it was my name that fell from his lips.. how I loved this creature. His eyes slowly opened swirling orbs of molten lava... then he blinked focusing on me. It took him a moment to get his bearings. I knew the exact moment he remembered what I had done to him, that I had had him in my mouth.


I knew he was going to go into all the reasons why I shouldn't have done what I did, but I was not going to regret it even for a moment. I grinned at my handsome fiancé. I couldn't be happier.

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I wrote this as an outtake for my story "Romance & Love" but then realised that it can be read as a one shot as well. So I'm posting it as one. If you haven't read that story please do... there are many more juicy bits in it:) I've written this same experience from Edward's point of view in that story, it was written was the sequel for "Love & denial".