Author's note: Many thanks to Ghastly Eternity for test- and beta-reading. Also many thanks to Ghastly Eternity and Maknatuna for encouraging me to start writing in the first place and of course to Petra for reading even though she isn't the obsessed Supernatural-fan I am.
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„Don't say I never did anything for you", Dean said just before he activated the fire-alarm. He would have if his brother hadn't grabbed his hand just a second before it hit its target anyway.

„What the hell, Sam?" Dean snapped, while both Castiel and the Trickster – sorry, Gabriel the arch-angel and massive douchebag – just stood staring at the younger Winchester.

To tell the truth everyone in the room was quite surprised that Sam of all people would keep Dean from showing Gabriel some mercy, which admittedly he didn't really deserve. Then again what alternatives did they have? Sure, they could leave him there trapped, which would only make him come back with a vengeance eventually and even when they had still thought he was only a Trickster that prospect wouldn't have been all that great. Of course Dean could have tested his theory about holy-fire Molotov cocktails on the angel as well, but then again if that backfired (and Dean was man enough to admit that it was likely to backfire) they'd once more have a very pissed off arch-angel on their hands.

Dean honestly missed the times when some good old violence with the right knife or bullet would solve most of their problems in a permanent way. Damn demons had been bad enough, but at least they could be exorcised and killed with some special means… freaking angels didn't even have the decency to give them a chance to kill them!

"Look, I've got one more question for him, that's all" Sam tried to explain and thereby interrupted his brother's inner musings about the good old days before turning back toward the trapped angel.

Dean grimaced slightly but said nothing and leaned against the nearby wall seemingly relaxed.

So one more question, why not? He could let Sam have that if it'd keep him from bitching about never getting what he wanted later on, or even worse a talk about how Dean had hurt his feelings.

Castiel of course remained standing in exactly the same spot he had been in before they had been stopped from leaving, looking at Dean a little confused and questioningly. As if Dean would have known what exactly his brother was up to!

He just shrugged as he met Castiel's stare, once again wondering if the angel just never blinked or if he somehow timed his blinks in a way that they were at exactly the same time as Dean's so he wouldn't see them. He wasn't quite sure which thought he found creepier either.

"What was the lesson here?" Sam's voice finally broke the silence. Again everyone was staring at him, which Sam was beginning to find quite unnerving.

"And people say you're the smart one", Gabriel replied shaking his head slightly, "Something wrong with your short-term memory, Sasquatch?"

As little as he liked it but Dean found he had to agree with the Trickster there. And that would have to go on the list of things Dean had thought would never happen but had happened anyway. Stuff like angels being real, Sam getting it on with a werewolf, Castiel organizing an orgy while high on some kind of drug. Though that last one hadn't happened yet technically and never would if Dean had anything to say in it.

"You two, accepting your destiny, playing your roles, getting it over with? Ring any bells?" Gabriel sing-songed in the sort of mocking tone he had brought to perfection over the centuries. The truth was that he was still brooding over the things the older Winchester had said earlier though, not that he'd ever give the idiot the satisfaction of knowing that. He'd take his chances with a leap over the holy-fire first, thank you very much!

"Yeah, I got that the first time around. That's the lesson you were trying to teach us", Sam replied rolling his eyes, though he had to admit that he should have voiced his question differently from the start, "What's the lesson you were trying to teach me?"