AK-47 Slaughterhouse: This is Hell

Chapter 1: Close Encounter of the 47th Kind

I had no idea shit could get this bad. I had no idea everything I thought the world was… wasn't.

Then again, who could have known?

My life before all this shit doesn't seem to matter anymore. Thinking back to all the petty stress and worries… hoping for a better tomorrow.

Now I can only wish for a tomorrow to hope for.

"Is it ready?"

"Yea it is"

"Is it safe?"

"I reworked the gas piston timing after I welded in the auto-sear. I test fired it with subsonics last night and it worked flawlessly"


"Now where's my silver?"

"Here it is. You deserve every ounce of it. Thanks man, and good luck"

AK-47. Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947. Developed by ex-Soviet tank officer Mikhail Kalashnikov and introduced as the standard issue assault rifle of the Soviet military in 1947. It is considered the deadliest weapon in the history of mankind. No missile, rifle, or bomb has killed more people than the 7.62x39mm rounds shot out of this beast.

A destructive gear of war like this is hard to find in civilian hands in Japan… but I had one.

I smuggled it from home just in time before all hell broke loose. After news reported that shit was hitting the fan, I had my Yakuza buddy help me get my semi-auto AK-47 from my apartment in Seattle to Tokonosu. All it took was a couple thousand dollars of bribery and my Yakuza buddy did what Yakuza do. Good thing I befriended him after coming to Japan as a contract engineer a few months ago.

Some of my friends back home told me I was such a gun nut seeing how I was an NRA member who owned dozens of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. I used them mainly for hunting purposes.

But the AK… I kept the AK just in case I was ever plunged into the fiery pits of hell.

Sure, I may have been a little paranoid, but here I am. Floating on the River Styx.

"God damn. The world is upside-down, inside-out, and butt-fucked" I said to myself as I stepped out of the mechanics shop. After I had my AK in my hands a day after my Yakuza buddy ordered his goons to smuggle the rifle, I knew I had to convert it from civilian legal semi-auto to select fire full-auto before the number of undead skyrocketed. I was lucky enough to find a mechanics shop that was still operating who were willing to fix up my rifle to select fire mode. All it took was 10 ounces of silver bullion as bribery.

"I wonder if it will last" I said to myself as I swung my heavy backpack across my shoulders. I had 1500 rounds of 7.62x39 cartridges for my AK that was also smuggled in from my apartment in Seattle. I had only used about 30 rounds so far. I had to defend myself from a few undead and looters while searching for a mechanics shop. I thanked God for there being a mechanics shop still operating under barricaded conditions. But I was not sure if God could hear me.

In my backpack, I also had a few days' worth of food and water. I packed various survival essentials such as a portable stove, tent, sleeping bag, and water purification tablets. I also kept a small pistol in my pocket, and a machete hanging in a sheath on my belt.

My AK-47 was always hanging across my chest by a rifle sling. It was my baby. It was my protection. It was my lifesource.

I walked a few miles north after leaving the mechanics shop. I encountered a few undead, but I quietly walked around them without them hearing me. I was out of the residential area and in a more developed, urban area with various shops and high-rises.

It was a couple hours later I spotted a military Hummer on the adjacent highway. It wasn't unusual seeing Hummers around because the self-defense forces were deployed into Tokonosu when shit got bad, but this one was a little off. It looked like a customized Hummer. It had a custom A-TACS camo paint job. It did not have an exterior turret platform machine-gun. It seemed to be a civilian-owned suped up Hummer. Now those you don't see very often. I shrugged and moved on past the highway.

I arrived in the parking lot of a mall shortly after spotting the unusual Hummer. No undead in sight. Any of them that were strewn across the parking lot were… dead… undead.

That's when I heard voices. Fortunately not voices in my head, but voices on the other side of the parking lot. I immediately ducked behind a broken down car that was near me.

I could hear the voices quite clearly. The city had become so quiet after hell broke loose that you could hear a sneeze a mile away. This made it easy for THEM to find you and snap your shit up.

"T.S Eliot once said 'this is how the world ends; not with a bang, but a whimper'"

"Do you know what poem T.S Eliot wrote that in Saeko?"

"No, I don't. It was in my literature textbook at school, and I just found it to be quite applicable to our predicament"

"It was in The Hollow Men. I knew that before I took that literature class because I'm a genius"

The voices were definitely that of young women. One of them sounded calm and collected, while the other cocky and snappy. I peeked over the car I was hiding behind to take a look.

I couldn't believe my eyes. About 50 yards away from me was a small group of people and what looked like a puppy. 7 people. 4 chicks that looked like porn stars. 2 guys around my age. 1 little girl with pink hair. A black and white puppy.

Their demeanor seemed friendly enough, and I had wanted to collaborate with other survivors ever since I left my apartment in downtown Tokonosu 3 days ago. I had seen so many thugs and looters since hell broke loose, so I wanted to remain cautious. But I knew this was my chance to possibly join a survivor group and increase my own likelihood of survival. If they turned out to be as evil as most everybody else on the streets, then so be it. I knew I could not go on solo and alone anymore without eventually losing morale and the will to live.

I slowly creeped out from behind the car and presented myself in plain view. Unfortunately, everybody had their backs facing me because they were looking up at the roof of the mall. The only one who noticed me was the dog, who turned around and started barking.


"What is it doggy, is there….. AHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK!" screamed one of the guys as he turned around and noticed me. He whips out what looked like an AR-10 with a Leupold scope, and aimed directly at me. Every other member of the group turns around and aims their weapons at me. I could do nothing but kneel to the ground with my hands up in the air to show submission.

I yelled out "DON'T SHOOT! My name is John. I am an American who is working in Japan as an engineer. I mean absolutely no harm. Don't shoot! Please!"

They were silent after my plea, until the guy pointing a shotgun at me asks "What do you want John? Have you been following us?"

I yelled out "No! I have not been following you. I have honestly just stumbled into you guys. I have been trekking for days around Tokonosu trying to survive like you guys. I have weapons, food, water, and supplies. I am a good person and my humanity and morals are intact. I want to join your group. I can't live this life solo and die alone from THEM"

More silence ensued. The guy with the shotgun whispers something to the guy with the AR-10 rifle, and they both drop their weapons.

"First off, unsling your rifle and put it on the ground away from you" demanded one of the guys.

I did exactly what they told me to do.

The whole group was at a relative ease after that. They all slowly approached me. I was sweating nervously, noticing that the hot purple-haired girl did not put her katana back into its sheath.

They stayed a good 5 yards away from me. I slowly rose up after what seemed like kneeling for an eternity.

"What are you good at?" asks one of the guys. I could make out his features clearly now. He was short, a little chubby, had glasses, and was decked out in a combat vest and ammo bandolier.

"Well my profession is being a chemical engineer. I am here in Japan to design Natural Gas plants on behalf of an American contracting company. After college, I served in the Army National Guard for 3 years and rose to Sergeant rank. I am good with weapons and survival tactics. I enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities back in America. I promise to contribute to the group and not be a drag." I listed everything I could to convince them to let me join.

The chubby guy smiles at me. His grin grew larger by the second.

"Wait, so you used to be in the military?" asked the pink haired girl with glasses and boobs the size of Nebraska.

"Yes." I replied.

"The closest thing we have to a military man in our group is Kohta" says the other guy. I could also make out his features clearly now. He was about my height, around 5' 7". Lean fellow. Spiky hair. He sort of had a pretty-boy vibe to him, but the expression on his face was that of a true warrior. Fierce and piercing.

All the girls nod in agreement.

"WOW! You were in the United States military?" yelps the chubby guy. I deduced that this guy must be Kohta.

"Yes I was. U.S Army National Guard sergeant specializing in infantry warfare and Nuclear-Chemical-Biological warfare" I replied with a tinge of pride.

The purple-haired girl asked me "How old are you?"

"24" I replied.

"How about you guys?" I asked.

"I'm Rei Miyamoto by the way. I'm 17, and so is Takashi here. Saeko is 18. Saya and Kohta are 16. Miss Shizuka here is 27. Little Alice here is 7." said a pretty brown-haired girl who was clutching onto the arms of the guy I now know is Takashi.

"So what made you leave the military?" Kohta asked.

"I left after my 3 year term enlistment was over. I wanted to focus deeper into my engineering career. It pays much more than a military career, and I had to put my college education to good use."

"Um, mister. Are you a grownup?" asked Alice.

I chuckled at the little girl's adorable question.

"Well, I'm just a little older than your friends here. Actually, Miss Shizuka is older than me"

"Oh" said Alice.

My short conversation with the little girl put a warm smile on everybody's faces, and I was relieved that I was integrating into the group.

Suddenly, Kohta leapt up in the air and yelped "WOW! Is that a freakin' AK-47?"

At this point I almost forgot my rifle was on the ground next to me. I picked it up and slung it across my chest again.

"Why yes it is. I managed to smuggle it from my home in America to here before shit really went bad. It's been converted to select-fire full auto" I explained.

"Full auto? God damn, we don't have any machine guns in our group" said Takashi.

"WOW! Did you put in an auto-sear and time the gas piston correctly ?" yelped Kohta.

"Yup. Well I didn't do it. A mechanic and welder did it for me at a shop a few miles south of here. They're keeping their shop open to help survivors. Brave fellows. They've already installed shatter proof glass and steel plates all over their shop, so it's pretty much zombie proof."

"That shop may be helpful to us later. Let us know where it is if we ever stumble into that area ok?" said Saya.

"No problem miss" I replied politely. I could tell this hot chick had a bit of a spicy personality. I knew it was best not to get on her bad side, although that may be too easy…

"So I'm guessing you're good with guns too Kohta?" I asked.

"Well… heehee…" Hirano blushed.

"He's the best we've got. He is very competent with operating firearms, and he seems to also know some basic gunsmithing." said Saeko in a straightforward manner. I could tell this hot purple-haired babe meant all business. She definitely had a mysterious vibe to her. I couldn't deduce what the vibe was, but being around her, I got the same feeling I get when I look at abstract paintings.

"And now it looks like we have another gun otaku… well at least you aren't a fatass like Hirano" said Saya.

"Well, John isn't an otaku. He was once a soldier. And seeing how good Kohta is with the gun, he might as well have been a special forces commando haha!" said Takashi.

"Oh please…" Kohta's blush grew deeper. "It's great to know we have an ex-military man like you on our team now!"

I shook hands with Kohta.

"I'm grateful for you guys letting me join your group" I politely stated.

"Ooooo, a new guy! And you're so muscular! Kinda sexy eh?" said Miss Shizuka before she hugged me. The pressure of her large torpedo tits against my chest nearly suffocated me. It was somewhat like what I would suppose erotic BDSM strangulation must feel like.