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Henry's face was a bright shade of red when she passed him in the hallway. It clashed horribly with the orange paint spotted over his clothes. Kate followed behind him with only a couple spots of purple paint.

"Hey, doc? If you see Will, tell him you don't know where I am. Okay?"

"Why would I be doing this?"

Henry went to answer, but stammered around his words. Kate was no help since she would laugh anytime Henry began an intelligible sentence and cut him off.

"Come on, I'll protect you," Kate said between giggles.

She took Henry's hand and turned toward Magnus.

"Seriously though, if anybody asks you've never heard of Henry Foss," she said leaving with Henry in tow.

Magnus knocked gently on Will's bedroom door before opening it slowly. Will was struggling to take off his paint stained vest. Helen helped him by holding onto the vest while he wriggled himself free.

"Thank you," he said.

"Why is Henry hiding from you?"

Will smirked as he took off his shirt gently. He had a few welts on his arms that were not protected when paintballs hit him.

"Probably because he knows I'm going to hurt him."

"Pray tell, what led to this?"

"Oh, I'll pray tell you what happened," Will said after wetting a washcloth.

He was wiping off some paint that splashed on his skin.

"Declan, Henry and I nearly had the enemies (Kate, Biggie and Chuck) surrounded. Even Chuck didn't notice us and he has eyes in the back of his head. I guess Big Guy caught on to our scent because he suddenly turned around. Henry forgot our carefully strategized plan and called out the worst thing I could imagine on the battlefield."

"What is the worst thing you can say on a battlefield?" Magnus asked as she took the washcloth from him.

"He cried 'fire at will' and they took it to mean 'fire at Will'"

He waited for Magnus to finish laughing.

"Even Declan got confused by the statement."

Magnus looked at Will's discarded vest. Sure enough, mixed with the orange paint was some purple paint.

"Anything I can do to help?" she asked after wiping a spot he missed by his ear.

"Watch me for signs of PTSD and prep the infirmary for Henry's intake."

"When should I expect Henry?"

"I'll let him stew for a while as I take a nap, so any time after that," Will said.

He lay down on his bed after kicking off his shoes.



"I think he was heading for the machine shop."

Will smiled, but kept his eyes shut "Thanks Magnus."