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"You wanna see a movie or something, Hank?"

"In case you don't remember, I went full HAP today, I usually get migraines afterwards."

"It was more of the coming back from the wolf boy form that I remember. That was more Hank than I ever wanted to see."

"Hey," he protested.

"How about you Big Guy?"

"Don't do crowds."


"Patients and paperwork."

"Why are you in the media room with the rest of us?"

"I'll start after the game."

"Magnus, want to see a movie or something?"

"I have not had too much of an interest in films even when they added sound to them."

"You know they make them in color now and everything," Henry piped in.

"Sometimes it sucks being the only one who's not an abnormal."

"Excuse me?" Will said insulted. "I'm not abnormal."

Kate came over to him and put both her hands over his eyes.

"How many tiles are in this room?"

"240, but I could have figured that out at any…"

"What color nail polish are Magnus and I wearing?"

"Magnus dark red, you none, but that's…"

"What does Big Guy have in his right shirt pocket?"

"A handkerchief and his pocket is on his left. Anybody would…"

"What's wrong with Hank's watch?"

"It's four minutes fast. Okay point taken."

Kate took her hands off his eyes. Will looked over to see Henry comparing his watch to the time on his cell phone.

"His Will Power is as sharp as ever," Henry said to Kate.


"Oh yeah, that freaky thing you do with your brain, Hank and I thought it was kinda like a superpower, so we call it Will Power."

"I'm still not an abnormal."

"I will cover your eyes again."

"Kate, if you really feel like going out, Jeff was asking for a second person to help him pick up an infant hydra," Helen offered.

"I could do that. Plus I like Jeff. I bet he might even want to see a movie. He's not an abnormal either."

"Henry, check the oil in her car before she goes."

"Sure thing, Big Guy."

There was only the sound of the television for the next few minutes.

"Magnus? Am I an abnormal?"

"Not genetically. Your Will Power is a product of practice and intellect."

"Et Tu Magnus?"

"I have to say it is quite catchy."

"I'm going to have to use my will power to not throw something at the next person who refers to my observations as Will Power."

"Go start your paperwork and I'll pretend I never heard the expression."

Will got up to leave.

"Will Power," he heard poorly disguised as a cough, followed immediately by a chuckle.

He found a pen in his pocket and threw it at Big Guy before running for his life