War hauntings
Here I am
In a war
trying to stay alive
on my own
with doctors here
and wounded there
there are so many
I write letters home
I wish I was home
I see wounded and blood everyday
I'm a corporal at age 19
I'm afraid
Visions of war pound my head
people are there
young men die
I lost a friend that was like a father to me
I lost Uncle Ed
Am I next?
What will happen?
Will Darkness win and will I die
Will I live and see the light
to see the future
of how the war turned out
I have no clue
I'm scared
of blood and pain
I take things seriously than others
for I'm an corporal in the us army
hearing helicopters before they come
I'm frightened
of shelling
bombs hit near the 4077th
many people struggle
lots die
some live
I see it everyday
because I'm a corporal
I see the priest doing last rites
as he speaks in latin,
doctors sewing up patients
not giving up
the nurses are helping out
I do my job
because I'm a corporal
I'm scared that I will die
and never see the light
I have friends but what do I see
I have an empty heart
but friends to tell them the truth
to watch them play tricks
and to talk to people such as enlisted men
For I'm a corporal and I die in honor of my country
For I am a corporal