A/N: Hey guys! I know I haven't been updating my other stories for a while, because I was really busy. But. To make up for the lack of Thalico, I give you a Peeta and Katniss one-shot. I really don't know if Peeniss is a good couple name for them. But hey, tell me what you think.

I was asleep until I heard a voice say, 'Peeta, wake up.'

I open my eyes and see her face. She is smiling, she smiles a lot nowadays and she says I'm the reason she does, which gives me a sense of accomplishment. Her eyes are twinkling but if I look deep enough I can see she is still suffering. So am I.

I have been trying to forget but it's hard. So I just let the pain go for a minute and stare at the beautiful girl in front of me. As I brush a strand of her dark hair behind her ear I wonder how I got so lucky.

She was always very predicable to me; I always knew what she'd do next. But I never thought she'd be mine. She closes her eyes and softly presses her lips to mine. An involuntary smile creeps up on my face. 'Hi.'

'Hey.' Her gaze still fixed on me. I get up and embrace her, holding her as tightly as possible, afraid to let go. I know we're safe now, but the fear of losing her is too much pain to bear. Her hands with which she shoots so accurately are playing with my curls of blonde, twisting it around her fingers. I have my head buried in her neck, taking in her scent.

While I am so lost in thought, I almost don't notice when she is saying something and looking at me quizzically.

'What?' I ask.

She laughs and takes both my hands in hers. 'I said I love you. But you didn't respond to me.'

I cup her face with my hands and kiss her long and sweet. 'Well you know the answer already, don't you?'


I raise my eyebrows. 'Maybe? Katniss, I love you so much, I can't even put it to words.'

She smiles. 'I know that. But a reminder from time to time is nice.'

'Then I promise I'll never let you forget.'

Our hands are still joined, foreheads pressed together, and a satisfied smile plays on her lips. I'm smitten.

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