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Misery Loves Company

Chapter 1 - Considering Positions



Wesker huffed, although it wasn't really audible in between his harsh breathing and low grunts. " so demanding, pet..." But he leaned down and gave a particularly rough shove of his hips against the brunette's ass, reveling in the shaky yowl the new position and pace drew out of his lover. Chris arched like a cat, pressing his lower body against Wesker's as much as he could with his face buried in the pillow. His legs weren't really co-operating, too busy shaking as his prostate was hit again, and again, and again-

Chris couldn't hold it in - the unintelligible scream that ripped from his throat signaled his release, convulsing over and over, tightening almost painfully around his lover's cock as his orgasm coursed through his veins and whited out any conscious thought for several long moments. Collapsing onto the bed, he only vaguely recognised the signs of Wesker finishing; a low, strained groan followed by the feeling of hot cum flooding his insides. Chris panted, giving a weak moan as his lover's thrusts slowed and stopped, before he felt the heavy weight of Wesker's muscular frame slumping onto him.

It took several minutes for him to catch his breath, in which time Wesker deemed it unnecessary to move, laying on top of his lover in a post-orgasm high. Slightly chapped lips grazed the sweat slick neck, granting an involuntary shudder from Chris.

"Feel better, pet?" Wesker murmured languidly, flicking his tongue against the sweat-streaked skin.

The brunette lazily rolled his eyes, allowing himself to be guided onto his side and a strong arm to slip round him. Wesker buried his nose in the young man's scruffy hair with a soft, pleased noise as Chris gave in and cuddled up, letting one arm lounge on top of his boyfriend's chest.

"You're still a complete ass." This was met with a low, deep chuckle, which Chris felt more than heard.

"Excuse me, just who was trying to jump me in the car?" Chris scowled, although he couldn't feel much venom at the moment. It was true, although he was humiliated by admitting it. He had just been so revved-up because of that goddamn toy Wesker had insisted he wore to work. By the end of the day he'd been so sexually tense even the slightest touch was enough to send him into paroxysms of pleasure. The only thing he was grateful for was that the plug had already stretched him enough that Wesker hadn't needed to waste precious minutes stretching him. Although I wouldn't be damn needy if it wasn't for that bastard in the first place...

Said bastard kissed his hairline and drew up the covers. Chris grumbled a little as they shifted to get comfortable. Eventually, after a few minutes of silent cuddling, he lifted his head up.

"Wesker, why did you think it was such a good idea to make me wear that...thing to work?"

The captain chuckled once more, tracing his fingertips over Chris' shoulders. "Hm. For one, we haven't had sex in public before, and since you draw the line there, I figured what better way than to transcend the foreplay there instead?" The brunette spluttered, but Wesker continued - "I do enjoy seeing you there, completley under my's very erotic. And I do love to give you pleasure-"

"Putting that toy in my ass and teasing me with it all day, but never letting me get off is what you call giving pleasure?"

That blasted sexy smirk was on his lover's face again. "You enjoyed it, didn't you? After all..." he gave Chris' ear a soft nibble, making him draw in a sharp breath, "Doesn't it just feel so deliciously dirty to do things like that in public, where nobody knows-"

"Jill knew! I swear she knows exactly what the fuck was going on! Do you know how bad she's going to be? She'll be teasing me with this for months - dammit, I'll be surprised if she ever lets go of this, and it's all thanks to you, you merciless ass! And fuck, don't get me started on Forest-"

Chris continued to babble irritably, with Wesker rolling his eyes affectionately. He'd more than gotten used to the rants he would get from the young man every time they tried something new or something even mildly kinky (although what he, Wesker thought of as kinky and what Chris thought fell into that category was miles apart - Wesker liked costumes, handcuffs and trying it everywhere they could, whereas Chris was more of the traditional lover). Eventually they fell asleep, but not before Chris muttered something about getting revenge.

In retrospect, Wesker really, really should have paid attention to that.


"Have fun last night, Chris?"

Baby-blues shot a venomous glare to Jill, who simply snickered devilishly, leaning against Chris' desk. It was the morning following the toy incident (a Thursday) and while things were rather quiet about the station, there wasn't really that much to do. Chris almost wished there was. After all, if there was work to be done, he wouldn't have Jill coming up and bugging him like this. "Don't tell me. Lover-boy had you up all night again, didn't he?"

Chris contemplated whether or not throwing a tantrum would make him less of a man; well, less of one than he already was - after all, he was both gay and the bottom, plus a lot of women seemed to call him 'cute' - he was not cute! He was a man, and men were handsome, not cute or adorable or whatever! A few moments of contemplation had him thinking that no, it wasn't really worth throwing a bitch fit...not just yet, anyway.

"You know that's not the reason!" He quickly checked around, desperate to make sure no-one else overheard the conversation. When he was sure no-one else was really listening, he continued in a harsh whisper - "Y-you know the reason! I could feel your pervert-radar going off-"

"E-excuse me?" Jill was obviously trying very hard not to burst into laughter. "Pervert-radar? Where do you even come up with these things?" She startled giggling, making Chris pout and thump his head on his desk with a hard klunk, which just made Jill laugh harder.

Chris groaned in defeat. "Oh shut up. Shut up, go away, and leave me here to seethe in peace, please."

His friend's giggles slowed as she got a handle on her laughter. She dusted some imaginary dirt from her trousers and retorted playfully, "But why would I do that? It's so much fun to tease you, and you're so cute when you blush-"

"I'M NOT CUTE, DAMMIT!" He hit his fist on the desk, nearly sending his half-full mug of coffee on the floor. He scowled at the woman, only to have her raise an eyebrow. The outburst had attracted quite a bit of attention, including a very confused looking Barry. Chris flushed lightly, then huffed and slumped on his desk, practically radiating irritation. After a few moments of silence, in which everyone else but Jill had gone back to work, Jill sighed dramatically.

"Oh come on, Chris. Don't act like a five-year-old just because Wesker had his wicked way with you. You know, a lot of women would love to be swept off their feet by such a strong, intelligent man. Consider yourself lucky."

"Don't compare me to a woman...I already feel enough like one as it is..." Chris grumbled quietly. "Plus, none of them know what a damn pervert he is. I bet if they did, they'd go off him like, in half a second. The only reason I stay with him is that I love the bastard too much..."

Jill rolled her eyes. "Calling your boyfriend of over a year a bastard isn't very romantic, hun. Besides, what's a good sex life without one of you jazzing it up from time to time?"

" you know what he did yesterday?"

Jill looked thoughtful for a moment before she spoke. "Well, sort of. Why don't you share the juicy details with your Auntie Jill, mmm?" Chris grimaced. "Okay, maybe the auntie thing was a bit too much...but come on, I'm you're best friend. I share with you all my boyfriends and sex-capades, go on and do a girl a favor?"

"Uhm...", Chris looked around nervously, before beckoning Jill to come closer. She leaned down as he moved to whisper in her ear.

"Oh...oohh!" Even Jill blushed a little at his words. "So he put it up your-and it vibrated?"

"Don't say it out loud!" Chris hissed, flushing at even the thought of it. His ass still hadn't recovered! Jill regained her composure quite quickly, sipping some water from a bottle while she thought.

"Wow...I knew he was a little bit adventurous, but that's just sordid. Deliciously so...sounds like something out a really good erotica."

Chris went even redder. "Don't remind me of that...please. I swear whenever I even think about sex it just summons him." The female STARS officer shook her head in amusement as the brunette continued, "Ugh, sometimes I just wanna see how the bastard will do without sex - see how he likes it when he's sexually tormented."

"Well, why not do that?"

Chris blinked. "Heh?"

"You know, cut him off from sex for a while. Maybe don't tell him you're doing it. Whatever you want to do...hey, why not say you're giving it up for Lent? That's coming up in a few days." Chris raised an eyebrow skeptically, to which Jill responded, "I mean, sure, it may seem a little cliche, and maybe it's just over a month, but all the better, huh? Let him realize what he's missing and I guarantee you he'll be more...well, less kinky after that, and much more appreciative of you, mm?"

The pointman lent back in his chair, considering it for a minute. "Maybe...I mean, I don't know...I did say to myself yesterday I should get some sort of revenge...but isn't a month a little much? I want to get revenge, not kill him."

Jill scoffed. "Wesker won't die from a month without any nookie. He might be a bit bitchy, but as far as I know no man's ever died from blue balls." Chris still looked unsure, so she sighed, patting his shoulder. "Just give it some thought hun. You don't have to go along with it." As she left, the brunette slumped on his desk again with a sigh. Today was turning out to be all kinds of troublesome...


Chris heaved a deep sigh as he slung the groceries on the countertop in his and Wesker's shared upscale apartment. Man, it's been a slow day...he stretched, cracking his knuckles and starting on sorting the bags out. It was only half-four (having been let out of work early) so Wesker wouldn't be home for a good few hours, giving him plenty of time to think.

Not that he hadn't spent most of the day thinking about what Jill had said, of course. That little seed of an idea she had planted inside his mind kept growing, but every time he had found himself dwelling on it he had shoved it to back of his head. Ridiculous, he thought, what was I even thinking...but the monotonous task of putting away the groceries and getting started on making dinner kept his mind occupied.

But once the chicken pasta was in the oven, he found himself with nothing to do. He didn't have to do any paperwork (which he was ridiculously thankful for) and he didn't have to fend off his overly amorous boyfriend...

Chris scowled. And back to this again. As much as he loved Wesker, the man could be seriously aggravating. Whether it was his holier-than-thou attitude or vigorous sex drive, the man could still rev his anger up. Although he had to admit their relationship just wouldn't be the same without their ridiculous arguments. With another harsh release of breath, he settled for straightening up the apartment a bit. Dusting down the large television and straightening out the sofa, his mind continued to race.

Maybe it would be a good thing for us. Sometimes it seems all he thinks about is sex. Maybe this will get him to slow down, like Jill said...or at least lay off the dirty stuff for a while. And...he frowned, stopping what he was doing for a moment...just maybe he'll be a bit more romantic after this? Yeah...yeah, that's it! He'll see that sex isn't everything! He damn well deserves to go without it too, for what he put me through! Chris nodded, an ear-to-ear grin spreading across his features. It's the perfect plan!

With a victorious whoop, he punched the air! "Yes! Operation Get Revenge is go!" Spinning on the spot in a little victory dance, he yelped as his legs got caught up on a bag, and managed to land face first on the floor. Said 'operation' wasn't starting out very well for him.

And as it turns out, it was easier said than done.

Wesker eventually showed up at about six o'clock, kissing Chris lazily in greeting. They sat down for dinner; all the time Chris was trying to maintain an air of normalcy, whilst inside his brain was running at a hundred miles a minute. What'll he say when I tell him? Could he really go without sex for a month? What the hell is he going to be like without getting any, anyway? Dammit Jill, this is all your fault! You just have to see him at work, but I have to live with the fucker!


Chris snapped out of his reverie with a start, quickly realizing Wesker was staring at him with an amused smirk. "Drifting off again? Now now, I didn't keep you up that late last night..." The brunette rolled his eyes.

"Hmph. You wish." Playful banter. Good, good. Heh, maybe this won't be such a hard thing to do after all.

A warm chuckle. "Very funny pet. Now why don't you tell me what's on your mind, hm?" And just like that, Chris' confidence sank right back down again. Fuck! He shifted in the wooden chair uncomfortably, considering carefully how to make his next move. He fiddled with the cutlery absently, as his lover waited patiently. Nothing in the house sounded, apart from the soft noise of the kitchen radio on some jazzy music station.

"Wes...y-you know Lent's coming up, right?"

"Mmhm. What about it?"

"Well...I-I'm going to give up sex."


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