The Years of Adventure: Atlantis

Chapter 1 – Florida

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. But I'm pretty sure my Traveler's Pack and Tent are unique...then again, I haven't read every story out there so I don't know.

Author's Note: This is a continuation of my story 'Harry Potter and the Years of Adventure'. Chronologically speaking, it comes after Frozen North but you don't have to read it first to understand this one. Sorry this took so long, I would give excuses but readers don't really care, I know from experience. Anyway, Enjoy!

Harry sat in his chair with his umbrella settled in the sand, on a beach somewhere in southern Florida and watched as the waves pounded the shore. He had successfully escaped the cold of the northern states and was now camped out on the sand with his swimmers, a tropical drink and a notebook. He was currently trying to alter the sun screen charm to allow just enough sun touch his skin that he would tan slowly, but not so much as to burn. The existing charm – which he found in 'A Wizard's Guide to the South' – just blocked out all the sun and left him as white as he was before, which he found rather frustrating. When he had been walking down the west coast of America, he had used a cream the First Nations people had developed; but it too kept all the sun off his skin, it was better than getting burnt, but he was tired of pasty skin, he was in the tropics, he should have a tan! He stood out like a sore thumb, well, more like snow in the desert but that wasn't the point. The point was, he wanted a safe tan. It took him two days of lounging on the beach – oh, what a chore – to alter the charm adequately but when he did he ditched the chair and umbrella and lay on a towel right in the middle of the sand; it was perfect. The only set back were these semi-sentient sand spinners, they couldn't really talk or communicate, but due to his now fairly developed telepathy skills, Harry could tell they took great pleasure in drawing random patterns on the beach as well as throwing sand on anything that moved. This included Harry, but he was okay with it, he just jotted them down in his notebook and placed an invisible shield around himself. Harry enjoyed his days, each one spent in a different small town, walking through the tourist shops, eating ice cream, sipping tropical drinks, laughing at t-shirts and expanding his book collected, magical and not.

One morning, Harry had finished his tea (iced this time) and was wandering down the beach mindlessly fiddling with strips of a palm branch. One of the Native American tribes had taught him how to weave bracelets from flax and he found that palm fronds worked just as well. He was enjoying the sound of the waves, the touch of the wind and the sand between his toes when all of a sudden, he felt someone hit his leg.

"Wha-?" He asked as he spun around, ready to hex whoever it was into oblivion. It was a good thing he had finally mastered most defensive spells and a few offensive ones wandlessly because otherwise, there would be a seven or eight year old girl asking why he pointing a stick at her.

"Whatcha doin'?" The little girl asked, she still had a bit of a baby voice so she might have been even younger than seven. She had flame-red hair and stormy gray eyes and was wearing a bright green sundress which brilliantly clashed with her hair.

"Oh, um. I'm just walking." Harry said, trying to get his heart rate to slow back to normal.

"No! Whatcha doin wi' dat?" She pointed at the almost complete bracelet in his hands.

"Oh, I'm making a bracelet. Would you like to have it when I'm finished?" Harry asked as he sat down on the beach so he wasn't towering over the tiny kid.

"Yes peez." She said with the widest smile Harry had seen in a while, it looked like her face might actually split in two if it got any bigger. Then she plopped down onto the sand as well and turned to face him sitting cross-legged. "You sound funny." She stated.

Harry gave a soft smile as he continued to work with the frond in his hand. "That's because I'm not from around here. I have what's called an accent."

"Assent. Where er you fum if no here?" The rapt attention the girl was giving Harry made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

"Well, have you ever heard of England?" The girl shook her head with wide eyes. "Okay, do you know how big this ocean is?" Harry asked, pointing out at the water.

"Mommy say it's hooomungus!" She emphasized her point by reaching her arms out as far as they could go. "And the Keen live over it."

Harry laughed. "Yeah, it is a pretty big sea, it's called the Atlantic Ocean, England is one of many countries on the other side. And your mum is right, the Queen lives on the other side; she also lives in England actually."

"Allantik." The girl said with a frown. "If you from Inglun do you know the Weeyn?"

Wow, Harry thought, She's really smart. There weren't many young kids who would put that together so quick. After all, the fact that he was from England was more than two sentences ago, and he hadn't actually said he was from there. Hey, maybe I can talk to her without wanted to rip my brain out. Harry thought, he had found out a few months ago that his patience with children was rather on the short end of things, he was fine with them for just under 15 minutes, then he just wanted to wring their necks.

"No, I don't know the Queen. See, England is really big, it has lots of different people there. The Queen is just one of many."

"Do the Kween sound lik you?" The girl asked.

"Well, kinda." Harry said as he wrapped the bracelet around the girl's wrist to check the size. "She has a similar accent but there's many different versions of the English accent. Hers is different than mine." He tied off the bracelet and right before he gave it to her, he put a preservation charm on it; now it wouldn't crumble and who knows? Maybe this little girl will remember that the Queen with an accent lives in England across the Atlantic.

"There you go, what do you think?" Harry asked as he slipped the bracelet on her hand, it was a bit big but she'd grow.

"Pweety!" The little girl jumped up, grabbed Harry's hand in a vice-like grip and started running down the beach. "Emli teach you to bwaid now."

Harry stumbled along behind the girl. Geeze, since when are kids so strong? And who the hell is Emily? That was how he found himself at the mercy of two six and ten year old girls being forced to learn how to braid cornrows. Turns out Emily was almost a carbon copy of Kelsey (the little girl), she had the same hair and the same eyes, she was just a bit taller. Emily was telling Harry what to do as he attempted to braid Kelsey's hair; it was quite amusing really, a ten year old was pointing and criticizing Harry's work while a six year old sat perfectly still (a miracle) and played 'doll'.

"Kelsey, Emily, you here?" A voice floated down to where Harry and the girls were sitting on the pier. A few minutes later a woman in her 40's appeared on the beach. "Oh." She said as she saw Harry.

Harry quickly put a pin in Kelsey's hair to hold down the unfinished braid, then he stood up to greet who he assumed was their mother. However, as soon as he approached her, he found himself facing a canister of pepper spray. "Ah, right." He put his hands up to show that he wasn't armed or anything like that.

"You have exactly ten seconds to tell me who you are and what you're doing with my daughters before you get a face full of pepper." The dark haired woman said in an extremely threatening way.

Harry's brain whipped into action. "I'm Harry Evans. I was walking down the beach working on a bracelet, met Kelsey, gave her the bracelet, and now Emily is teaching me how to braid–" He was cut off by Kelsey.

"Look Mommy! Look what Hawwy made me!" She stuck her wrist up at her mother, hitting the arm holding the pepper spray on the way. Next thing Harry knew, he was on the ground clutching his burning eyes.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" The mother cried, "Emily, run and get a bottle of water and some towels, Kelsey just...just...just sit and wait." The woman panicked, she had never actually sprayed anyone before and had no idea what to do or what it would do to him. The nozzle had been less than a foot from the guy's face and it was pointed directly at his eyes. "Oh god, what have I done?"

"It's okay." Harry choked out. "Not your fault, I'll live."

"Oh Emily, you're back good." Then she turned to Harry and tipped his face up so she could pour the water in his eyes. She gasped, most of his face was flushed and going a bit blotchy, but it was his eyes that were the worst; the skin around them was all puffed up and red, and the white of his eye was laced with red, tears were welling up and streaming down his face. It all looked ten times worse because it clashed dramatically with his brilliant green eyes. "Woah. You have really green eyes."

"Yeah, so I've been told." Harry said dryly, "But if you could pour that water into them, their greenness would greatly appreciate it."

After they fixed up his eyes, Harry spent a lovely day with the girls and their mother; whose name, Harry found out later, was Susan. He finished learning to braid and in turn taught the girls to weave. That evening, Harry helped them build a bonfire on the beach and they roasted marshmallows, it was then that things got interesting. Kelsey was carefully turning her marshmallow so that it would be perfectly brown all the way around when it accidentally caught on fire; she squeaked and tried to blow the sugar-blue flames out but instead of going out, they multiplied tenfold. She screamed, which caught her mother's attention.

"Kelsey! What are you doing?" Susan yelled.

"Mommy, it won go out! Make it shtop. Pweese make it shtop!" By now, it looked like Kelsey was carrying a blazing torch of brilliant blue flames. This was odd because even though sugar burns blue, the marshmallow had long since turned to ash, now there was just a ball of fire at the end of a stick.

"Wait!" Harry yelled. "Stop waving it around, let me see." He rushed over to where Kelsey and her mum were standing, panicking on the beach. It didn't take a genius to figure out that the fire was magical. So Harry just blew icy air on it and the flames froze.

The girls mother fainted and Kelsey stared wide-eyed at the ball of frozen flames on a stick; Emily on the other hand just grinned, which Harry noticed. "Emily," He said. "Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

The ten year old girl smiled at him, "It's so cool! I thought I was the only one who could do that!"

Harry blinked. "You can manipulate fire too?" He asked.

"Yeah, and I can make it whatever colour I want! I can make it blue and green but best of all, I can make it go purple!" Emily said excitedly. "I can also make a bunch of balls and throw them around, I don't even need to start with fire, I can make it grow in my hand!"

Kelsey glared at her sister. "You no tell me dat. Why you no tell me?"

Emily looked properly ashamed, "Because I didn't want you to be scared of me. You were so little, I didn't want to make you cry."

Harry looked between the girls, they were obviously magical but this didn't seem like ordinary accidental magic. "Is there anything else you can do?" Harry asked Emily, "And don't leave anything out, it is important that you tell me everything."

"I can make things fly!" Emily said proudly. "I can blow really strong, I can also make spinners, they're still pretty small but I can almost get them as tall as me now!"

That explained the sand spinners; she must have accidentally dribbled a bit of her personality into them, it would explain their sense of humour. It was a good thing their mother was still passed out on the ground because she would probably be having a coronary by now. Harry looked to see if Emily and Kelsey had a magical core, they did, but it wasn't like any he had seen before. Their cores were a swirling ball of colour, it looked to be light shades of blue and white with every shade of red imaginable mixed in. Harry was looking at an elemental, or at least a partial one; Emily seemed to have conscious control over fire and air. "What about water?" Harry asked, "Can you do anything with water?"

Emily looked at him like he was crazy, "No, water is mean, it doesn't like me. I tried to make it move like the air does but it just soaked me. I think it was laughing at me too."

"Well girls, it seems like you are Fire and Air Elementals."

Kelsey picked up the frozen flames, "Does dat meen dey won burn me?"

Yes, I was right, she's a smart one! Harry thought, then he answered, "Yes, it means that you can hold the fire and it won't hurt you. But you will have to learn how to control it otherwise you might burn someone else." He turned to Emily, "Do you have a special place you go when you play with fire?"

"Yes." The older girl replied. "There's a little cave down the beach that no one goes in cause they think it's haunted."

Kelsey looked frightened, "Deemun Cave?"

Emily smirked as only a ten year old with a secret could, "Yeah, but it's only been called Demon Cave for the last four years."

"Demon Cave?" Harry asked. "Would you please explain."

"It's called Demon Cave cause some people have seen my flames at night, and when I play with my spinners they make a whooshing noise that probably sounds really funny from outside the cave." Emily grimaced, "And there's also a whole lot of black marks on the walls from when I lost control of a few balls of fire...they don't looks very pretty."

Harry laughed, this was Florida's version of the Shrieking Shack! "So, you have a safe place to play with fire. You'll have to show it to me so I can put some wards around it, so no one wanders in by accident." He hoped that Muggle repelling wards wouldn't keep Elementals out, but he wouldn't know because he hadn't actually met an Elemental before. Sure, he had a few books about controlling and manipulating the elements but actual Elementals were rare and know for being quite secretive.

Kelsey frowned at Harry as if he was a puzzle. "How do you no 'bout the fire? An how did you shtop da fames?" She asked.

Harry sighed, the girl's intelligence was getting to be a little annoying. "Because I'm a bit like you guys. I'm what's known as a wizard, you gu –" He was cut off by Emily.

"A wizard? Like with a pointy hat and a wand and stuff?"

"Well, kinda. I do have a wand and some wizards have pointy hats but I'm not too fond of them."

Emily started jumping up and down looking really excited, "Do we get wands too? Please! I really want a wand! Then I can go and point it at people and say 'Stop! Or I'll turn you into a frog!' Oh please can I have a wand?"

Harry laughed, "Well, I don't think you guys will be able to use a wand, I think your magic is different. But if you my wand and it makes any sort of sparks, then it means you can get your own."

"Yay!" Kelsey clapped her hands. "Can I tri too? Pweese!"

"Yes, you can try too, here." Harry dropped his wand out of it's holder on his wrist and handed it to Emily who held it carefully.

Emily frowned, nothing was happening; she waved the wand around a bit. Nothing. "Awe man! I really wanted a wand." Then she handed the wand to her little sister and the result was the same.

"I thought so." Harry mumbled as he put his wand away.

"What did you think?" Emily asked.

"I think you two are what are called 'Elementals'. You control the elements, but aren't wizards. His comment was followed by two almost identical frowns. "It means that you can do basically anything with fire and air but can't do anything else."

"Oh." Kelsey pouted. "But I can't do da air ting lik Emli can."

Harry pulled the little girl into a hug, "I'm sure it will come, I looked inside you both and you have the same magic. Just ask Emily, maybe the air thing will come later." He looked to Emily for confirmation.

Emily nodded so hard it looked like her head might fall off. "Yeah Kelsey, don't be sad. I didn't find out about the spinners until I was eight. You're only six, just wait a few years."

Kelsey pouted some more, no kid likes to be told they need to wait till they're older for something fun to happen, it was a universal truth. "Fine."

"Even though you're not an Elemenwhatsit can you show us how to do cool things like what you did to the blue flames?" Emily asked.

"Well, I don't actually know much about Elementals but I have a few books that might be helpful. Do you know how to read?" Emily propped her hands on her hips and glared at him until he remembered their ages. "Oh, right. Yeah, of course you know how to read." Harry looked around in the dark for a minute, wondering if it would be safe to summon his pack from all the way down here. "Girls, does anyone else live around here?" He asked the sisters.

Emily looked at him suspiciously, "Well, there's an old couple who lives about a twenty minute walk down there." She pointed in the opposite direction from where Harry's tent was pitched.

Harry grinned, he had figured out a while ago that if he summoned his pack while the tent was still up, it would just put itself away; quite convenient really. He could have just summoned it wandlessly and wordlessly but he figured the girls would like to see a bit of magic up close, so he pulled out his wand and said clearly "Accio Travelers Pack." The girls gasped as his pack came hurtling down the beach and landed neatly in his lap.

"Oh my god that was so cool!" Emily squealed.

Kelsey giggled. "You say bad wurd."

"Yeah, what are you going to do? Tell mom?"

"Hey, girls, calm down there. Emily, please don't use bad words, Kelsey, its not your responsibility to watch what your sister says."

"Okay, Harry. But only 'cause you're cool." Emily said with a grin.

"Yeah! You coooool!" Kelsey chimed in enthusiastically.

"Can you teach us to do that?" Emily wanted to know. "I wanna learn how to make things fly to me! It's the awesomest thing ever!"

Harry probably shouldn't have felt so honoured that two young girls thought he was cool, but he did, he gave them a brilliant smile. "Well, I'm glad you think it's cool but you probably can't do it the way I did. You'd have to be a wizard for it to work my way." Harry saw the really sad looks on the girls' faces and a thought came to him, "However, you might be able to do something kinda like it, you'll just have to ask the air." The squeals of joy from the girls were enough to finally wake their mother up.

"Huh? What?" The girls' mother muttered as she slowly sat up and tried to get her bearings. "What are you two yelling about? You're giving me more of a headache than..." Susan trailed off as she remembered why she had fainted in the first place. "Oh." She said with a blink.

"Yeah..." Harry said a bit awkwardly. "Um, I think we should talk."

Susan looked a bit green but nodded shakily. "Girls," She said, "Why don't you go and get ready for bed, I need to talk with Harry."

"But mommy! I no tired!" Kelsey protested.

Emily, being the smart ten year old that she was, figured out that they would have to go sooner rather than later and that they sooner they went to bed, the sooner they could get up. So, she grabbed her sister's hand, "Come on, Kelsey. I'll let you wear my special Pjs." Apparently this was a good enough motivation for the six year old because she leaped to her feet and raced to the house.

"Thank you, Emily." Susan said to her daughter, "I'll let you choose the ice cream next time we got out."

Harry stifled a laugh, apparently there was an ulterior motive in Emily's offer to her sister.

Emily grinned as she followed her sister into the house.

"Now," Susan said as she turned back to Harry. "Tell me what the hell is going on." Even though she had regained her composure, her eyes kept darting to the ball of frozen flames still sitting on the sand. Harry noticed where she was looking.

"Would you like me to get rid of that?" He asked, pointing at the blue fire.

"No, not really." Susan said, "I think it will help me believe what ever explanation you give. Evidence is always good, especially if your six year old daughter produced it right in front of you."

With a grin Harry settled himself into a much more comfortable position. "So, where would you like me to start?" He asked.

"Well, um..." To be honest, Susan really didn't know where she wanted the man to start, it was all just so complicated and unexpected. "I have no clue."

Harry had expected as much, "Well, how about we start with the basics. Magic is real."

"I think I figured that much out on my own thanks." Susan said sarcastically. "How else would my daughter have kept a marshmallow burning for over a minute and then have some strange man freeze it. That is what you did, right?"

Harry smiled, maybe this wouldn't be that hard after all. "Okay, I'm glad you accept the magic part, that usually takes forever to come to grips with. I've heard of people denying it even when someone goes and starts charms rocks to run around as dogs."

"What!" Susan yelled, "You can make rocks run?"

"Oh, um...yeah." Harry grimaced a bit, "Do you want to see?"

All of a sudden, Susan didn't act like the adult which she was, instead she became like a child again. "Oh my god, yes!" She said excitedly, he eyes growing wide.

Hmm, maybe that's why she accepted so quickly, she's a child at heart. I wish more people were like that. Harry thought as he transfigured a couple of pebbles into multicoloured poodles, then he made them run around chasing each others' tails.

"Okay, wow. I'm definitely on board with this whole magic thing. Now, can you please explain my daughter?" Susan asked when the poodles had faded away leaving just rocks behind.

"Of course. First, it's daughters, as in both of them; Emily has apparently had this whole thing figured out for years and has been hiding it. Second, what they can do is slightly different from what I did. Okay, well, it's very different, but that's not the point. The point is, your daughters are magical."

"Okay, so they can do magic...what sort of magic, if it's not what you did?"

"And there in lies the difference. They are magical, they can't do magic." Harry said, as he desperately tried to remember all he had read in his Elementals book.

"That doesn't make any sense." Susan said simply, you're going to have to find a better way to explain it.

"Um, well, I think they are what we call 'Natural Elementals', they can control the elements without using any outside forces. I guess you could say that their magic isn't tangible or measurable, it just is. Oh Merlin, how do I put this? Um. It's as if their magic is connected to nature and the elements, it's like, um, like because their magic is like the element it's kinda shared? Okay no, that's a bad way to put it. Hold on, let me think about this for a moment; it's not like there's a lot of Elementals running around, they're kinda rare."

Susan looked at Harry as if he had gone mad, "You do realise you're just confusing me, right?"

Harry frowned, why couldn't this be easier to explain? "Okay, here we go. Emily and Kelsey can manipulate fire and air, they can't create either of them, they can use them. They are a channel of sorts, they can become one with the element and make it do what they want. Does that make sense?"

"Basically, my daughters can play with fire?" Susan said.

"Uh, I suppose you could put it that way, yeah." That really was quite a simple way of putting things, nice and easy to understand.

"And it won't burn them?"

"It shouldn't."

"Interesting. So, if they're Elementals, what are you?" Susan asked.

"Oh, I'm just a wizard." Harry replied with a shrug. "I can do magic."

"Just a wizard? You say that like it's not special at all." Susan said blandly. "Really, I know my girls might be really strange and new to you, but this is all strange and new to me."

"Right. Sorry." Harry apologised. "I'm just used to myself, funny that. Anyway, I don't know a whole lot about Elementals but I have a few books that might help you and the girls. I can make you a few copies so it one gets lost or somehow manages to get lit on fire you have a back up or three. I will be putting a few spells on them to hopefully make them indestructible but like I said, I don't know a lot about Elemental Magic, it might be perfectly capable of burning right through my spells."

"Wow." Susan said. "This is all real, isn't it?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Afraid, why? It might be a shock, but this is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, I think it's great!" Susan said emphatically.

Harry grinned, his life would have been so much more difficult if Susan had been against this, or even worse, afraid of it. "I am seriously glad you think that. Now, I'll just find those books." He grabbed his pack and pulled out the box through which he could access his first bookcase. "Oh darn, I have them in another book case." He looked at Susan, "Would you like to see something else my kind of magic can do? I'm only offering because the girls aren't here. As Elementals, they won't be able to do things like this, their type of magic allows them to manipulate elements, not magic."

Susan grinned, "Oh yes. I would love to, and I promise I won't tell Emily and Kelsey. I don't wouldn't want them to be disappointed."

Harry returned the book box to his pack and pulled out the tent. He laid it down on a relatively flat patch of sand, not that it really mattered, and opened it up with a wave of his hand. He pulled back a flap and grandly gestured Susan inside. "Welcome to my home."

"Oh my god." Susan said quietly, the inside was huge and shaped like a hexagon! Then she raced out and ran around the whole tent, the whole small tent. She poked her head in the entrance, "It's bigger on the inside!"

With a grin Harry replied, "Is it? I hadn't noticed!" He received a glare in return, which he ignored as he walked over to his study area. He went straight to the bottom of the second bookcase and pulled out a massive book titled "An Encyclopedia of Magic: D – F", then he rummaged through the third bookcase and pulled out three smaller ones. He placed the smaller books on the coffee table (it was one of the only semi-clear surfaces in the entire tent) and carefully copied each of them. Then he flipped through the encyclopedia and copied a few pages which he then bound together. Harry turned around and found that Susan had disappeared.

"Susan?" Harry called. "Where'd you go?"

Susan poked her head through a beaded curtain, which she soon found to be hiding the entrance to the bathroom. Upon entering the tent, she had noticed that there weren't any walls, there were only cloth drapes, any entrance to another part of the tent, that she had seen, had been a beaded curtain. The same was true for the bathroom only the curtain led to an area which could only be described as an atrium, the actual doorway was cleverly obscured by the curtains. She had also noticed that everything in the tent was angled just right to allow for a minimal number of walls, it created some unusual shapes, but they looked good. Susan was a little ashamed (but not too much) to say that she looked through the other door in the bathroom; it was also a solid door like the one she had come in through, but it led to a small room with storage cupboards off to one side and another curtain – this one made of a silky cloth with a split up the middle – through which lay the bedroom. She had, rather rudely now that she thought about it, pushed aside yet another curtain and found a massive walk-in closet, the cupboards were arranged at angles which allowed for there not to be a single solid wall visible from the rest of the room, it was ingenious! She looked around the bedroom, absently noting that it wasn't exactly the tidiest of rooms – had it been one of her daughters' rooms she would have made them clean it right then – but it had an open, airy feel to it. Every bit of the wall of the tent was either covered in a plain coloured cloth or some sort of tapestry or piece of art, it was obvious that Harry had been collecting them and planned on continuing to do so for quite some time. Susan also noted that the one place where a wall would be appropriate – sort of behind the bed, separating it from what was obviously the main area of the tent – was instead occupied by what looked to be a thick piece of heavy cloth. Everywhere she looked there were little cupboards, tables, or bookcases to fill in the odd angles of the tent. The main entrance to the bedroom was once again, a curtain. The one thought – other than I probably shouldn't be looking through a strange man's bedroom – that ran through her head was, I want one.

When Susan heard Harry call for her she quickly retreated through the bathroom and back out into the main area of the tent. "Sorry," She said. "I couldn't help it, the curtain was there and I looked through and –" Harry cut her off.

"Susan, it's all right, I can give you a tour if you'd like. All you had to do was ask."

Susan blushed and looked at the floor; she, a 40 year old mother, had been acting like an over excited child while this young man, who couldn't possibly be more than 20, was taking on the role of a calm father or teacher. "Right, sorry. Um, the books?" She asked.

"Yes, I found four. It isn't much to go on but like I said, Elementals are rare." Harry pointed to the pile of books on the coffee table and then asked, "Would you like me to show you around now?"

Not wanting to admit that she had already seen most of the tent, Susan agreed. Harry happily showed her the kitchen, the living room, his study/desk area and then his room. "Oh," Harry said, noticing the mess, he waved his hand and everything put itself in something that might have been, with a bit of imagination, a semblance of order. "Hmm, I think I need to work on that. Tidying spells aren't exactly my forte, as you might have noticed. Anyway, this is my room, you can see the smaller wardrobe over here, and there at the back is my closet. I'm rather embarrassed to say that it is extremely large, however, it is nowhere near full. Yet. See, I'm traveling and the man who created this tent for me correctly guessed that I would be acquiring quite an eclectic collection of clothing along the way, so he gave me a large closet. Right, moving on, through this curtain is my storage area, once again, nowhere near full but it will be, and that there, is the door to the bathroom, I believe you already saw it."

"Wow." Susan said, impressed even though she'd seen it all moments ago. "Well, as fun as this all is, I am falling asleep on my feet so I'm going to have to call it a day. Will you be around tomorrow? I'm sure the girls would love to spend a bit more time with you."

Harry smiled, "Of course. In fact, if you don't mind, I can set up my tent in your yard."

Susan blinked, she had forgotten they were in a tent. "Oh. Sure, but I'm afraid you'll have to show the girls around in here in the morning."

"That's fine, hopefully I will have figured out a nice way to break it to them that they won't be able to do this sort of thing." Harry said as Susan picked up her books and they walked out of the tent. Before Harry collapsed it to take it up the beach, Susan walked around the tent one more time.

"It's amazing that all that can fit inside such a small thing. It's like magic!" She said with a laugh.

Harry spent the next few days working with Emily and Kelsey on controlling their magic, but he couldn't teach them much. Probably the most helpful thing he taught them was meditation and occulmency, this allowed them to find their core, order their thoughts and keep a grip on their emotions. All the books agreed on the fact that at first, a lot of Elemental magic was driven by emotions, and the last thing anyone needed was a Fire Elemental to get angry and start a blaze or an Air Elemental to create a tornado – which could possibly turn into a hurricane out here. Then, as it neared the end of November, Harry felt a tug in his heart, something was calling him out to the Atlantic. He looked at his ocean charts and saw that something seemed to be calling him to Bermuda. Well, there are worse places to be called to. He thought to himself.

The next morning, Harry said goodbye to Susan, Emily and Kelsey. Kelsey and Emily were upset that he was leaving but their mother had explained that he was a traveler, that people like Harry didn't stay in one place for very long. Harry wove a tiny intricate knot out of shrunken palm fronds as a parting gift for all of them, attached each one to a thin strip of leather and placed the strongest preservation and anti-destruction charms he could on them – this meant that they would probably survive a meteor impact a thousand years in the future. Then he pulled out his boat and sailed off into the sunrise.

Harry didn't know it then, but Emily and Kelsey grew up to be two of the most powerful Elementals in existence, they lived and worked as one for the rest of their lives and together they were known as the Fire Storm. At the ages of 22 and 18, when their mother married the second love of her life, the sisters set out to explore the world, following in the footsteps of the traveling man who braided their hair and showed them magic. They each had one child, both girls, and when their daughters started showing signs of magic, the sisters passed down their necklaces. It became an tradition, each daughter only had one child, always a girl, and every single one of them was either an air or fire Elemental. Some were known to the world and some hid away, but hundreds of years later the necklaces were still being passed from mother to daughter, all thanks to one lonesome traveler.

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