I sat on my bed looking outside at my awful family. Madge, Aunt Effie (I don't know how she was named that-she's definetly not joyful) and Uncle Haymitch. The three people who were my "next of kin". I don't understand why I needed next of kin, it's just that something happened to my parents and I've never met them. I've lived with these people for eleven years to my understanding. I've remembered every single word that they've spoken to me. Actually, not spoken...screamed to me. Not that I was deaf though, I had an acceptional gift of hearing. It was because they treated me like a second citizen. Not one of them. I'm guessing that they were mad at my parents. I don't really know that far into history.

Madge was sitting on the swing by the creek and Aunt Effie and Uncle Haymitch were happily enjoying some martinis on the back porch. Just like they do every night. And during that time, they send me to my room and I have to watch them enjoy themselves.

I was stewing about the previous arguement that they had screamed to me about. I was too slow and they thought that I was unwilling to do the work. They thought that I was too selfish and not thankful for them taking me into their loving home.

What's so loving abou this home? Watching them love each other and not me?

I'll never know the reason to this placement in this home, but I do hope to find out.

Then it hit me. Today's the day when I'm meant to search this answer and to leave the birds' nest.

I quickly closed my curtains and grabbed my flashlight. I switched off my battery operated lamp (since Uncle Haymitch never thought of adding electricity to the attic) and pushed my flashlight to the "on" button. Everything lit up. I ran to my closet and found an old suitcase that was like from the early 1900s. I pulled that out and lugged it onto my steel bed. I then yanked out all my clothes that I had found at the Second-Hand store in town and shoved them in the old luggage bag. I then stripped my bedding (that's one thing that Aunt Effie had taught meā€•never leave a guest place untidy with your linens on it) and shoved that in my suitcase. Afterwords, I locked up my suitcase and with a knit sweater which I actually knitted (another thing thanks to Aunt Effie) on my back and with my suitcase in one hand and the flashlights in the other, I tiptoed down the rikety stairs (which is another thing that Uncle Haymitch never thought of fixing-and I don't even think it crossed his mind at all) and snuck out the front door.

As I placed one foot on the wooden front porch and ran off, trying to escape the awful torture house. When I was sure that none of them would see me, I began to slow down and caught my breath which had nearly slipped through my nostrals.

I walked a little bit farther and then saw the train which would take me away to a safe haven, somewhere in the world, even though I didn't know where that was.

When I got there, I headed to the line where all the passengers were. When it was my turn, I just snuck past. Unfortunately, the ticket master saw me.

"Excuse me! Stop right there. What do you think you're doing young lady?" the ticket master said.

"Um, I'm boarding the train." I replied, gripping the handrail on my right.

"Where is your parent or guardian? I can't let you on here without a parent." the ticket master spoke.

"Um..." I gulped. I hadn't thought about that.

"Sorry, I can't let you go on. Go home."

I looked up at the ticket master once more and then spun around and headed off the train. I crossed the street without looking since no cars are allowed in the train station and stopped. I can't go back home. It's impossible. I would never be able to live with the shame that Aunt Effie lived for when they heard my story on why I snuck off.

That's when I thought of it. I'm heading to town.

I walked in the bushes so that no one would see me if the Peacekeepers were to be called by Aunt Effie. But then I remembered that Aunt Effie would be so happy that there was a burden lifted from her.

Finally I reached town and looked for a place for me to stay. Unfortunately Police were patrolling the area so they would take me into custody if I was found sleeping on the street. So I went to the Hob, thinking that they would let me stay there.

I walked up to the Greasy Sae's kiosk and rang the bell. I waited a minute and then heard movement.

Greasy Sae came out to greet me, "Katniss, how can I help you?" she asked.

"Um...I don't have any place to live. Could I stay here?" I asked timidly.

"Well, I'm sorry, but you can't stay here. You have to go back home. Does your family know you're out at this hour, by yourself!" asked Greasy Sae, not knowing the story of my life.

"Well, no."

"Come on. Let's call your family."

I solemnly followed. So there's my chance. And it's over. I guess I'll have to live in this torture place for a bit longer.

The nun pressured me into telling her the phone number and she called Aunt Effie. When she found out, she screamed and started getting angry. And then Uncle Haymitch and Aunt Effie drove all the way into town with Madge who was working on her homework. They apologized to the nun for any disturbance that I created and then scolded me in the car. My cheeks were red with embarrassment. I didn't dare to look at their faces.

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