Hey Guys, I'm back! This is my second chapter fic, and I'm excited about it. The starring characters are once again Hikaru and Kaoru. I think we're in for fun time with this one haha, hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: This is a Genderbender (i.e there is a character that changes sexes in it).

Synopsis/Description: Kaoru wakes up one morning to find he has turned into a girl. At first he is clueless in the ways of the female, and attempts to hide his secret from the other hosts. But as we all know, nothing stays secret in the host club for long; as time goes on and he gets accustomed to his new gender, he makes a startling discovery – he just might feel more comfortable being a girl than he ever did being a boy.

Pretty Boy
(Now Available in both Genders)

Chapter 1 - The Disturbing Discovery

Kaoru cracked his eyes open and groaned. The sun streaming through the bedroom windows signified the start of another day, another day that Kaoru wished he could just skip so he could stay in his nice warm bed. He was more sensible than that though; so begrudgingly he forced himself to sit up, throw the covers to the side and jump out of bed to head to the bathroom. Kaoru didn't think about much when he went about his morning routine, only that he would have to wake Hikaru up yet again because he was always still fast asleep even after Kaoru had gotten himself washed, dressed and fed. Personally, the younger twin thought it was remarkable that his brother could stay asleep when he was thumping around, going about getting ready for school right next to him. It was just one of those legit unexplainable mysteries.

Making his way into the bathroom and walking up to the toilet, Kaoru yawned yet again and stretched before grabbing the waistband of his pants and sliding them down. His eyes widened to the size of saucepans when he went to grab his manhood but his hands clasped around thin-air. Looking down, his jaw dropped when he saw to his horror that there was no longer a penis hanging there, but a smooth, totally flat patch of skin where it used to be. A tuft of auburn pubic hair was still present, but that was it. His mind almost shut down then and there. His penis was gone. What had happened last night? Had some twisted wizard broken into his and Hikaru's bedroom and cast a spell on him while he was sleeping? Had somebody drugged him and performed a sex change operation on him while he was unconscious? Was this someone's idea of a sick joke? He couldn't decide if he was more freaked about loosing his penis or the thought of people doing strange things to him while he was unawares. Either way, he no longer had a primary male appendage. It had just disappeared, his little man had gone walkabout without so much as a goodbye! And what's more, it had been replaced with a desolate patch nothing; or had it? Kaoru decided he had to investigate; he had to know if there was anything there at all. Moving the hand that had frozen after not finding what it was supposed to, he reached down and felt around in between his legs. He discovered what distinctly felt like two flaps of skin, in between which was warm and wet. There seemed to be a little lump of flesh in between the flaps as well. Wait a minute – flaps? Warm and wet? Lump of flesh? Oh my kami-sama, he had a vagina. He had a real, female vagina. Complete with labia and a clitoris. And oh my god, he knew the technical names for them – damn you compulsory sex education classes! He shouldn't be able to name lady parts! This was not normal. Penises did not just disappear to get replaced with vaginas. If he didn't know any better, it was like he was in one of those bad genderbender fanfictions. It was all he could do to let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Hikaru startled awake as the shriek rang throughout the room and probably the rest of the mansion from his and Kaoru's en suite bathroom. He could tell it was Kaoru from the pitch of it. Hikaru had said it before and he would say it again, no guy should have such a high-pitched scream; Kaoru sounded more like a girl than girls did. The younger twin didn't usually scream in the mornings though, so Hikaru was automatically concerned. Jumping out of bed, he raced across the room and into the open doorway of the bathroom, only to halt in his tracks when he saw his brother standing stock-still in front of the toilet with his pants around his shins.

"Uh, what's wrong Kaoru?" Hikaru asked awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. This situation was just slightly uncomfortable.

Kaoru turned his head to look back over his shoulder at Hikaru, and whispered something incoherent. Hikaru stuck a finger in his ear to make sure there was nothing clogging his ear canal before responding, "Sorry Kao, I didn't catch that."

This time Kaoru spoke loud enough for Hikaru to hear, "I HAVE A VAGINA!" he yelped in his high-pitched voice yet again.

Hikaru couldn't help but think that with a voice that could go up to that octave, he wouldn't be surprised if Kaoru had a vagina. "I'm not sure I follow," He stated bluntly. If Kaoru was trying to play a practical joke on him he wasn't doing a very good job, in fact he was doing a really bad job. It wasn't convincing in the least.

Kaoru scowled and threw his arms up in the air, "WHAT'S THERE TO FOLLOW? I JUST TOLD YOU I HAVE A VAGINA!"

Hikaru smirked, "You really expect me to believe that? Come on Kaoru, Haruhi could do a better job of lying than this!"

Kaoru huffed, "I'M NOT LYING!" It seemed there was only one way to prove to his brother that he was telling the truth. So without further ado, he turned around so that he was visible to his twin and fixed him with an irritated glare.

As Kaoru turned around, Hikaru's eyes were immediately drawn to his brother's, or should he now say sister's crotch. Where there should have been a penis and a set of testicles, there was now a flat patch of skin with nothing but some pubic hair to cover it. Hikaru peeled his eyes away from his brother's pubic area and refocused them on Kaoru's annoyed face, "Uh, Kaoru," He started disbelievingly, "You have a vagina."

Kaoru raised an eyebrow, "Really? I hadn't noticed." He bit back sarcastically.

"How did it happen?" Hikaru asked, very weirded out by the whole thing.

Kaoru ran a hand through his hair anxiously, "I don't know. I just woke up and went to go to the toilet, and discovered this!" He indicated to his new genitalia.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds, then, "Wait a minute!" Hikaru's eyes suddenly widened and he quickly pulled back the waistband of his own pyjama pants to check himself. He felt a wave of relief wash over him when he spotted his little man still there and perfectly intact. Letting his waistband snap back into place, he looked back up at Kaoru, "Thank kami-sama, I still have a penis."

"Good for you," Kaoru shot back deadpan, "But what the hell am I supposed to do?"

Hikaru lifted a hand to his chin in thought and then stepped forward. Reaching his hands out he started to feel Kaoru's chest. Kaoru's eyes shot open as his brother's hands wondered over his torso, which was thankfully covered by his pyjama shirt. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He yelped, trying to swat Hikaru's hands away.

"I'm checking to see if you have breasts as well," Hikaru explained, pulling his hands away from his brothers flailing arms, "You do by the way, but they're very small. My suggestion is you just do what Haruhi's been doing; keep wearing the boys uniform and nobody will know the difference. Well, except you and me."

Kaoru lifted a hand to his chest to feel two lumps that were slightly softer and larger than his chest should have been. Hikaru was telling the truth; he indeed had a set of small breasts to go with his vagina. This was too surreal. "I HAVE BOOBS TOO?" He yelped, "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?"

Hikaru's jaw dropped. Kaoru never swore, ever. In fact, he was pretty sure the worst word Kaoru had ever used was 'shit'. Hearing him openly cuss like this meant that he was really freaking out. Then again, Hikaru had to admit that if he woke up with a vagina he wouldn't be calm about it either. Poor Kaoru. "Don't worry Kao, everything will be okay," Hikaru soothed, trying to calm his brother down.

"How am I supposed to calm down? I HAVE BOOBS ANDA VAGINA!" Kaoru roared, tugging at his hair in hysteria.

"THEY CAN BE HIDDEN!" Hikaru yelled back, restating his earlier suggestion, "you can keep wearing the boys uniform until we figure out what to do. Ninety- nine per cent of the people at our school are retards, they haven't even suspectedHaruhi of being a girl yet. You'll be fine if you just calm down and don't scream it out so the whole world can hear!"

Kaoru let go of his hair and nodded, "You're right, you're right," He looked up at Hikaru seriously, "You can't tell anybody about this, alright?"

Hikaru placed his hand over his heart, "I promise I will not tell a soul."

The younger twin looked down and groaned, "I just realized, I don't have a crop-top or a bra or anything…"

"We'll go and find one of mum's, her boobs aren't that big. I'm sure we'll find one that will fit you well enough for now until we can go out and buy you one that fits you properly," Hikaru said.

Kaoru nodded. "How have you been so calm about this?" He suddenly asked Hikaru, cocking his head to the side in incredulity.

Hikaru shrugged, "You've always kind of been a bit of a girl," he laughed, "Plus, I'm not the one with the vagina,"

Kaoru growled and clenched his fists, "I am not a girl!"

Hikaru crossed his arms over his chest and shot Kaoru a smug smile, "You have a vagina and breasts. You're a girl."

Kaoru shook his head, "If I'm a girl, then why is the authoress still referring to me as a he?"

Hikaru raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

Kaoru slapped hand to her forehead, "The autho- you know what, never mind. I guess I'm officially a she now then."

Hikaru nodded, "We should start getting ready for school, or we're going to be late."

"First we have to sneak into mum's wardrobe to find a crop top or something. Oh yeah, you're coming with me." Kaoru smirked when she saw her brother cringe.

"Aww, really?" Hikaru whined, "How are we supposed to explain it to mum if we get caught?"

Kaoru shrugged, "We'll figure it out when it comes to that."

Hikaru rolled his eyes and turned to walk out of the bathroom. It was then that Kaoru finally realized she still had her pants down, and quickly pulled them back up again with a blush. Both twins walked out of the bathroom together, through their bedroom and into the hall. Looking left and right, they decided the coast was clear and turned left to head to their mothers room. She had an entire room dedicated to her wardrobe, but what else would you expect from a fashion designer?

"She must keep her bra's in one of the drawers of her tallboys or something," Hikaru muttered as they came to the door of their mother's 'wardrobe room'.

Kaoru nodded once, "If they're not in there then we'll just have to search until we find them."

The twins opened the door and instantly pressed their backs to the walls beside it; they listened for a while to make sure their mother wasn't inside, before carefully peeling themselves away from the walls and walking in. Every corner of the room was filled with chests of drawers, clothes racks, accessory tables, shelves of shoe racks and display cases for jewellery. The twins went straight to the chests of drawers and began opening them to see what they contained. The last time they had been in there was when they were six and had been playing dress-up with their mum's clothes. Needless to say, they could no longer remember where anything was.

"Kami-sama, mum has a lot of crap…" Hikaru muttered as he and Kaoru searched through drawers.

Kaoru whacked Hikaru over the head, "It's not crap! Do you have any idea how much it takes to look as good as she does? She doesn't just wake up like that you know."

Hikaru rubbed the back of his head as he closed a drawer. "Do you have any idea how much you sound like a girl right now?" he retorted, earning himself another whack upside the head.

"I thought we had already established this," Kaoru ground out, "I am a girl!"

"A few minutes ago you were pretty certain you weren't," Hikaru mumbled.

Kaoru growled and ripped open another drawer, "You're so lucky I love you,"

Hikaru smiled and ruffled Kaoru's hair as she rummaged through the drawer, "I know I am."

"I found them!" Kaoru suddenly grinned, pulling out a pile of bras, "What size do you think I am?"

"You're definitely not any bigger than a B-cup, if you're even that. So we're looking for something small," Hikaru elucidated, picking up a pink bra and shaking his head. "Way too big,"

Kaoru picked up a black bra, "How about this one, it looks okay,"

Hikaru looked up and almost had a nosebleed; the bra Kaoru was holding up was adorned with frills, and lace, and was almost transparent. "Too frilly," He managed to grind out before he turned away.

Kaoru frowned and replaced the bra before picking up a plain white crop top. Finding the tag, she looked at the size to find it was an A cup. "What about this, it's plain and practical," she commented holding it up to Hikaru.

Hikaru turned and nodded, "That's good enough for now. We really have to get dressed, you're usually ready by now and waking me up! Plus, I'm starting feel like a pervert going through mums lingerie."

Kaoru rolled her eyes and nodded. Picking up the other bras that Hikaru had carelessly tossed onto the floor in their search, she put them back in the drawer, making sure to keep the one she had chosen, and beckoned Hikaru to follow her back to their room. When they got there, they went to their own wardrobe and pulled out their uniforms. Hikaru walked over to his bed and began to strip, Kaoru followed suite and walked over to her bed to do the same, however, as she was unbuttoning her pyjama shirt Hikaru's voice interrupted her.

"What are you doing?" He asked, looking at her strangely.

Kaoru blinked and glanced to the sides before fixing her gaze back on her brother, "I'm changing," she stated, confused at Hikaru's question.

"You can't change in here! Go into the bathroom," Hikaru instructed.

Kaoru frowned and put her hands on her hips, "Why can't I change here? I do it every day!"

Hikaru sighed, "You were a boy then, it's different. We both had the same parts so we had seen it all before, and it didn't matter; but now you're a girl, it's inappropriate."

Oh, so that was it. Kaoru's face fell, and she nodded in understanding, "I see. I guess you're right, although I don't really care. But if you insist," turning around she picked up her uniform off the bed and went into the bathroom to change. Hikaru watched after her solemnly before turning back to his own task of getting dressed.

It was only the beginning of Kaoru's conundrum but both twins could feel the sting of change. They always did everything together, even changing. It was a tribute to the strength of their relationship that they felt so comfortable around each other, and now that comfort had been quashed. It appeared that it was only a matter of time before they would find that they had to alter other things in their routine to accommodate for Kaoru's problem. For instance, what would happen when they had to change into costumes at the Host Club? Hikaru and Kaoru had always gone into the change rooms together, but now that would have to change. And when they had to go to the toilet, Kaoru wouldn't be able to go into the boy's room anymore. And what about when they went to the beach? Kaoru would have to wear a hoodie like Haruhi! This was wrong, so wrong. Hikaru and Kaoru were supposed to be identical; and while they still looked the same, they now had a major difference. Additionally, Kaoru had no idea how long this would last, or if it would ever change at all.

After Kaoru had slipped into her pants, she pulled off her pyjama shirt and nervously picked up the crop-top. She wasn't game enough to actually view her breasts yet; she feared it would be too much for her. Looking at the crop top it seemed pretty straight forward to put on, but as both twins had found out from their experience in the fashion world, women's clothes tended to be quite deceiving; that is, they looked simple, but had straps, and zips, and clips, and a number of other tricky things concealed in them, seemingly just to make putting them on as difficult as possible. From what Kaoru could see though, there were none of those things apparent on this piece, just good old elastic. So tentatively, Kaoru slipped the crop top over her head and stuck her arms through, then pulled it down so it covered her breasts. It didn't feel quite right though, and that's when Kaoru remembered something from when she was little and had been in the room with her mother when she was changing; after her mother had put on her bra, she had stuck her hands into it and had started moving her breasts around. Kaoru now realized that she must have been moving her breasts into position, so the bra wasn't just squishing them. So, carefully she stuck her hands into her crop top and grabbed one of her breasts, and started moving it around until it sat comfortably in position, then she did the same with the other. The feeling of fondling breasts for the first time was quite strange for Kaoru, and the fact that they were her own just made it even weirder.

After she finally felt comfortable, she slipped on her school shirt, walked to the mirror and commenced styling her hair. As she gelled up her auburn locks, she couldn't help but notice slight differences in her face; like her features being softer and her jaw being slightly more rounded. She looked feminine, and dare she say it, it suited her.

A knock on the door ripped Kaoru out of her thoughts and a familiar voice greeted her, "Hey Kaoru, can I come in yet?" Hikaru asked through the door.

"Yeah, I'm done. Come on in," Kaoru replied as she put the finishing touches on her hair.

The bathroom door opened behind her and Hikaru walked in. Yawning, he walked up to the sink and grabbed his toothbrush, "I looked at the time, it's almost eight." He commented as he squirted some toothpaste onto the brush.

"We'll be on time, and if we're not, we'll just pretend we were," Kaoru responded picking up her own toothbrush. The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of brushing and gargling as the twins effectively scrubbed their mouths out. After that the twins went about finishing off the last of their morning routine before making the joint decision to skip breakfast and head to school.

Kaoru fixed her tie and slipped on her blazer as Hikaru did the same, "This should be interesting," Kaoru muttered as they picked up their schoolbags and headed out of their room to go downstairs.

Hikaru smirked, "Only if you decide to make it interesting, sis."

Kaoru blushed and averted her eyes to the ground. It would take a while to get used to Hikaru calling her sis rather than bro. She still didn't understand how she had accepted things so quickly, she felt like she should have still been running around the house freaking out. She supposed it was because Hikaru had calmed her down by being the voice of reason, for once. "You know," Kaoru remarked, lifting her head again, "I can't help but feel like I've forgotten something,"

"I'm sure you'll remember sooner or later." Hikaru answered, fixing the arm cuff of his shirt as they walked.

The twins got halfway down the stairs before Kaoru stopped abruptly and then ran the rest of the way down, leaving a discombobulated Hikaru behind. "Where are you going?" He shouted down to his sister who was now way ahead of him.

"I just remembered what I forgot to do!" Kaoru shouted back, never slowing her pace, "I really have to pee!"

Hikaru pouted and walked the rest of the way down the stairs, watching as his sister located a toilet and almost dove through the door into it, "Figures," he muttered as he made his way down the hall, "She never really did get a chance to go to the toilet."

To Be Continued...