Malora—A Forbidden Love

Aurora's POV

My name is Briar Rose. Or at least that's what Aunt Merryweather, Aunt Flora, and Aunt Fauna all call me. They won't tell me why though. Or let me go into any towns. Or let me talk to anyone. They say it's dangerous. But how I am supposed to meet anyone if I'm not allowed to talk to anyone! Well, actually, I have met someone—in my dreams—my love—a beautiful, green-skinned, horned woman aka Maleficent, who apparently hates me.

"Rose! Time to get up!" Aunt Fauna called.

I groaned and got obediently out of bed. It was my sixteenth birthday—at last. Maybe I'd be allowed to go into a town or better talk to someone.

I reached under my pillow and pulled out a sketchpad. I flipped through the pages and smiled, remembering. It was filled with drawings I had done, but mostly of one person in particular—never my parents or a prince or even a knight in shining armor. No, I drew pictures of someone my aunts wouldn't expect—my "enemy"—Maleficent.

The dreams started when I was seven and I first heard Aunt Flora say the name—angrily. I saw nothing wrong with Maleficent. I found myself falling hard for this dark witch, but I couldn't have her. Aunt Merryweather, Aunt Flora, and Aunt Fauna would all be furious if they found out about my crush. So I keep it secret, hiding my journal and only drawing in it when I'm alone with the animals in the forest or when I'm supposed to be asleep.