Now this is an original fanfiction of mine with one idea borrowed (with permission) from Dark Signer.

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NMNT Chapter 1: Things Change (and not for the better)

Our story begins on a typical moonlit night in New York City. Now if you were walking around a certain sewer you might have heard a voice but just dissmised it as nothing more than the wind. But if you were to stick around and listen to this voice, you would have heard an actual sentence being spoken.

"Remember: to be a true ninja, you must become one with the shadows. Darkness gives the ninja power, while light reveals the ninja's presense" said the voice which belonged to a human-sized rat wearing a simple brown cloak. "Now…. Can you extinguish this flame without revealing yourselves?" he asked as flipped a candle on his walking cane.

One object rushed by the rat trying to get the candle, but failed and landed on its back against a wall as it said, "Offfff." "Too noisy Donatello" said the rat.

Another object whirling what sounded to be like a nunchuck tried to obtain the candle from the rat, but it too failed and said,"Whoa-uhh, offff, owww." As it landed on Donatello. "Too clumsy Michelangelo," said the rat.

A third object tried to sneak-up on the rat from behind. It lunged at the rat, but failed. Quickly composing himself, the rat faced the object as it tried a direct attack using short bladed weapons. The rat, thinking quick, tripped the object using his walking cane. The object then flew into Michelangelo and Donatello as it expressed its anger by uttering, "Rrrrarrghhh," as the others went "offf, offf, owwwww." "Poor choice Raphael" said the rat. And then two objects on the celing decided to make their moves. One decided to distract the rat by thowing several small, bladed weapons while the other sliced the candle from the rat's paw. Then it was revealed that the candle still held its flame. Then the object decided to blow it out while the rat turned the electricity back on. "Very good teamwork Naruto and Leonardo." Said the rat as the electric lights revealed four turtles and a human that appeared to be 15 or 16 years of age. The turtles each were a different shade of green and each of them had a colored eye mask to identify each other. Donatello had a purple colored mask, Michelangelo had an orange colored mask, Raphael had a red colored mask, and Leonardo had a blue colored mask.

The human, on the other hand, had no such eye mask. Instead he had golden sun colored hair, and ocean blue eyes. He was also wearing a cloak similar to the rat's, but instead it was colored orange. He also wore a black undershirt and orange pants along with blue colored sneakers. One thing that distinguished this human, now known as Naruto, was that he had three whisker like marks on each side of his face.

"Teacher's pets" said Raphael. "Ninja drop-out" said Naruto. "Ohhhhhhh" said Mikey and Don while Raph smashed the candle.

The rat intervened using his cane. "My sons….ughh my sons, in order to be true ninja you must work harder." The group then sat kneeling in front of the rat. "Your path in life will not be an easy one, the outside world will not be a friendly place for you. You five are different in ways that the surface dwellers will never understand. To survive, you must use these skills that I teach you."

While the rat was giving his lecture, Naruto and Mikey decided to focus on the more interesting fly that was buzzing in front of them.

The rat continued uninterrupted, "Ninjutsu powers of stealth and secrecy. You must become Kage – shadow warriors."

Naruto and Mikey then decided to smash the fly together.

"And you must never be discovered by the outside world, Naruto and Michelangelo" finished the rat. "Heh, heh, heh, sorry Master Splinter" said Naruto.

Then all of a sudden there was a loud rumbling. It echoed all over the small training lair. "Wh-what is that noise?" asked Splinter. "Whoa, an earthquake" exclaimed Mikey. "In New York? Possible," Donatello wondered "But not likley" finished Naruto. All four turtles had their weapons at the ready while Naruto put up his fists in a defensive position. Soon there was a crash and small robots with huge jaws and sharp jagged teeth came out of the wall. "What are those things?" asked Leonardo. "The New York City cockroaches?" said Mikey hesitantly. "Well whatever those things are," said Raph. "They picked the wrong lair to trash," said Naruto. All five attacked, smashing one robot after another. Splinter also held his own ground as he destroyed each and every robot that came his way. But unfortunatly, he was being backed into a wall. Leo noticed Splinter's situation and declared, "Come on guys we have to help Master Splinter."

What the others didn't notice was that some of the robots were biting down on to the support beams that held the underground lair in place.

Naruto then saw what was going on and tried to save Raphael from the falling ceiling. But while he saved Raph, the ceiling came crashing down seperating the five ninja warriors from their Master.

They all gasped and Raph yelled, "OH NO, MASTER SPLINTER!" Naruto tried pulling apart at the rock while yelling, "NOOOO!"

Mikey inspected the robots, "What the shell are these things?" he wondered aloud. "Whatever they were," said Naruto "they're junk now." Leo then said, "Guys focus, we have to find Master Splinter. Hey Master Splinter, can you hear me? Donatello, can you…." "Already on it," said Don "I'm calling him on the Shell Cell, I hope."

On the otherside, Splinter rose from his unconsciousness and addressed the ringing going on in his cloak. "Hmm, which button do you press to answer this thing?" he wondered aloud.

Leo took the phone and tried to communicate with Splinter.


"Master Splinter, are you alright?"


"Master Splinter….."

"Stupid device."

"You don't have to press any buttons, you already answered it."

(Naruto was trying hard not to laugh despite the situation they were in.)

"Ahh, Leonardo whatever those mechanical menaces are they managed to eat through the support structure of our home. We must leave right away. Meet me at the old drainage juction in South Point."

Don pulled out a map and said, "If we take the south conduit, it'll intersect the old drainage tunnel."

Naruto then declared, "We'll meet you there sensei."

Mikey then took one last look around the now destroyed lair and said with a pseudo-sad voice, "Good bye grungy payphone, good bye dented manhole cover, and good bye home sweet home." "And hello reality, now come ON," said Naruto. As they were leaving, Donatello remarked, "You know, I'm surprised that this ceiling hasn't collapsed yet." Then they ran into exactly that. "Well we can't go forward and we can't go back" said Raph. "Then there's only one direction left," said Naruto "we go up." "Uhh, going up to the surface is a bad idea Naruto," said Leonardo. "Well mister leader," remarked Naruto, "we have no other way to go, so I suggest you lead us up." "Alright," said Leonardo "We'll go up, but ONLY to go down another manhole. No fooling around, remember what sensei said." "Blah, blah, blah," said Michelangelo "let's just go up." "We heard it a thousand times Leo, just follow my lead," said Raph. They went in a single file line: Raph, Leo, Mikey, Naruto, and Don.

Raph pushed the man hole up and immediately lept out. Leo was a bit more cautious but Mikey said, "Come on Leo move it. I don't want to stare at your butt any longer than I have to." "Oh like yours is any better Mikey!" shouted Naruto. "Guys, shush," said Leo as a moped sped by the ally. Raph then spotted a manhole cover not too far away. But as soon as he was almost there, an armored truck parked right above it. "Just great," muttered Raph as the people in the truck left, "the ol' turtle luck workin' true to form. Rrarrghhh." He then kicked the truck on its side. "Way to be stealthy Raph," said Don. "Yeah," exclaimed both Naruto and Mikey in terrible Jersy accents, "I don't think they heard you over in Jersy." "Give me a hand," said Raph. Mikey then lifted his arms. "Don't think about it wise guy, I'll push it myself," said Raph.

While Raph was trying to move the truck, voices could be heard coming closer to the door. Raph had no coice but to hide inside the armored truck just as a couple of thugs exited the buliding with a sack full of money. The thugs threw the sack inside the truck and shut its doors, trapping Raphael inside.

As the truck left, Leo remarked, "This was just what Master Splinter warned us about." "We gotta rescue him," said Naruto. "Well then, last one up on the roof hatched from a rotten egg," said Donatello lept on to the rooftop following the truck. The others jumped up with ease and soon Naruto was in the lead. "Hey no fair Naruto, you know you can jump better than the rest of us," said Donatello. "It's called practice Donny, try it sometime," exclaimed Naruto. "Well I would," said Don inbetween jumps, "but neither you or Splinter want to teach us how to!" All remaining ninja lept from roof to roof until finally the truck came to a stop in a trash sprewn alley.

All but one thug went inside. Naruto easily took the thug out by using a knock-out kick to his abdomen, while Don started to work on unlocking the truck door. At last, the door finally opened and Raph was free. But the celebration was cut short by the arrival of what appeared to be the leader of this band of thugs and his lackeys. The lackeys tried to intimidate the five warriors by throwing insults in their direction. "Look at the freaks." "What's with the dweeby costumes?" "This ain't Halloween." The leader then stepped forward an issued a challenge, "You're going down freaks, nobody messes with the Purple Dragons. Especially wearing stupid turtle and ninja costumes!" "You're wrong pal," replied Naruto, "these aren't costumes." Each of the turtles took out their weapons while Naruto readied his fists.

"KYAHHH!" was the collective sound made by all five ninja warriors. Unfortunately, the Purple Dragons were no match for the collective power of all five of their opponents. Each of them went down like dominoes, one after the other. They all landed atop one another and grunted in defeat by saying, "Ughh, off, ahh, ughh, *gack*, ughh." All five heroes were triumphant. One Purple Dragon shouted, "Uhh, lets get out out of here!" And they all ran trying to escape the harm that was being inflicted by the heroes.

"Give me some green," said Mikey as he high-fived both Naruto and Raph. "That was a little easier than I thought," said Don. "I just wish there were more," said Raph " 'Cuz I'm just getting warmed up." "Well, you may get your wish there Raph," exclaimed Naruto. The others looked up as ninjas with a foot insignia lept down from the roof tops. "Guys, stay on guard," said Leo. "I'm SO going to enjoy this," said Raph. The heores attacked. Donatello took out a group of five by spinning around with his Bo staff, making them land on the ground hard. Naruto took out a group of four with well placed jabs that for some reason made the Foot ninja's bodies go completely haywire. Raphael took out a group of three with a spin kick. "Rrgh, how many of these goons do we have to beat 'till they get the hint?" "Really, they just keep on coming," said Michelangelo. "Time to switch to Plan B, Donny?" asked Naruto. "Already on it," said Don as he was hot wiring the truck. As the engine rorared to life Don yelled, "Alright, next stop: anywhere but here!" Leonardo had to hold Raph back as he said, "Come on were going." Mikey, being the last one in, shut the doors.

Don then drove eratically on the road. "Whoa Don, nice driving. Why don't you let someone with fingers and shoes take the wheel," said Naruto. "Hey, do you want pretty, or effective?" remarked Don. " I gotta tell ya, this has been one mongo, bizzaro day," said Mikey, "First those weird metal robots dig underground, then: what's with all those ninjas? Ninjas in New York City besides us, it's just plain wrong." "Talk about not right," said Loenardo as he opened the sack full of money, " just take a look at this." "Show me the money baby, WHA-HOO!" shouted Mikey. "This isn't finders keepers Mikey," said Naruto, taking the wad of cash that Mikey just picked up. Don stopped by a police car. Raph then rolled down the window, threw the sack of money out on the police car's front hood and yelled out, "Here, take care of the money will ya?"

Don then drove the armored truck through an abandodned sewer entrance, which would lead to thier destination: the old drainage juction at South Point. There they found Master Splinter surrounded by broken and smashed robots, which looked like to be the same robots that attacked their previous lair. They all cried out in joy, "MASTER SPLINTER!" "Yes, well I am glad to see you too my sons," said Spinter. "Master so much has happened today," said Leo. "Yes, yes, there will be time to tell me all about it later Leonardo. But first, I wish to take you all home," said Splinter. "Home?" wondered Naruto. "We got no home, those robots just smashed our pad, remember sensei?" said Raph. "Do not worry, I think I have found a solution to our current housing problem. Follow me my sons," said Splinter as he lept down a giant hole. The others did as their sensei requested with Mikey yelling, "COWA….." And that was as far as he got before Naruto and Raph pushed him down the hole. "NOT FUNNY GUYS!" said Mikey as he fell down. "Yes it is," said Raph and Naruto at the same time.

As they came out, Mikey exclaimed, "Woah, wicked slide." Then he looked around. "Uhh, no offence Master Splinter but this place doesn't seem so great" said Mikey. "Look with your heart Michelangelo and not your eyes," said Splinter. "Umm, okay," replied Mikey. Soon they arrived in a humongous underground lair. "Whoa, this is beyond awsome!" exclaimed Naruto. Then the five heroes decided to explore the new lair for a bit. "You see my sons, change is good," said Splinter. "We couldn't agree more Master Splinter," said Leo. "Good, so lets see you boy's clean up for a change, this chamber is filthy" declared Master Splinter. The five collectively groaned, "AHH MAN!"

-Meanwhile in a hidden lair-

A man wearing a white cloak with a red foot insignia stared down at the leader of the band of Purple Dragons. "S-sir," said the leader hesitantly, "I-I-uh, my men! We-uh, we lost the armored truck with the money. BUT WE WERE ATTACKED. By-uh-some sort of karate frog creatures and a guy in an orange jumpsuit and they took us by surprise. It WASN'T my fault….." "ENOUGH," said the man. "I promise sir, I won't fail you again" said the leader. "I know," said the man quietly "You won't fail me again, EVER!" "No sir, PLEASE!"


Well this is my first original fanfiction. Yes that staement can be used against me, but trust me it will get more original later on.

For now I will focus all my energy on putting up Mizukage, but keep an eye out for future chapters.