Ten years ago a young Peter Parker was left by his parents to live with his Aunt and Uncle because his parents had died. Now young Peter has to face a greater challenge. One night while he was asleep in his bed his aunt and uncle were killed. He was hurt too. Peter was emotionally traumatized to remember what the killers looked like let alone care for himself. Yet that is what he had to do. At five years old Peter was left to live off the streets.

It was like that for a few months. Young Peter Parker life was soon about to change thanks to a very kind yet weird looking creature. Peter was sitting with his back against the wall in a trash strewn alley with nothing to eat. Poor Peter had been hungry for a few days now but had no idea what to look for. Peter was startled when he saw a creature emerge from the depths of a manhole wearing a cloak to hide his features. But Peter could still see the tail that waved around as he walked. Scared and nowhere to run he ducked down to try and hide himself but to no avail. In his rush to hide himself he had bumped a trash can which made the creature turn to face him.

The creature than moved towards Peter and poor Peter was really scared. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest because he knew this thing would devour him. But to his relief the creature only offered him an old piece of bread, which he accepted.

"Dear child, are you here by yourself?" the creature asked. "Yes." He answered softly. "Where are your parents?" the creature asked. "They're in heaven so is my Ant May and Uncle Ben." Peter said as he swallowed the old bread. "You don't have a guardian to go to child?" the creature asked again. "No sir. I am all alone and I'm tired and cold and hungry sir." Peter said. "You can live with me and my sons. They are about your age and would love to have another boy to play with." the creature said again. "I would like that. My name is Peter Parker." Peter said. "You can call me Splinter or Master Splinter. But I must warn you Peter we are not human." Splinter said. "What do you mean?" Peter asked.

Splinter pulled down his hood to show Peter that he was in fact not human but a giant mutated talking rat. "Cool, are your sons rats too or are they something else?" Peter asked enthusiastically. Splinter just simply smiled thinking that Peter and Donatello would get along really well. "No my son, they are turtles." Splinter replied. Peter eyes went wide with interest as he asked when they could go and get off the street. Splinter smiled again as he placed young Peter on his back and carried back down the manhole to go to his burrow.

Peter was so excited, he didn't care that he had to live in the sewers of New York all he cared about was having a family again. He smiled happily as he and Splinter entered a lair were four turtles were awaiting their father's return.

"My sons come here for a minute. There is someone I want you to meet." Splinter said. Peter noticed that each turtle was different shades of green as well as each of them have a different colored head band. "My sons, this is Peter, he will be living with us from now on. He has nobody to go to and has been living in alley ways for quite some time. Peter these are my sons: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo." Splinter said as he pointed to each turtle. Peter could easily remember them. Leonardo was in blue, Raphael was in red, Donatello was in purple and Michelangelo was in orange.

"Hi, it's great to meet you." Peter said with a smile. He was happy that he no longer was an only child; he now has four older brothers to look up to and play with. This was definitely a new experience for Peter Parker.

"Hi Peter, you can call me Mikey. Would it be okay if I called you Pete?" Mikey asked. "Sure I guess so." Peter answered shyly. "You've never had siblings before huh?" Donatello asked. "No, this is all new to me." Pete answered back. "So how old are ya?" Raphael asked. "I'm five." he answered again. "Well Pete, you can call me Leo, and Raphael you can call Raph and Donatello you can call Don or Donnie." Leo said. Peter smiled again just as his stomach growled.

"Come on Pete let's see if we can find you something to eat." Leo said taking Pete by the hand to take him to the kitchen. Peter couldn't help but keep smiling because here he felt wanted and loved just because now he had four great brothers to keep an eye on him.