Oh, hello there little flower. What a lovely night this is, don't you agree? Probably not. Most likely, you would prefer the daytime. Sigh. Even as I sit beside you, admiring your beauty underneath the moonlight, I know that we are just too different. Like Yin and Yang, our beings are opposite of each other entirely. So many plants and plant Pokémon are awake during the day time. Plants use the power of the sun to grow. They use light for food, thriving off solar energy. I'm the opposite of that; I'm an Umbreon, a creature of darkness that lives under the guidance of the moon. Sunlight isn't good for me or my health. Umbreon are better fit for survival in the dark, though this does prohibit us from admiring meadows and gardens during their prime on a spring day.

Don't get confused; we were once able to admire you freely back when we were little Eevee. However, once our evolution occurs and we become Umbreon—if that was what we evolved into—then we give up the day and live under the night. The moon becomes our best friend and we become its children, just like you are the child of the sun, little flower. We both gain energy from our "parents", though you use it as food and I use it for my rings. Do you see these rings? They glow under the moon's light. A unique purpose, these rings are to warn others to stay away from me, as I'm an Umbreon and quite fierce.

Despite my fierceness, I can be gentle to you, little flower. You are special, unlike any other. You're pretty, you're colorful and people love you for it. Umbreon are loved for their rareness. Humans consider us valuable and try to do whatever they can to obtain one of us. I've even been sold for a large amount of money before. Pointless was it. They just wanted me so they could show me off. In all honestly, little flower, I'd rather sit and talk to you.

Look at the moon. So lovely, it is. I envision that the moon is a goddess, you know. Arceus ma y have created all, but the moon goddess created me. She made me who I was, little flower, just like the sun god created you. That's right, I believe in a sun god as well. You are a gift from him, little flower, and I'm enjoying your company. Do you know the story of Arceus, little flower? Probably. Everyone knows the story of Arceus.

Pokémon are quite religious. There aren't many that don't believe in Arceus because Arceus has proven itself to exist. Arceus created the world for us. We should thank it every day. I thank the sun god, the moon goddess and Arceus every day; they deserve it. Little flower, do you have anything special that you thank?

Sounds special. Oh, I'm getting hungry. Farewell, gift of the sun, the creature of the moon must be off to hunt. Two different worlds we live in, two different sides of the day, we are almost completely opposite to each other.

Like Yin and Yang.