His own scar.

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When you meet Kid Flash, or rather, Wally West, you were greeted by corny jokes, mischievous smiles, pranks around every corner and (if you happen to be female) not-so-subtle flirtatious behaviour.*

When you got to know Wally, he was the reason you were laughing after a hard day, most likely from embarrassing himself.

'But no ones really gotten to know me,' Wally thought, standing in front of his full body-length mirror, standing in only track pants. And if someone where to walk in at that moment, they wouldn't notice his bright red hair, his saddened green eyes or even his eight pack.

No, they'd notice the ugly bolt shaped scar on his chest- exactly in the same place his bolt was placed on his uniform.

He watched in the mirror as his middle left finger traced the outline of the four year old bolt. Four years ago he had just met The Flash, the awesomest hero ever! Being caught up in excitement, he realized his mistake too late.

"He's so nice, mum! He actually talked to me! Me, mum!" Wally ranted, knowing he was now 11 years old and sounding like a little hyper kid. The Flash was just some awesome! His mother laughed, a delicate, sweet sound, "I'm so glad you got the meet him," She was proud of her son, knowing he deserved something better in his life. Flash was hopefully that something. Her son was the brightest bundle of energy with good grades, good friends and just a good kid.

"- He's just so awesome! I wish Flash was my dad!"
That was his mistake.

His dad stormed in, hearing the last part in a drunken rage. "What was that, you ungrateful brat?" Rudy spat. "I-I didn't mean it, d-dad! I-It just slipped out, h-honest!" Wally stuttered, backing away in fear. His dad was becoming more aggressive. His mother wrapped protective arms around him, "Please, Rudy!" She sobbed, pleading as her husband pulled out a sharp kitchen knife. "Well if you want to be the bastard's son, how about we just carve you to be so?" Rudy advanced.

Within minutes, Mary was slumped on the couch, unconscious from a blow to the head. Wally was sobbing, gasping in pain between sobs and screams as his father held him down. The screams just encouraged Rudy to cut deeper.

Crimson stained the white tiles.

The cut had actually been carved into again when he was 13- a year after becoming a speedster himself and his uncle's sidekick. By that time, custody had already been handed to Barry and Iris, his aunt and uncle. His 'dad' had fooled him to come over for a chat. Wally had fallen for it. Rudy had carved into the scar again as his son struggled against the ropes which held him to the barstool chair in the kitchen. And once again, the house was filled with screams, sobs, gasps of pains and horrible, horrible insults. His dad had also added a ring around the bleeding wound, but his speed healing had left it with a very pale to baby pink skin instead of an ugly brown scar. "Our little secret, promise?" His father whispered to the gasping boy, untying him. Wally kept the secret, not a single soul knew about it except himself and his father.

Wally sighed as his phone alarm blared out for 3:33 PM. The ugly scar was now, officially, carved 5 years ago. Exactly 5 years ago, he remembered his father walking away triumphantly as Wally sobbed, the pain just so intense. He remembered looking up to see the clock which showed the digits of 3:33- an unusual time, but so easy to remember. Wally had lasted through the beating for a whole hour.

And for the past hour, Wally had been tracing the scar- lost in memories of constant beatings, the carving, sobs, pain and blood. So much blood.

His hand slumped and he turned from the mirror as he picked up his phone, turning the alarm off. He realized he was shaking as he had trouble turning off the alarm. Breathing deeply, he put a shirt over his head and the mask returned.

Oh, how a smile and a few jokes could hide something so terrible.

"Where the hell is Baywatch?" Artemis asked to the training room, noting that the speedster was missing 2 hours of training with Canary. They all still had another 45 minutes to go. Zatanna, Conner and M'gann all simply responded with shrugs. Robin and Kaldur didn't answer, too focused in the midst of the sparring. So Dinah was left to answer.

"Wally has asked to miss this training session for personal reasons. Personal reasons which you should respect." Dinah told her, folding her arms and Artemis frowned. Personal reasons? Baywatch never kept secrets and he seemed as open as a dodgy locker. She thought he'd be the one that kept the least secrets, after all. Nodding, she watched as Robin's ninja-ness seemed to be winning over Kaldur's, but the fight was ended and they shook hands, respectively.

The fight was ended due to Batman popping up on screen, "Team, we have reports of suspicious behaviour near the ports in Gotham. Usually, I would handle this, but matters need me somewhere else. That's why we need you to go check out the reports. It is most likely a drug deal, so do not engage in any combat. Observe and report, is that understood?" Batman's voice didn't waver from the coolness but yet hauntingly tone.

Kaldur nodded, "Understood, Batman."

"Good, sending co-ordinations now." Batman's cowl was replaced by a map of the docks, and a small blinking beacon was shown near the waters edge.

"Received." Kaldur responded, and the image was cut off. They stood there for a few moments.

"So, we going or what?"

The voice made them all turn around, seeing the red-headed speedster standing there, arms folded and eyebrow raised in question. His foot was tapping impatiently. No one had heard him enter.

Robin felt proud.

One bio-ship ride later, the Team were positioned in assigned locations. They had been paired off, all except for Robin, aka Prince of Gotham. Kaldur with Conner, M'gann with Zatanna, Wally with Artemis. Wally and Artemis had been assigned with patrol and guard.

They sat in silence, Wally's goggles over his eyes as they looked down at the commotion. Robin was the most reliable to get the closest and had dismissed going in pairs, saying any one of them would just hold him back.

They sat for a few more moments, before Artemis shifted like she was unsure of something. Wally didn't make any move of making her more comfortable, though.

"So… Personal issues, huh?" Artemis asked, turning her head slightly.

Wally tensed slightly, but relaxed a few seconds later, "What?" He was honestly hoping he heard wrong. He didn't need Artemis of all people asking him questions.

"You heard me, Baywatch. You missed training with Black Canary's permission." Artemis turned to look at him, watching as his eyes were clearly showing he was calculating something, even through the lens of the goggles.

"Is it any of your business?" Wally admitted he came off harsher than he meant to, but before Artemis could reply, they felt the familiar mind link open.

M'gann's voice was urgent.

"Team, we've come across a problem."

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