Though waking up in the middle of the night on the floor of his room was nothing unusual to him (he often fell asleep in the weirdest places anyway), there was something that threw a certain Hibari Kyouya off. For one, his room was a mess when it shouldn't have been; his room was always spotless and shining.


Secondly, there was an unknown lump sitting in the middle of his bed, sleeping without a care in the world.

A lot of emotions flared up in the prefect, mostly that of rage and irritation and more rage, he did the first thing that he could think of. Gripping at the sheets of his bed, he tugged harshly, sending the sleeping form to the ground in a tangle of sheets and pillows. He would have pulled out his tonfas by now but they were not on his person (another thing he found odd since he always had his tonfas with him).

The form on the floor groaned in irritation and pulled the tangled sheets over his body to keep his body warmth. "Kyouya," the form crocked in a sleepy voice, "if you wanted the bed you could have just asked me to scoot over."

Hibari knew that voice. He hated that voice with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, all imploding at the same time. He hated the owner of the voice even more. Seething, he switched on the bedside table lamp and glared at the boy laying down on his floor. "Rokudo," he growled lowly, grabbing the nearest makeshift weapon (an old, rusty cutter. It would have to do for now), and slowly approached the boy. "What the fuck are you doing in my room, you herbivore?"

Mukuro opened one red eye to stare at the prefect in confusion. "Kyouya," he asked, a little concerned now, as he sat up, "are. . . are you alright?"

His eye twitched. The blade of the cutter came out of its confines and he lunged towards Mukuro, tackling him to the ground. He pressed the rusted blade against the other's neck, not enough force to draw blood but just to threaten. "You think you can just waltz into my room as if it were your own home?" he asked. "To even have the audacity to be confused, you irksome, incorrigible herbivore."

To add to his irritation, the look that encompassed Mukuro's face was that of concern rather fear. Another odd thing to note, he thought, since the damned illusionist usually smiled at his death threats. His eyebrow twitched and it took all of his will power to prevent himself from committing murder in his own room. No, he couldn't kill him just yet; he needed answers. "Answer me, damn it" he spat.

"Kyouya," Mukuro said softly, slowly, as if talking to a confused child. "You invited me over, remember?" he replied, pulling the rusty blade away from his neck and away from Hibari's grasp. "We were supposed to finish our science project," he said, gesturing at the pile of books and materials that surrounded them. "Are you mad that we, well, fell asleep on the job?" His eyebrow quirked up, indicating utter confusion.

That would explain the mess, Hibari thought to himself. "Why in the world would I invite you over?" he asked, still glaring at the other boy. Group projects were never his thing and if Hibari recalled correctly, Mukuro didn't even go to school. He grabbed another potential weapon, a pair of scissors this time, and pointed them at Mukuro.

"Uh, because I'm your best friend?" Mukuro asked scathingly. He grabbed Hibari's wrist before the other could plunge the scissors into his body and confiscated said weapon. "Jesus, Kyouya, can you stop trying to kill me for a second?" he exclaimed and grabbed both of Hibari's wrist before the prefect could grab anything else. "Talk to me! What's gotten into you?"

"We're not best friends. I hate you," Hibari hissed, struggling. "You humiliated me, you bastard!"

A confused eyebrow rose. "What are you talking about?" Mukuro questioned. "When did I humiliate you? I don't quite recall-"

"Stop playing coy!" Hibari shouted. It was certainly out of character, he thought to himself, but Mukuro was being an even bigger jerk than he usually was. "What the hell are you playing at?" He thrust forward, bumping his head hard enough against the other's that he momentarily saw stars. He pulled his arms away and lunged forward once more, determined to hurt the other.

Before Mukuro could retaliate, the door of the room opened and the lights were flicked on. Standing at the doorway was a pretty woman with jet black hair and kind gray eyes. She pulled her pink robes a little closer to herself and stared at the two boys. "What are you two still doing awake?" she asked, her foot tapping lightly in mild annoyance but also in amusement. "Playing wrestling at your age?"

Hibari's eyes widened in disbelief. "M-mother?" he asked, pulling himself off Mukuro. How many odd things have happened in one night? Now his mother was back when she was supposed to be working overseas? This had to be a dream. . . Or some sick twisted joke that none other than Mukuro had conjured.

"Oh, you know," Mukuro chuckled and stood up. "Boys will be boys."

Mrs. Hibari let out a little huff and smiled. "So I'm guessing you're sleeping over again, Mukuro-kun?" she asked. "Well, I think you left some clothes from the last time you slept over," she said, walking to her son's dresser to look for said items and pulled them out. She handed them to Mukuro then looked at both boys. "Now go on and change then get to bed, alright?"

Hibari nodded a bit dumbly as his mother pecked him on the cheek good night.

When Mukuro heard the soft click to what he assumed was Mrs. Hibari's bedroom door closing, he walked over to where Hibari was and placed an arm around the other's shoulders. He led the prefect to the bed and sat him down. "Alright Kyouya, tell me what's wrong," he said gently in an attempt to coax the other to speak.

He was reluctant at first but he eventually poured his story out. Hibari found it weird, sharing his thoughts out loud. He was a man of few words, after all, and it was even weirder that he was sharing all of it with the person he hated the most. Although, from what he noticed, Mukuro was sincerely being nice to him and it was almost too weird for him to handle.

"So what you're saying is. . ." Mukuro trailed off, rubbing his chin in thought. "Well, that would explain your attempt at murdering me," he said with a laugh.

Hibari would have apologized but it just didn't seem right if he did. He shrugged. At least this Mukuro wasn't so annoying.

Mukuro leaned back on his arms and looked at the ceiling. "From what you've just told me, its almost as if you've come from a parallel universe," he said, tilting his head slightly to look at the prefect.

That wasn't as farfetched as it sounded.

"Are you mocking me?" Hibari snarled, baring his pearly whites at the other. "Do you think I've gone mad?"

Mukuro shook his head. "No, no, no, no, no! You've misunderstood me, Kyouya!" he exclaimed, waving his hands frantically in defense. "The you from this universe would never even think about killing me."

"Then he must be a weak, pathetic herbivore," Hibari retorted, crossing his arms across his chest indignantly. "Not even worthy of my time."

Mukuro huffed, slightly irked. "Then shall we look for a way to get you back to your universe and hopefully get my Kyouya back here?" he asked as he took off his school shirt to replace it with a more comfortable shirt. "Because I'd very much like to stay alive."

"Your Kyouya?" Hibari questioned with a disgusted look on his face. There were so many things wrong with that statement. So many things he didn't want to think about. He tried his best to push the ideas out of his head.

Mukuro's eyebrows rose. "Hmm? My Kyouya? The Kyouya of this universe I mean," he corrected himself. "Does this mean he ended up in your universe?" he mused out loud. "Oh my, I hope the other me doesn't hurt him. . . "

Hibari changed into his sleeping clothes and climbed into his bed and under the sheets. He stared at Mukuro as he did the same. "What do you think you're doing?" he grumbled, glaring at the boy who was now laying beside him under the same blanket.

"Oh, my bad," Mukuro exclaimed. He stood up and switched off the lights then made his way back into bed. He pulled the sheets over their bodies and snuggled up to Hibari. "Good night, Kyouya."


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