Getting out of the airport and to their five star hotel wasn't a big problem due to the fact that Mukuro had treated Hibari to a cone of chocolate mint flavored gelato and the prefect seemed more or less sated with the sweet and refreshing treat.

As they ascended to their room in the elevator, the silence between them was filled with more or less annoying elevator music that for some reason Mukuro was humming to. Hibari gave him a sidelong glance and as the bells chimed, indicating that they were at their floor, he picked up his luggage and the doors opened. "You should probably disguise your eye," he said, walking down the hall with Mukuro on his tail. "Might catch unwanted attention," he added.

He wanted their stay in Italy be shot as possible so he could get back to his original universe and he hoped to whatever deity might up there and watching over him to let his precious Namimori be safe and not in control of the hands of a madman, i.e., Mukuro Rokudo.

He also hoped that Kusakabe, or maybe even his alternate self, was taking care of Hibird. Though the little yellow bird was capable of fending for itself, he hoped that someone was feeding him. Hibird was particularly fond of French fries and whenever he went out to eat at some cheap fast food restaurant, he always let the little bird have most of the fries.

Hibird, probably, was Hibari's best friend. It may have sounded pathetic to others (cute, he heard once from some of the third years on one day when he was patrolling the halls and said bird was nestled atop his head) but it was true. The bird didn't talk or make any noise unless necessary, plus, it sang the Namimori anthem on dull afternoons and Hibari tries to teach it how to sing it perfectly. Though it's tiny voice is far from perfect, it was endearing to hear it try.

Hibari realized that he sort of missed his pet.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Mukuro started fumbling with the door. A green light blinked above the doorknob and Mukuro turned it and pushed the door open to reveal a huge room inside and Hibari walked in in slight awe.

The floors were carpeted, save for the kitchenette and bathrooms of course, in a plain shade of beige, matching the off white colors of the wall. He put his bag down at the foot of one of the beds and made his way to the panoramic window out in the waiting room and stared out, amazed. He had the view of the city at his fingertips, wonderful blue skies, the dark blue waters of the sea, and even the small clumped up houses of the residents of the city. The people looked like ants from where he was.

Mukuro was at his side a few minutes later, staring out as well. "Nice view, isn't it?" he asked and slid one of the glass doors to the side to walk out on the balcony (there was a balcony!) and he leaned against the railing. "I asked for the best room they had to offer and they offered the penthouse," he said over his shoulder, the sea breeze tousling his hair.

Hibari came out after him as well to get a better look at their surroundings. "It's beautiful," he agreed, looking down, down, down below them where some other guests were making their way towards the indoor swimming pool. He brought his attention back up to look at the sea and if he closed his eyes, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was lovely and relaxing. "All on Sawada's account, I take it?"

A devious smile crept along Mukuro's face. "But of course," he replied and ruffled Hibari's hair a bit, it had gotten messy due to the breeze and it looked really funny to him. He walked back inside and back to the shared bedroom to his bed and jumped on and climbed under the sheets to get warm. "Don't stay out there for too long, Kyouya. You might get a cold," he called to his friend.

The jet lag was getting to him, his eyelids feeling heavier than they should even if most of the trip to Italy was spent sleeping. He was halfway asleep when he felt a jab at his side and he peeked one eye open to stare at the perpetrator. "What is it, Kyouya?" he asked, yawning slightly.

"You're on my bed," Hibari explained calmly. "Get off."

Mukuro whined. "It's a king size, Kyouya! We can both fit on your queen sized one in your room so I don't see why I have to get off," he replied, pulling the sheets closer around him and he tried to get warmer, practically nuzzling the pillow under his head.

He was waiting for an argument, thought he was in no position to come up with witty comebacks to whatever Hibari threw at him due to fatigue but it never came. He peeked his eye open again to find Hibari picking up his bag and heard the prefect say "we'll just trade rooms then."

Mukuro frowned and sat up, which caught Hibari's attention. The illusionist crawled to the foot of the bed and slapped the hand that was carrying the bag and was a little bit surprised that Hibari's hand dropped said item (probably out of shock, he supposed. Hibari would never play along with his silly shenanigans) and wrapped his arms around Hibari's waist to pull him onto the bed.

Hibari snarled and squirmed. "Let go or I'll murder you right now," he growled but Mukuro's arms did not relent.

The illusionist sighed and through much struggle, he managed to get the two of them under the sheets and he pulled Hibari close, hugging him tightly. The warmth that was radiating off his body was soothing and he nuzzled his friend, resting his chin at the crown of Hibari's head. "You must be tired," he said, ignoring Hibari's snarls and threats. "We should sleep first before abusing Tsunayoshi-kun's resources."

The prefect finally gave up and let himself be hugged (it wasn't all that unwanted anyway, not that he'd admit that out loud). "Fine," he spat out, rolling a bit in Mukuro's arms until he was facing the other direction and Mukuro adjusted his position as well until they were practically spooning. "But you're sleeping in your own room after this," he scolded and nibbled on Mukuro's fingers as a warning. The only response he got in return was a small, tired laugh and a hand patting his side.

This was the day that Mukuro came home with a puppy in his hand.

Hibari wasn't exactly sure if he was expecting this to happen but more or less, he wasn't surprised. He didn't at all mind being in the presence of animals; some of them may be stupid but their companionship was very much appreciated since they knew not how to speak so they just listened. "Are you insane?" he asked, just for the sake of routine. He was definitely not surprised to find a mischievous smirk plastered across the other teen's face. 254.

"No, of course I'm not," Mukuro chastised playfully, scratching the back of the dog's ear and it wagged it's tail. "I didn't think you'd question me for buying a pet, seeing as you have that cute little skylark with you all the time," he replied with a shrug. "What was his name? Hibird? A very cute name, by the way. Did you give it to him yourself?" he laughed and did his best to avoid the fist aimed at his face. "Hush now, Kyouya. I'm only teasing."

Hibari rolled his eyes and sat across him. "Are you insane, by which I mean 'How did you get an animal into the room?'" He raised his eyebrows and the dog looked at him curiously.

"Well, up the elevator and through the doors, of course," he replied with seemingly genuine confusion. "What other way would I get her up here? Make her fly? Kyouya, that is absurd. Are you absolutely sure that you're the one who's feeling a little crazy up there?" He hugged the dog and it licked the side of his face. It was a sight to behold. To be honest, Hibari hadn't pinned him to be an animal lover. It seemed a little weird for Mukuro to be showing such affection to something that couldn't give him anything in return.

"Pets are not allowed in the building," he stated.

Mukuro pouted. "Kyouya, this isn't Namimori. Quit trying to take the position of the law here. That's silly. You're here to relax, at least for now, and berating me for every single wrong thing I do isn't exactly what I would call 'relaxing.'" He carried the little puppy in his arms and let it settle down on Hibari's lap.

The prefect stared at the puppy before patting its head gently. "Rest assured, I am very relaxed when I chastise you. It's something I find joy in doing."

Mukuro gaped. "You are a sadist, aren't you?"

"I've read the works of Marquise de Sade, if that's what you're implying," haughtily, letting the puppy lick at his fingers.

For a moment, Mukuro found himself in a genuine state of awe. Was Hibari Kyouya actually teasing him? It was profound knowledge to him. When they had first met he had been threatened with several school items and now here they were in Italy, miles and miles away from home and exchanging witty banter (but not at this very moment, it would seem, seeing as Mukuro was still standing there and gaping) like it was always a thing that they shared. It was a nice change of pace. Hostile glares were replaced with only slightly irked ones, challenging smiles turned to smiles of amusement.

This Hibari was getting attached to him, and he in turn found himself attached as well (he didn't mind in the least bit).

When he had finally recovered and was about to retort with a comment of his own, Hibari had cut him off. "What's her name?"

Mukuro paused. "I haven't really thought about it yet," he replied, sitting down next to Hibari to snach his puppy back. "Maybe Alouisa or Antoinette? Gertrude? Bathilda?" He listed off the names at the top of his head. "Help me out here, Kyouya. I haven't a clue on what name would suit her." The little puppy tried to clamber up to lick her master's face.

"You're giving out odd names," Hibari replied bluntly.

"Just choose one you like," Mukuro responded with exasperation. "Lisa? Sarah? Pamela? Inga? Mariduke? Rosalinda?"

The puppy barked happily.

Mukuro looked at Hibari and Hibari shrugged. "Very well then, you are henceforth named Rosalinda," he said and hugged the dog again. "It's very latino, I like it a lot too," he spoke to her as if she could understand.

"That still doesn't explain how you snuck her in," Hibari interrupted their moment, leaning back on his chair.

"Oh Kyouya, I bet you already know. I simply spoke to the manager and convinced him that a dog could do no harm to the residents of this fine institution," he countered with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Besides, it's a ludicrous concept to deny the right to keep pets. They're part of the family."

"More like coerced, manipulate even, the poor man into submission. If there was anything to fear, it would be the very owner of said puppy," he grinned at him playfully and rested his foot on top of the coffee table. "So tell me, what exactly did you do?"

"I spoke to him, is all," He replied back, grinning an equally playful smile. "Told him that Rosalinda was part of the family and if he dare try to stop me or hurt her, he would face the very flames of hell and the tortures that Tantalus himself had to endure. He didn't believe me at first and thought I was mad but with a simple snap of my fingers," Mukuro snapped his fingers in emphasis, "he found that my threats—no, sorry, my warnings were indeed very real and very painful." He chuckled to himself, nuzzling the puppy in his arms.

Hibari let out a short and quiet chortle. "You are mad," he laughed. "But I suppose I should consider that rather impressive."

"I'll be honest with you, Kyouya," Mukuro interjected before Hibari could say anything else. "You seem to be in quite an elated mood today and it's leaving me rather perturbed. Pray tell, what seem to be making you so happy today?" he asked, putting Rosalinda down and the little puppy retreated to some corner of the room to play with a chew toy that Mukuro had bought along with her.

"I was thinking about what you said earlier," Hibari admitted with an indifferent shrug. "And I suppose you were right."

"You're being very vague, Kyouya. I have said a lot of things earlier."

Hibari shrugged. "Time will take it's course at it's own pace. I can't force it to move at my will even if I so desperately want it to. Besides, I just had the epiphany that this is not my universe and therefore not my responsibility." He stretched and lay lax on the sofa, his features calming to a relaxed grin. "And I suppose it's been a while since I've had a proper vacation and, as it would seem, people here seem to be more competent than the ones that I have to put up with from where I'm from."

"Is that so?" Mukuro asked, raising an eyebrow in question. "So, if that is how you think, then why bother trying to get back where you belong if you're more relaxed here?" He got out of his seat and made his way to the small water heater that had blinked red, indicating that the water was ready. "Tea Kyouya?" he asked quietly and prepared two cups even if the prefect didn't respond. He brought the cups back and set them on the table. "I mean, I'm not saying that I don't want my Kyouya back but I'm starting to grow fond of you despite your violent quirks."

The tea sat growing slightly warm. "I still have a responsibility to uphold. Though the concept of being to live a peaceful life from now on is almost tempting, I'd rather that it be peace that I created myself" he replied, sitting up to take the cup of tea and added three cubes of sugar before stirring it thoughtfully.

"I don't mean to sound weird but that sort of sounds like child adoption."

Hibari raised his eyebrows in genuine confusion. "Adoption? What in the world is going on through that mind of yours? Do I even want to know?"

"Well, maybe you don't but I'll enlighten you anyway!" Mukuro replied happily as Hibari sipped his tea. "Take no offence to this, Kyouya, but it almost sounds as if you're a mother planning to bear a child."

Hibari stayed quiet, gesturing for Mukuro to carry on. Mukuro nodded, his mood elating as the conversation carried on (even if he was the one doing the talking).

"Some mothers, you see, would rather go through the troubles of child birth, the nine excruciating months of troubles and irritation when there is the option of adoption which is, in my opinion, a great thing because, speaking figuratively here, if you were the mother and I was the father, I don't think I'll be able to sate you in the state of fetal development," he thought out loud. "Though I do think you'd make a wonderful mother, Kyouya" he added as an after thought with a huge grin.

"Your analogies are odd, I hope you realize this."

"Oh, of course I do, Kyouya. I wouldn't be me if it were otherwise," he laughed.

"You will attract the wrong crowd."

"Which is why, of course, we are here together now and indulging in this conversation," Mukuro retaliated, clearly enjoying himself.

Hibari put his tea down and sighed. "Setting that aside," he said and continued. "What do you have planned for us to do today? I trust it wont be anything too boring?"

"Oh, so you're entrusting our schedule to me? Why Kyouya, I'm highly flattered!" And Mukuro was being completely honest. He had already outlined and canvased the plans and he was determined to drag Kyouya along whether he wanted to or not. Thankfully, the time that he allotted for the argument he thought he'd have with Kyouya was now free and he had at least an hour and thirty more minutes extra. "I hope that you won't find my plans too boring" he said, pulling out a paper with his messy handwriting and handed it to him.

Hibari took it, turning it over and scanning it. He didn't know these places; he didn't know much about the other places to visit in Italy and he can barely remember the city they were in (Palermo, he thought to himself idly) so he wasn't really one to judge if these places would be fun. He handed the paper back and shrugged. "I wouldn't know," he said honestly. "You better hope that it will be fun, lest you want to be looking for me hours on in later if I leave you."

"You'd leave me?" he replied in both mock shock and depression. "I thought we shared something special Kyouya! Through better and worse, through sickness and health!"

"You… aren't going to stop hinting at that are you?" Hibari groaned, the tips if his ears going slightly pink in embarrassment.

Mukuro tilted his head to the side in innocent questioning. "Hinting at what?"

"That we're like a newlywed couple or something," he said with a grimace, his embarrassment only growing at the fact that he had said that out loud. He's never thought about being in a relationship with anyone and here he was with Mukuro Rokudo, jokingly discussing something he would have never thought of.

Mukuro, however, laughed with delight at the concept of being married to Hibari. "No, I don't think so. I wasn't even thinking about it until you mentioned it so really, if you are going to be mad at me because of my incessant teasing, remember that it was no one other than you that implanted the very idea in my mind," he reached over and ruffled Hibari's hair as if the prefect were a puppy.

"I don't suppose Rosalinda is coming?" he asked, swatting away Mukuro's hands from his person. The puppy, as it would seem, was very well mannered. She played quietly with her chew toy, occasionally letting out a tiny bark of exuberance.

"Of course she is! She's my darling little girl," he cooed, whistling to get the puppy's attention. "Anyone who says otherwise will be sure to talk to me first, of course." When Rosalinda was at his feet, Mukuro scooped her up into his arms and hugged her close. "Anyway, Kyouya, you should get dressed! As you've seen, I've got the whole day planned and time waits for no man," he told Hibari, standing up and letting Rosalinda on the couch to go change himself.

Hibari shrugged and went to his room to change into slacks and a white long-sleeved shirt. He pulled on a black jacket over his shoulders and walked back out, ready in less than three minutes. He waited for Mukuro to change as well, petting the puppy as he did so. The little puppy nibbled playfully at his fingers, finding a cozy seat on his lap and stayed there in a warm ball of fur.

Finally, after ten minutes of waiting, Mukuro came out of his room dressed in a pair of jeans and an olive green long-sleeved shirt that was a little bit too loose on him and an army jacket over it. He was wearing his Vongola ring (probably in case he needed it) and several other useless accessories that were hidden under his sleeves anyway. Hibari, however, did like the dogtag necklace he was wearing because it looked unnaturally in place.

Mukuro stared at Hibari for a few seconds before retreating back into his room, coming out with a long violet scarf in his hands. "Kyouya, it's cold out and you might freeze yourself to death out there," he said, walking over to the Cloud guardian. He wrapped the scarf neatly around Hibari's neck before the other could comment and admired his handy work with pride. "There, now you look warm."

"Thank you, mother," Hibari replied with a roll of his eyes.

"Oh? But I thought you were the mother in this relationship, Kyouya!" Mukuro countered. "But anyways, shall we go?"

Oh wow, I'm really sorry about the really, very long delay. This is three pages shorter than usual because I honestly didn't know how to go about with this chapter. I was supposed to write their whole day but that would take too long and be too tedious (since I know nothing about Italy, Palermo). The next chapter is already a few pages long (I actually wrote it before this one haha).