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Dragon Spirit: Chapter One: Who gives a hoot?

An English boy was spending his day relaxed. He was laying there on a hill, just outside of York. A girl runs up the hill panicked to near death. "Alick, Alick!" she yelped with fear in her voice.

"Alick, wake up!"

The boy laying in the shade of tree wakes up. "What the hell do you want, Allison?" The boy said in a drowsed voice. "Men causing trouble in York!" She yelled.

"Aren't they always?" The boy chuckled.

"No! Three foreign men are Beating the living shit out of people!" She cried out.

"Who gives a hoot? This is my day off, and I spending the way I want to!" He said with annoyance in his voice.

"Who gives a hoot? You should, you bugger!" She screamed. Tears welled up in hear eyes. "I thought you could come and help because your really strong, but I guess your just a cowardly wimp!"

She started to walk away. "Wait," Allison turned around. "You don't have to cry about it. I said I would spend my day the way I wanted to. If these guys are as good you make them out to be, I'll fight them." He said in a cocky voice.

Allison came back to him. "Oh thank you so much, Alick!" She said in a grateful tone.

Alick and Allison arrived in York. Three men were beating on defenseless civilians. All three of them looked identical. All big guys, all bald. They were wearing different colour shirts though. One yellow, one blue, one red.

"What'cha look'in at?" The red man said.

"A bunch of ugly bollocks, as a matter of fact." Alick said with a smirk.

"I dunno what that second word was, but he called us ugly!" The blue man yelled angrily.

"Lets get'im" the yellow man said. All three of the men ran at Alick.

"They've got no defense at all," Alick mumbled to himself. The blue man swung a punch, and Alick ducked. When he ducked he was face level with the blue man's stomach, and he punched it.

The man flew a couple feet, and hit his head on some concrete. He was knocked out. The red man came from behind, he made the same mistake. He punched Alick ducked, and elbowed the red man really hard, in the ribs. The yellow man started to run. Alick jumped up, kicked him in the back of the head and smashed shin on the pavement.

"These guys were easy, Allison," She looked happy for a second, but then looked terrfied. "What's wrong I beat up those wankers, so what's wrong?"

She pointed behind Alick. "L-Look b-b-behind you." she she barely managed to squeak.

Alick turned around. A tall man in a white cloak, purple clothing, and green skin was standing in front of Alick. The strange man grabbed Alick's arm.

"Your coming with me" he said in a calm deep voice.

"Bugger off, you wrinkly elf!" Alick said trying to get free of The green man's grasp.

The green man started to levitate.

"Hey let go of him!" The almost crying Allison.

The green bent over. "I'm sorry, but I'll need this young man for a while." The green man said gently.

The green flew away while holding Alick.

"So who are you ?" Alick asked.

"My name is Piccolo." he said.

"Where are we going?" Alick asked.

"The lookout." Piccolo said.

"Okay..." Alick said hoping Piccolo would tell him what that is.


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