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They had captured or lost the 63's in San Francisco. Thanks to the map found in that hidden room, the group is preparing to set off for their next city. Knowing where the higher risk prisoner numbers are, they are headed off to Oregon, where a nice cluster of the inmates are.

Pulling up to the runway, Rebecca sees Lucy standing with Hauser next to a small plane and, as usual, both look upset about something. Parking her car where one of the guards working for Hauser directed her to, Rebecca grabs her two traveling bags, regular luggage and carry-on.

"You can't stop me from going," Lucy says and looks just beyond Hauser to see Rebecca walking over. Feeling irritated and haughty, she takes a breath to maintain control. "Look, I'll go with Rebecca now that she is here. I'm not going on my own."

Turning to look over at Rebecca, Hauser, feeling equally irritated, asks, "Where's Soto?" He wants to protect Lucy and keep her out of harm's way, but every time he tries, she pushes to stay and they argue.

"He had a break-in at his comic shop this morning; when I went to get him he was busy going over everything with the detectives. They have to go over insurance and figure out if anything is missing yet. They told me they would be a while with him, so I decided to come here to drop off my stuff," Rebecca explains. When she mentions 'break-in' Hauser rolls his eyes.

Heaving a sigh, Hauser finally accepts and motions for Rebecca to continue to the plane. "I'll stay here and wait on Soto then; you can both go ahead,"

The size of the plane is very small, enough for a bit of cargo and 2-3 passengers. 'All of that high tech equipment in Alcatraz and we get to ride in this?' Rebecca thinks, getting up the last steps and ducking for the low ceiling just as the pilot takes the luggage to secure it.

"Hello Ma'am, my name is Ernest, I'll be your pilot," Ernest says with a smile. He is an older gentleman, younger than Hauser and Ray.

"Hi, Rebecca Madsen," she holds out her hand and shakes his. Looking outside to see Lucy coming up the steps, Ernest asks the doctor, "You want shotgun?"

Shaking her head quickly, Lucy declines. "No thank you…I'm not one for flying or heights." Rebecca nods with a smile as the pilot closes the door and moves into his seat.

"How are you going to handle the ride?" Rebecca asks as she moves into her own seat and then straps herself in.

"Music," Lucy smiles, "and I am a light sleeper so I don't plan to."

"Fair enough," Rebecca looks over her shoulder to see her iPod. Putting on her headset, she watches the pilot flick the switches, turn the knobs, move the lever to finally see and feel the propeller start up. "How long will it take to get there?"

"It will take a few hours, depends on the weather on the way over. If you get hungry, I have some chocolate bars and fudge in your glove compartment," Ernest smiles as the plane began to vibrate. Taking the biggest stick he pushes it forward for the plane to begin rolling forward.

Lucy has her eyes closed, music playing loudly for now, at least until they get in the air.

Looking out the window, Rebecca watches as the plane slowly picks up speed, no longer watching the pilot's actions, and then the plane lifts off the ground. She smiles. 'Man has it been a long time since I've been in a plane... first time riding up front... this is so awesome.'

Climbing and climbing, the large buildings decreasing in size, within a few minutes Ernest was able to fully level the plane out. "Going to make a left here, we're taking the ocean view."

"Business or pleasure?" Ernest asks after ten minutes of flying over the water.

Looking over, Rebecca thinks 'I wish it was for pleasure,' as she recalls her argument with Ray last night.

Stepping into Ray's bar, Rebecca saw he was busy and realized it was football night, so she took a seat at his bar to avoid the commotion of football fans. He gave her a smile when he spotted her and she smiled back. 'Every Sunday this time of the year is his busiest.' She opened up her notebook and read over the plans for the next two days.

Ray walked over with a drying towel over his right forearm and mug in his left hand. "What cha' up to?" he glanced at the notebook. He wouldn't read what she had, he'd rather her tell him. After everything she has been through in the past month with catching the 63's, Tommy stabbing her and her dying. 'She is one stubborn kid,' he thought and watched her look up at him.

"Tomorrow morning I'm going up north to track down a bunch of 63's up there; we have a map that has all of the 63's listed," Rebecca said and Ray leaned forward, setting the mug down.

"Rebecca, you'd be going into their territory, you know San Francisco and should stay here," Ray stated for Rebecca to close up her book and put it into her inside pocket. That was when he spotted the plane ticket. "Oregon! That's pretty well at the boarder!"

Looking back at him, "I know, but we need to get these guys-"

"They can get them, Hauser has his own people working behind the scenes that are more than capable of handling all of these 63's. There is no need for you to be going up against the worst of the worst!" Ray said, his anger showing more and more.

"If they don't know we are coming, then we have the element of surprise. And we do, I am good at what I do!" Rebecca defended, "and I'll be careful-"

"Damn it Rebecca!" he slammed his hand down on the table. His voice boomed, and behind him the crowd cheered at the same time and didn't notice. He let his head hang for a few moments. Rebecca felt herself sit up straight as if she were getting straightened out by her police chief. Always ready to explain her actions. And she knew she had picked up on Ray's stubbornness.

He looked up at her and locked eyes. "You are like a daughter to me Rebecca... I cannot stand the idea of losing you to them, again."

Before she could respond, he turned away as he could hear someone calling for refreshment. That and he knew this argument wasn't over. It would not be over until she stopped looking for the 63's. With her going for up north, she will be the furthest she's ever been and he cannot help her or be there for her when she'll need him.

Rebecca sat there for a moment. 'He's worried for me... I know that... he practically raised me and I see a father figure in him.' She looks up at him and stands up from her stool. "I'll be back Ray."

"Business," Rebecca answers and Ernest nods as he looks at the view and then back at her.

"Is this your first time going up?"


"What is it you do back home?"

"I'm a homicide detective."

"You don't say?" Ernest smiles at her, "I felt a vibe that you mean business when I first saw you." He looks out the front again and a flock of birds comes up across their vision a few feet away.

"Wow..." Rebecca doesn't even realize she said it out loud.

"Yeah, it's up here that I love, not down on the ground." Ernest chuckles. "You can see why."

"I can, it's stunning up here," Rebecca agrees and they fell into silence, just enjoying the view.

The plane jerks, 45 minutes in the air and Rebecca watches as Ernest hits a switch, do it again, and again. He curses as the plane lurches.

"What's going on?" Rebecca asks. Lucy, noticing the plane suddenly getting a little bumpy, takes out one head phone.

"I don't know; she just came out of inspection this morning. Passed with flying colours... it could be a number of things," Ernest says as the rotor starts making coughing sounds. "Uh-oh... we need a landing spot."

Turning the wheel to the right to aim for land, he has turned half way when a beeping alarm goes off and then the blades stop spinning. "Oh shit... come on girl," Ernest pleads. He begins moving switches, hitting buttons, and the alarms do shut off, but the rotor hasn't turned back on.

The plane begins to take a nose dive. Rebecca reaches back with her left hand to grab at Lucy's right knee in case if she has fallen asleep by accident. Lucy grabs Rebecca's hand briefly, then lets go and Rebecca goes to clutching at her arm-rest as Ernest smacks the console.

The blades begin spinning back to life and he pulls hard immediately. "Come on, old girl, come on. Keep going for old daddy," he mutters as the plane begins to turn upward.

Only now the plane is going straight for a tree line instead of nose diving into the water. "We're going to crash," Ernest says as Lucy leans forward for a better view, and then immediately sits back when she sees what they do.

Rebecca watches in horror as the ground comes up fast. Ernest hits a big red button at his side, and she feels the plane do something. Her heart is pounding against her ribs. 'I'm sorry Ray,' she thinks as she closes her eyes. She then re-opens them just before feeling a yank in her seat and then the plane hitting some trees sends them all forward.

To Be Continued...

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