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Hauser is sitting at the table with the monitors changing constantly, rubbing his temples with his index and middle fingers, he and Soto had been through a lot of headaches and all he wanted to do was action. They had to call in a few employees to question, and they confirmed that Owen Sampson was lurking around, when they advanced to question him he took off. But he would show up again, he was doing something to the planes.

He requested that they look at the plane he and Soto were going to take, it took them a couple of hours and they found that the gas tank had half gas, half water. A few of the other planes had been tampered with as well so if they did find a problem with their plane before taking off, that there would be no other they could take.

Now security was taking extra precautions, going over all of the footage, trying to find out where else he may have gone and gotten into without them noticing. 'Just get me a plane or a helicopter and I'll look myself,' he thought just as Soto came walking in.

"Get any sleep?" Doc asked and Hauser didn't look up when he walked up behind him, "me neither..." he always feels awkward around the stern, stone faced boss Hauser.

"No tracker... no radio... no way of knowing where it is they crashed," Hauser muttered, "and waiting for the report on things missing or not missing from the employees... I want answers!"

Doc could remember when Lucy was shot and Rebecca began demanding answers as to if the 63's were aware that they were being tracked. Hauser had said 'what does it matter?' and she went head to head with him. Always something he would admire of Rebecca, her ability to push and stand up for herself. He knows why she does it too, she is a tiny woman who is constantly fighting to prove what she can do, and she has been doing it from the start.

'I know they're not dead... question is, where could they be? There is too much to search to just go out there and aimlessly look. Though I know we'd be going over maps, but it is still a lot of ground to cover and not knowing where to look specifically will just further frustrate Hauser.'

Hauser lifts his head and looks at the screen before him, staring at it, but picturing Lucy. 'I never should have let you get on that plane! I know that if you and Rebecca survived the crash, she will protect you... I have learned and witnessed her in action and I know she is fully capable. However that won't stop the memory of when she couldn't stop you from being shot. I should have sent you off for protection, I should have put my foot down and stopped you from continuing with the hunt. And now this happens... Rebecca Madsen, please, don't let anything happen to her.'

A sudden ringing brought Hauser back from his deep thoughts, without thinking he goes into his jacket pocket and pulls out his phone to read it is the manager of the air port.

No one slept a wink the rest of the night, Rebecca and Ernest have no idea how many men are out there searching for the three of them. It could be as few as seven or as many as 20. There is one thing they know for sure, help isn't coming. The hunters are now the hunted.

Ernest is looking at the map, "we have to be around here," he pointed on the map to a vast amount of land, still no roads, no civilization and no way to call for help. "We need to go North East and then just North to reach Redwood Lodge, it is our best chance."

"Agreed," Rebecca said and she looked out around the opening, it is 7 a.m., everyone can see now. However, no one is around, she places her flashlight on the ground and looks at the shadow to read which direction North West is and smiled. 'Thank you Ray for teaching me this trick.'

Putting the flashlight away they all creep out, and start off for the thick bushes going into the woods.

Lucy can't help but constantly feel a vibe from Ernest, during the night she caught him looking at Rebecca and didn't like the way he kept looking at her. 'He doesn't trust her that's for sure, these survival runs will do that to strangers and friends. How much can you trust someone you just met? Yet he hasn't been looking at me like that, he probably feels iffy around her because she is a cop... I just hope that something don't come out for him to suddenly feel threatened by us. The last thing we need is to become divided with those men out there wanting to kill us... Emerson... please find us. I know that you and Soto are working hard at trying to find out what happened to us-'

Her train of thought interrupted by someone coughing in the distance, their group has just reached a bunch of large rocks on the side of a hill, and it sounds like someone could be recovering from choking on something. Rebecca is in the lead, crouched low, she looks poised for action. Ernest has his right hand on a rock, and his left hand is just touching his knife on his hip.

"I told you not to eat them," came a gruff voice, from in the distance, above up on the top of the hill. They cannot see the owner or the person who was coughing.

"Thought they were the ones on that nature show," came a younger sounding voice, though sounding strained from what he'd tried to eat.

Rebecca looks over her right shoulder, using her right hand she makes her hand flat, palm facing the ground and moves her hand around. 'Stay low and go around the hill... sounds easy enough. But I know it won't be,' Lucy thought as they moved as quietly as they could along the rocks up to the edge of the rocks and back into the tall weedy grass.

"The nature show on what not to eat... geez," the gruffy voice commented.

Glancing up, Lucy cannot see anyone, 'they must be just beyond the tree line, why don't they think about listening instead of talking?' she shakes her head and steps around a small rock, and works to step where Rebecca and Ernest have been.

After a few minutes pass, they hear nothing more and see a wide tall field of grass, or the woods. Rebecca turns to face Ernest and Lucy, "I say we take the field, I know it is risky, but the grass will give us cover, there isn't enough cover in the trees."

Ernest bites the side of his lower lip, looking at the surroundings, 'checking her judgement,' Lucy thought and looks at Rebecca. "Take the field," I agree and then after a couple of seconds, Ernest nods his own agreement. He then looks at Lucy, "move ahead of me, you and Rebecca are small, you both won't be making such a big path through the grass when you go through."

'In front of him or behind him, it makes no difference... maybe he wants to add space between him and Rebecca,' Lucy wondered, she nods and moves in front of him. Rebecca also having a puzzled look, Lucy gives a light shrug and Rebecca rolls her eyes before continuing on.

Crouched down low, Lucy looks over her shoulder to see Ernest moving around on his stomach, he is bigger than Rebecca and herself, but he isn't a giant. 'The bigger you are, the more vulnerable you feel,' she thought and returned her attention to moving in behind Rebecca.

Minutes slowly creep past, crickets, ants, flies, lady bugs moving around, crawling on their legs, arms, jumping across their vision as they move through the tall grass. Stomachs grumbling as they haven't had anything to eat since dinner, their half chocolate bars and being awake for almost the whole night, running for their lives didn't help.

It felt like an hour of going through the field, once through Rebecca looked up to see a steep hill before them, without much cover being provided. She turns around and Lucy reads the flicker of worry in Rebecca's eyes before she hid it to be focused on the task at hand. "We have to get up this hill... it'll take a few minutes to get up and we're going to be completely exposed."

Movement is suddenly heard and seen in the distance to their left, a group of four men are walking away from them, back towards where they came from. Two of them talking, the other two looking around, the three flatten themselves to the ground.

Lucy and Rebecca feel their hearts racing under their ribs, get away to safety, wherever it may be, the idea of getting to someplace safe and home overtakes the fear of getting caught from creeping in. Ernest however, is wondering what kind of a mess he's gotten into, his own heart racing, wondering if they do encounter a group of the men hunting for them, if he can bargain with them. 'It's obvious that they're after Rebecca and Lucy... I'm just the pilot... and innocent bystander... I know it is slim that they'll let me go. But if there is a chance I can get out of this, I'll take it,' he thinks as the group of four go into the bush over forty feet away.

Rebecca closes her eyes briefly and looks at Lucy and Ernest, "I'll go up first... if I run into anyone, I'll take off North. If the coast is clear, I'll toss a rock down. Don't want to wave a branch or anything," she smiled.

'Even in this stressful situation, she manages to poke in a little humour,' Lucy thought with a smile and nodded. Just as Rebecca turned to ready herself for the climb, Lucy touched her shoulder and Rebecca turned to look at her.

"Good luck," Lucy says, Rebecca smiled at her and gives a small nod before returning her attention to the task in front of her.

Looking over the hill, spotting the odd small tree, rock, chunk of grass, she calculates where to step and where to grab to try and get herself up the hill quickly. Taking a deep breath she kicks off, hands grabbing at the dirt with loose grass.

Getting a foot hold on a tree stem, she pushes grabbing a chunk of grass and stepping on the ground, pushing and pulling. Clenching her jaw as she grabs at roots and at a small shrimp of a tree. Once she pulled it snapped and she quickly dug the toes of her boots into the ground, licking her lips as she pushes up to grab at a handful of weeds and pulls herself up the last bit. Rolling onto her back, she takes a few breaths, not realizing she had been holding it as she climbed the steep hill, looking around quickly and listening.

No talking, no snapping, just a breeze coming through. Waiting a few more moments to be sure that someone isn't waiting for her to just start moving, she moves onto her hands and knees to find a couple of decent sized stones.

When Lucy saw Rebecca lose ground for a moment on her climb, she spun around looking for a head, a body, bodies, listening for a shout of 'hey! There's one!' but it never came. Breathing a small sigh of relief when she watched Rebecca climb he last of it and out of view.

Ernest then tapped her right arm, Lucy turned to look at him, "how long have you known her?" he whispers. A curiosity in his eyes, questions unanswered written all over his face.

'He's ready to turn on Rebecca,' Lucy picked up, she cleared her throat. "She has worked with my boss for months, and she helped save my life once. I trust her with my life," Lucy answered and she didn't know if he would believe her. The questions waiting to jump out were waiting for the right moment, but would they be questions for her or Rebecca, Lucy didn't know.

A small thud was heard and a tumble, Lucy turned to face the hill to watch a rock come tumbling down towards her. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, opening her eyes she starts her climb.

Now with a dry erase board up, Hauser has set up a timeline, from Sampson's visits, to when Doc's comic shop was broken into and departure. Noting the sabotage done to the plane he and Doc would have taken. "We can assume that Sampson did the same with their gas, that they crashed an hour or so away. But we must also assume that they would want to keep us separated, give them more gas to get further, have us crash sooner and be possibly hours away from each other."

Doc sighed, "nothing was missing, so he could have given more gas to the girls or he could have taken the extra gas and dumped it somewhere." 'So few answers... we need more answers, and all we're getting is the same questions coming back.'

Hauser turns around to face Doc and starts walking to leave, "Soto, we are going to the air port, I can't wait around any longer. I want to start searching," he starts up the stairs, Doc following close behind. "We're going over Cazaduro and Sonoma."

It took 10 minutes for all three of them to get to the top and stay low as they made their way through the brush and trees. Lucy had considered telling Rebecca about what Ernest spoke to her about, but decided against it. A gut feeling that Rebecca was already getting the weird vibes from him.

Watching their surroundings, listening for any voices, incredibly hungry, tired, thirsty. Ernest keeps his eye on Rebecca every now and then, watching her, looking for any signs that he should see with alarm bells. Breathing heavily, his legs are yelling as he isn't used to moving around so much, his shirt feels like it is soaked through.

He stops and leans against a tree, Lucy notices she no longer hears him moving behind her and looks over her shoulder to see he looks exhausted.

"Rebecca," Lucy whispers and Rebecca spins around thinking that they spotted someone. Her eyes fall onto Ernest and they both move over to his side.

"I cannot keep going right now, I need to rest," Ernest whispered, "too hungry and thirsty."

Biting her lip, Rebecca looks around their surroundings, "we do need food... but we should save the last of our chocolate bars."

"I haven't seen any berry bushes, or heard a stream... let's find some shelter and take a five minute break," Lucy advised, but Ernest shook his head.

"I can't go any further... my legs are shaking and hurt... I am not used to this kind of a trek. You two go on, I'll catch up," Ernest said and both girls shook their heads.

"No, we need to stick together-" Rebecca started, but Ernest jumped in.

"Why do we need to stick together? They're after you aren't they?"

Seeing his view point, Rebecca crouches down onto her left knee, looking him in the eye. "Ernest, you know that they cannot afford to let you live," she held up her right hand to tell him not to speak when he opened his mouth. "The reason why, they were sent to kill everyone who survived the plane crash. Even if you talk to them, they will see you as being someone expendable, they can't have any witnesses, no one to say what happened after the crash," Rebecca explained and Ernest heaved a sigh.

"Why are they after you?" Ernest asked and Rebecca and Lucy couldn't help noticing he keeps saying 'you' and not 'you two'.

"We told you why, and I know the story sounds farfetched, but it is the truth," Rebecca is looking him straight in the eye, she can see he wants to look away. "We are being hunted by a 63' from Alcatraz who has hired a bunch of men to kill us because we are working on hunting them down and putting them back behind bars," Rebecca sees a glare and then he looks away. Like he is tired of the same absurd story being told to him and he wants her out of his face.

"I know you don't trust me, Ernest. And right now I don't care," his eyes come back to her, "my priority is getting the three of us out of here alive. Months ago, Lucy was shot in the heart on my watch, my watch," she repeated. Lucy is now looking at Rebecca, "I felt responsible for not being able to stop it, because I was the one with the badge and the one with the gun. And still she got shot by a sniper... and I will be damned if I let anything like that happen on my watch again, I am the one with the badge and the one with the gun. However out here the only thing that is going to count for me, is my gun."

Rebecca takes a moment, she had never spoken to Lucy about the incident when she was shot. For it to come out like this bugged her, but at the same time she needed to make a point and had to get Ernest off of her back in some way so she can fully focus on the task at hand. Hoping that if they do get caught, that he won't turn on them.

"Now," Rebecca swallows, "five minutes may or may not have passed. But every second we waste here out in the open, in the trees, we risk getting caught and killed... we are going to get back on the move and get to Redwood Lodge as quickly and carefully as we can. Got it?"

Ernest pursed his lips, looking at Lucy and then at Rebecca, taking a deep breath, "fine."

The bark above his head suddenly burst, "shit!" Rebecca cursed, "run!"

Looking out a door window to the strip where his plane will be getting ready to take off from, Hauser's phone goes off and he reaches in to pull it out and read the caller ID. His boss.

"Hauser," Hauser said, he didn't want to talk to him right now, but he knew that a process report was needed.

"Hello, how is everything?" his boss asked, calm but his tone business like.

"Soto and I are going to be on a plane in a short while to see if we can spot anything," Hauser answered.

"I'm sorry for what you must be going through... what of Sampson?" Hauser closed his eyes and Doc walked over to him looking upset and uncomfortable.

"Since he sabotaged the plane and we have witnesses who saw him, nothing. He has done nothing since, no other 63' has popped onto our radar so our focus is on the girls," Hauser said, he noticed Soto biting his bottom lip, 'what does he know?' Turning his attention back to the phone, "hang on a sec."

Putting his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone, Hauser looks at Doc, "what?"

Taking a breath, "all flights have been cancelled, a big storm is on the heels of San Francisco and until it clears no planes are taking off," Doc said, another setback and all he wants to do is get out there with Hauser. He watches Hauser's features darken, his knuckles turning white as he grips the phone tighter in anger.

Hauser looks out the window and into the direction where the take off would be to see black clouds rolling in and then a flash of lightning. 'Not another setback... possibly an hour or hours away from getting up in the air to look for them damn it! I should have acted sooner and gone in the air sooner... but I needed to wait on reports,' he lets out a breath slowly. Closing his eyes to calm his anger that is threatening to boil over.

Lifting the phone to his ear, "a storm has stalled our flight... I'll call you back," he waited for the 'Okay' on the other end before hanging up. He takes a deep breath through his nose and lets it out slowly through his mouth, clenching his fists, jaw tight. All he wants to do now is throw his phone at the nearest wall, kick a nearby garbage can and send it into something else.

Doc has no idea how to handle a really pissed Hauser, he watched his face turn red in seconds after seeing the storm clouds. And the last thing he wants is for Hauser to snap at him, so he stays quiet and watches Hauser fight to control his emotions.

After a couple of moments pass, Hauser looks at Doc, his face a little red but he looks more in control, "let's head back, pick up some food and re-asses what we have." Hauser has no appetite, not when he knows Lucy and Madsen most likely haven't eaten, but at the same time he knows he needs to eat to keep himself on the go, so when they do find them. They'll be able to help and not be impaired from not eating properly.

Legs pumping to go faster, heart racing, footsteps and shouts in the distance behind. When the shooter missed, and they started running, Lucy's heart skipped a beat when she heard 'They're over here!'

Stepping over a large rock, moving around a tree, jumping over a small fallen tree, ducking under a few low branches, Lucy watches and is following Rebecca closely. She ran hear Ernest's heavy breathing and heavy footfalls as he works to keep up.

And then Rebecca drops from her sight, she slows up just enough to see that the ground drops into a very steep hill and Rebecca is half rolling, half sliding as she is grabbing at trees to try and destabilize herself. Lucy starts down the hill, grabbing the trees and starting to quickly step down, and then her foot slips and she begins sliding down, falling onto her elbows and sliding down the hill on her heels and elbows.

Ernest, being so exhausted already is unable to prepare and loses his balance and begins tumbling down the hill.

Landing on her back, Rebecca rolls over onto her hands and knees, 'damn my head hurts... got to keep moving' she reminds herself as Lucy comes up behind her and then she looks up at their immediate surroundings. This part of the woods is more dense, and then while hearing Ernest fall the last couple of feet behind her to land hard, a man comes out from the woods holding a gun aimed at them.

Rebecca whips her own gun out from her hip and their focus is on one another. Lucy then watches as two more men come out from the trees on their left and right, each holding a knife.

Ernest groans and gets up slowly once he sees their situation, "why the fuck does your boss want us dead?" he asks, his last conversation with Rebecca not having sat well with him still and now wishes to let his anger out on them finally.

"When someone finds out they are being looked into and searched for, they begin to feel threatened, what do they do next? Defend. Wouldn't you agree?" the man holding the gun said cooly.

"If he is being searched for and looked into... there's a reason. If you feel threatened, then you have something to hide and you defend," Rebecca said and the man grinned at her.

"Very nice," he commented and looked at his two partners, "kill them."

Both men charged, and Rebecca decided to take a chance, going down on her right knee and turning she kicks out her left foot and nails the man coming for Lucy in the join between leg and foot. He cries out and stumbles for Rebecca to get up and grab his knife wrist, hold it out and away, she then back hands him with the butt of her hand gun in the right temple.

Ernest meanwhile just barely dodged a jab with the knife to grab the man's knife hand on the inside, with his left arm, yank the man forward to elbow him in the nose, blood flowing immediately down the attackers face.

Then quickly grabbing the back of his head and thrusting his head down while he's dazed, she brings her right knee up to connect it with this forehead. The knife released, she takes and he falls down for her to spin around to see the gun man just watching, she then glances to see Ernest getting the upper hand on his attacker.

The man let go of the knife and took a step back, Ernest holding both knives at the ready, the man charges and tackles for Ernest to catch him in the abdomen, the man falling for Ernest to turn and let him drop to the ground clutching his side.

Wasting no time, holding the spare knife, Ernest flips it so the blade part is in his hand and he looks at the gun man, the gun man sees this and quickly changes from aiming at Rebecca to aim at Ernest. Rebecca sees Ernest about to throw, and the gun man now aiming at him to shoot as he has become the new threat, she shoots, the man shoots and Ernest throws.

Ernest stumbles back before falling onto his back, the shooter flinched when shot in the chest to the right but fell onto his back when he got the knife in his chest to the left.

Running to his side, Rebecca looks at where the entry wound is on Ernest, "shit... can you get up?" she asks as she and Lucy are ready to lift him. Shouts from above can be heard.

"I don't know... but I can't keep going like this, I'm going to slow you two down!" Ernest said as they lifted him to his feet and then Rebecca took over to walk him to the tree line. "Leave me here."

"There is no telling what they'll do Ernest, I'm not leaving you behind," Rebecca said and then he leaned away from her to lean against the tree so she no longer has a good grip on him. "Ernest! They're going to be on us at any moment, come on. We have to keep moving!"

Reaching into his pocket, he takes out his lighter, the map and hands over his own knife, Rebecca looks at them and then at him to shake her head. 'She really doesn't want to leave me behind... she is trying to save my life... I had her pegged wrong,' he looks at Lucy, takes her hand right hand and puts the lighter and handle of the knife into her hand.

"Go, get out of here. I misjudged you Rebecca, I'm sorry, but now you and Lucy have to get out of here. Go!" Ernest urges, seeing the look of not wanting to go written all over her face.

'I don't want to leave him behind when there is a chance... he looks spent... and Lucy and I have a chance,' Rebecca stalls just a moment to hand him the knife she had gained from her own fight. Lucy then grabs her arm and starts pulling her away. Lucy hands her the knife, not feeling comfortable with it and they start running.

"GO!" Ernest yells as the ground has small bursts of explosions from bullets, then he hears grunts and yells from where they had come from. "I'll buy you two some time," he says under his breath and looks up at the men falling and sliding down the hill.

"Go after the girls!" a man shouted from the top of the hill, the first ones to the bottom charged and once they came to the tree line, Ernest lurched from his tree and tackles them to the ground, one hitting his head off a tree to get knocked out instantly.

Running through the dense woods, the trees providing lots of cover as they weave between them, shots go off behind them but no bullets hit the trees near them.

The man who had shouted the order for the men to go after the girls stood before Ernest, pointing his gun at the older man, four men are with him and the rest are hunting for the girls. He lowers the gun and crouches before Ernest, his eyes are dark, 'the way the others are standing and looking at him... he must be the big cheese.'

"Do you know who I am?" the man asked, his voice deep but sharp, Ernest didn't want to hear his maniacal laugh.

"You're the boss," Ernest said, he'd forgotten the man's name that was mentioned last night.

He smiles, "yes, I am Jason Rasgo," he glances to his one man who is still knocked out on the forest floor and he looks back at Ernest. "You bought the girls a couple of extra seconds to get away... did they tell you want is going on?"

'Why is he keeping me alive... he wants the girls... he probably knows they have a destination in mind and wants to get that out of me,' Ernest thinks and mauls over if he should tell Jason here the story they told him.

"They told me they are hunting 63's from Alcatraz, the ones that were supposed to be transported off the island, but disappeared and are reappearing in our present year," Ernest summed it up, moving himself to sit up against a tree.

Jason Rasgo chuckled and then let out a hearty laugh before looking at Ernest, "and you believed them?"

Ernest shook his head, "of course not," and then Jason's demeanor went serious.

"Why not? I am 2109," Jason said and Ernest recognized the number as the one Lucy had given. Jason's look went from serious to creepy with a slowly forming creepy grin.

'Oh shit... what have I gotten myself into?' Ernest wondered.

"I'm keeping you alive."

The sun is going down, Rebecca and Lucy have been on the run off and on since leaving Ernest. A bunch of rocks and boulders are clustered together at the foot of a decent sized hill, part way up is smaller rocks and at the top is a cave. 'I hope no animals are living in there... it seems our best bet right now for a place to stay the night,' Lucy thought as she examined each rock she was about to step on.

Some are wobbly, others are stable, Lucy looked up to watch Rebecca almost lose her balance and hop onto a bigger rock and finally reach the smaller rocks. Looking back down, Lucy steps on another that is fine and goes for a bigger one, it turns forward at a weird angle and her ankle gives out as she falls to her hands and knees.

Wincing she moves herself to sit on her butt, Rebecca turned around, having heard the spill and hurries over, careful with the rocks she steps on. "Are you okay?" Rebecca asked as Lucy pulled up her pant leg to touch her ankle, hissing at the pain.

"I think I twisted my ankle," Lucy said and Rebecca bit her lip as she looked around their surroundings.

"Here, I'll move you onto the smaller rocks," Rebecca places each of her hands under Lucy's under arms and looks behind her at the rocks at her feet, crouched low she slides her onto the even secure rocks. "Okay, if you can stand up," Rebecca turns around and crouches with her arms open, "climb onto my back."

Lucy took a deep breath and moved herself back onto her hands and knees, both of them listening for any of the men chasing them the whole time. But so far not a sound. Balancing on her right foot, Lucy stands up and climbs onto Rebecca's back, feeling her Rebecca's hands grip under her thighs while she put her hands onto her shoulders.

"Arms around neck," Rebecca instructed and Lucy carefully moved her arms out front, doing her best as Rebecca slowly stands up and then shifts Lucy to being up a bit higher on her back to not choke her.

Rebecca shakes her head to get her hair out of her vision and looks up at the cave above, and starts to climb, taking less than a minute to reach it, "can you reach down for my left pocket? My flashlight should be in there."

Lucy moves her right hand onto Rebecca's right shoulder and reaches down with her left hand, tongue sticking out as she fishes and finds the small flashlight and pulls it up. Bringing both hands out front she turns it on, and shines it inside so Rebecca can navigate inside, no sounds coming from the inside.

Stepping in, the cave moves to the left, and narrows a bit and then opens up again. It's very cool in the cave, there are some claw marks on the ground, but they look faded. And finally Rebecca stops at the end of the cave, not very deep, but no one can just peek around the corner to see them either. Rebecca crouches down with her back to the back of the cave wall and Lucy carefully climbs off of her back to sit on her butt on the cold rock floor.

"If they find this cave, they'll come looking inside," Lucy said as she shone the flashlight around their little room.

"Let me see how much of the light they'll see," Rebecca got up as she reached into her pocket for her cell phone to turn it on. Knowing they had no cell service told her to save the battery, 'what was that thing Doc sent me a while ago by accident?' she wondered as she waited for it to come on.

Stepping outside of the cave, listening and looking for any signs of movement, 'no one is here yet, good,' she thought and turned around to look inside of the cave. "Okay, shine it at the opening," she instructed in a low voice.

"I am," came Lucy's voice and to Rebecca's surprise, she cannot see any signs of the flashlight, 'I guess the cave curves around enough that they won't see a small fire then,' she thought and looked at her phone as she went back in.

"I didn't see any of the light," Rebecca said as she came around the corner and began going through her saved files on her phone.

"What are you looking for?" Lucy asked, her stomach then grumbled loudly for them both to feel the effects of not eating. Exhausted, sore and incredibly hungry.

"Doc was going through some of his notification sounds and accidentally sent me the wrong one, it is from a game. I couldn't be bothered to delete it at the time, if I'm right on what it is then I am happy I didn't," Rebecca said and found her downloads. Skyrim Bear it was titled, she pressed play and increased the volume to max for a grumbling, upset bear sounds to come out of the phone. Smiling at Lucy, "if they come near, we'll just play that and hopefully they'll turn tail and run."

"If we make it through this, be sure to thank Doc for sending it," Lucy smiled and Rebecca pulled out her chocolate bar and then got a shiver of night coming on.

"I'll be back, I'm going to see if I can find any food and wood and maybe some wood shavings again to start up a fire," Rebecca said and handed her phone to Lucy. "If you hear anyone coming, just hit play."

Lucy took the phone and sighed as she removed her carry-on bag with the first aid kit in it off and to the side. "Be careful."

"Yes?" came the straight forward, serious tone of Ray on the other end, Doc knew this conversation wouldn't go well. At the same time, Ray had a right to know the woman he pretty much raised was most likely lost and being hunted for by killers. Hauser is at the computers, it looks like he is staring off into space with his phone on the desk in front of him. For all Doc knew, he had fallen asleep sitting there.

"Hi Mr. Archer, it's Doc Soto," he cringed as he realized Ray probably already knew and he was just going to irritate the man more by babbling. "I felt I should tell you about our current situation, sir," he rolled his eyes, 'seriously?'

"Is Rebecca alright?" Ray asked, his voice even, not cut and dry this time.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose with his middle and thumb finger tips, "we don't know where she is," he said and he could feel Ray was about to jump in asking 'what do you mean you don't know where she is?' "She was on a plane with Lucy and their plane never landed. After going over footage and questioning employees, we know that a 63', Owen Sampson tampered with their plane, but we have no idea of where they are."

"When did this happen?" Ray asked, worry in his voice but also staying focused, this part Doc was afraid to tell him as he knew he should have called sooner. Doc would look at their white board, the time lines, what information they had gathered, and glanced at his half eaten sub before him. He wasn't all that hungry, especially when he knew the girls and their pilot would be starving. Hauser's voice in his head 'we need our strength so when we find them, we'll be able to help them instead of being exhausted,' but it didn't help.

"They took off yesterday morning, my comic shop had been broken into and a 63' found my plane ticket so he knew when and which plane," Doc answered and a scientist walked in from outside. Glancing over, the scientist is soaked, his jacket is dripping as he comes down the stairs to look up at Doc and offer an uncomfortable smile.

"Yesterday? Wait... if a 63' set them up to crash... then some of the 63's in Oregon knew you were coming up to hunt them down? And now the girls are on their own, what if the 63's who are working together are trying to hunt them down?" Ray asked and Doc closed his eyes.

"That's what we're afraid of," Doc admitted and heard Ray slam his fist onto his bar counter he figured.

"Why wasn't I told about this sooner? Rebecca and Lucy have been on the run for over a day most likely and I find out about this now?" Ray demanded, Doc opened his eyes to look at the white board again, the girls pictures up on there.

"Between the break in, interviewing and waiting for some news about some way of finding the girls with a tracker or something... my mind was on the girls. Hauser and I tried to get a plane out so we could search, but the storm stopped all flights from going out till it clears... I'm sorry," Doc said, feeling guilty for telling Ray now and not being able to help the girls.

There was a long pause on the phone, and then Ray finally spoke, "let me know when you find them, alright?"

"You got it, I'll call you right away," Doc answered, with that Ray hung up. Doc didn't expect any pleasantries at the end of the conversation, and now he had to call Nikki.

Dialing Nikki's cell phone it rung two times before getting answered, "hey, I thought you and Rebecca were out of town for a couple of weeks."

"We've run into a brick wall... not literally," he corrected himself looking up at the ceiling as if willing it to spell out what to say to not sound weird. "I'm still in San Francisco," Doc said and looked at the time, "can I meet with you?" he knew he wouldn't be able to talk to Ray face to face, but Nikki was different and he wanted to see someone who wouldn't glare at him or something.

Some voices and movement can be heard in the distance, looking in the direction, Rebecca can see flashlights moving around between the trees, but nothing more than a bit of a glow. Holding onto a lot of stuff as she gets to the foot of the cave, "Lucy, it's me," Rebecca says in a low voice, figuring Lucy must be scrambling to get the phone on the go.

Then she heard the muffled groaning of the bear from her phone and he walked in, "sorry, I turned the flashlight off, wanted to conserve power," Lucy said in a low voice and turned it back on so Rebecca wouldn't walk into a wall or hit her head.

"Thanks," Rebecca said as her head had tapped the ceiling, "I brought some raspberries, a walking stick, stuffed my pocket with wood shavings and brought some wood for a little fire to get us warm."

Lucy blinked at the bundle in Rebecca's arms as she named them, "they look great," she commented and watched Rebecca set it all down to the side. Pulling the lighter out of her pocket that Ernest had given her, she frowned, but decided she didn't want to talk about it just yet.

On her knees, Rebecca pulled out the shaved bits of wood from her pocket and twigs, putting it into a small groove next to the wall of the cave and broke up the branches before using the lighter on the twigs.

After a couple of minutes the fire caught, Rebecca had grabbed a couple of branch clusters with raspberries on them and put them down in a pile between them. Picking the berries and having them in a nice pile in their hands they ate every single one, fingers red so they rubbed their fingers to their teeth to enjoy every ounce.

Looking at their chocolate bars, there is still a couple left, "let's eat the rest of our half chocolate bars and call it a night for food," Lucy advised and Rebecca nodded in her agreement.

"I won't argue with you," Rebecca smiled and they happily ate that.

Though their stomachs were still hungry, they were at least satisfied with something in them.

Footsteps could be heard outside of the cave as they sat together, the crunch of rocks being pushed into one another. Rebecca grabbed her phone, hit a button to open it, then the unlock button and hit play. Her heart suddenly hammering in her chest as she hopes the grumbling bear sounds from inside the cave will scare off any of the men outside.

"Shit! There's a fucking bear in that cave!" the footsteps hurried off and nothing more was heard.

Sighing with relief, Rebecca smiles, "definitely thanking Doc for that one," she said quietly and Lucy rested her head on her shoulder.

Looking at the small flames next to them, getting some heat from it, Lucy's mind goes back to what Rebecca had said to Ernest, she looks up at her and sees Rebecca is staring at the small amount of light dancing on the cave wall. 'I was caught up in reading what was on the window... she worked until help arrived to try and save me... and she beat herself up for not being able to do more. And since we got into this mess, she's protected me by shooting down a man, taking down someone told to kill me and she's carried me up to a cave on her back.'

"Thank you, Rebecca," Lucy said and Rebecca blinked and turned her attention to Lucy next to her, giving a quizzical look. "You saw I was in danger and could do nothing to stop me from being shot... and to know you beat yourself up... I don't blame you," looking Rebecca in the eye. "You helped save my life, and on that shore you shot a man off of me, then you took down a man who was told to kill me, and then you carried me up here on your back. I don't know what else to say other than, thank you."

Rebecca processed what Lucy had said and smiled, putting her arm around her shoulders, "anytime Lucy." Their first time on their own, together, no screens to be watching, radio talk to listen to, no car to jump into and look at the scene of the crime. Just them waiting for this nightmare to be over.

"They're looking for us, and very worried about our situation," Rebecca said, keeping her voice low, Lucy would look down at the small fire, get a chill down her spine.

"Yes... I bet they are," Lucy said quietly, "Emerson has been through so much... one day we're dating and the next... it's late 2011 and he's changed and so much older and I'm... I'm lost in the mix of everything that has changed."

Rebecca looks down at her, "over three decades pass for you overnight, not at all an easy transition," she commented and Lucy shook her head.

"Nope... all I have is Hauser from back then and the inmates from 63' that need to be caught," Lucy said and Rebecca frowns.

"What about you and Hauser?" Rebecca asks, wondering if there is still something between the two. They had spoken about it once, but now that they had time, and if Lucy was willing, they could talk.

Lucy would give a small sigh and take a few seconds to respond, "deep down, I know there is the same Emerson Hauser I began falling for. He's changed over the years, wanting to find me, and now wanting to protect me... there is no time really for personal talk during the hunt. I'd like to think there will be something for us after we have them all, I still love him," Lucy smiles at the thought.

"We're going to get home, Ray isn't going to be happy," Rebecca sighed and smiled, "but we're going to get home, I promise." Lucy nodded, and would yawn, her mind still alert, but mental and physical exhaustion weighing on her mind. "I'll take first watch and I'll wake you up at two, okay?"

Lucy smiles, "you've got yourself a deal, good night."

Rebecca smiled a little, sure she was exhausted, but she knew one of them had to take first watch, glancing at her watch to read 9p.m. 'You're getting five hours of uninterrupted sleep this time Lucy, tomorrow is going to be another story on its own,' she thought and listened as Lucy's breathing changed already, resting off the tiring day they just had for a new one ahead.

To Be Continued...

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