Hello readers! A new Klaroline fic for you! I got a lot of requests on Tumblr to write a "time travel" fic and I've been working on it for a while now and here it finally begins! I hope you all enjoy it!

Just so you know, it begins in between season 2 and 3 so just to remind you: Klaus is gone with Stefan and is a hybrid, Caroline and Matt are broken up and she is not will Tyler yet.

Also, since sometimes I get slammed about this in other fics, I've made up a couple canon details to fit my story so don't assume that any of the rules on actual TVD exist here ;)

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p.s. If you read my chapter one preview on Tumblr, read it again! I've made some changes here.

Split me, tear me, cut my heart open.
Fling me across the seas of space & the fabric of time.
From nothing, make me everything.


Caroline could hear the birds tweeting happily outside her room. She groaned. Her head was killing her. Damn birds. What did they have to be so happy about anyways? She rolled over and reached for her pillow immediately smashing her head on something very cold and hard.

She rubbed her forehead with her hand and her eyes opened. There was a large rock just in front of her face. She rolled onto her back again staring up. Mile high trees greeted her, rays of sun streaming through their branches. A flock of birds flapped their wings and scattered from the trees overhead.

Caroline's breathing became rapid as she sat up, looking around her. She was in the middle of a forest, sitting in the moss and dirt. She pulled her navy blue jacket tight around her body and assessed the situation. The fog in her brain slowly lifted and she remembered. She remembered why she was waking up in a forest instead of in her own bed.

"Bonnie?" She called out, her head whipping frantically around. No answer. No sign of her witchy friend.

It seemed like only a few moments ago that she had been inside Bonnie's house, just after midnight in Mystic Falls.

"Ok, we have Klaus's possession and we have the daggers," Bonnie had said laying everything out on the floor in front of them. Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie sat on the floor in a circle in Bonnie's living room, white candles glowing all around them.

"Why do we need something of Klaus's?" Elena asked.

"Most spells like this require a personal possession," Bonnie explained, "and we'll use that possession as a marker. Something from the time period we are trying to get into."

Caroline had taken a severe chance earlier when she broke into Klaus's apartment to steal something of his. It had to be her though. Elena or Bonnie would have been killed quickly if caught and they weren't telling any of the boys about this plan of theirs. Damon seemed to be cracking under pressure and Stefan was…well Stefan was gone with Klaus now. It was definitely time for the women to step in and get things done.

Caroline twisted a chain in her hand, a small heart charm at the end of it. It was one of those necklaces Klaus was always wearing. She reached up to her neck and absent-mindedly fingered her own charm necklace. Klaus's almost reminded her of her own necklace, she had a heart charm similar to this one, but her initials were engraved into the back of it. Her dad had given it to her on her fourteenth birthday.

She flipped Klaus's necklace over. Nothing was there except smooth metal. Bonnie had told her to get something old and this looked very old. Ancient even. There were scratches across the surface; bloodstains too if you looked close enough. Caroline wondered when and where this came from and why Klaus had kept it for so long.

Then Bonnie cleared her throat, bringing Caroline out of her musings. She set the chain in the middle of their circle. It was surrounded by even more candles and herbs.

"Ok so I'll start chanting and then on my signal we touch the object and it should transport us back to that time period, to wherever Klaus was," Bonnie said.

"How are you guys going to kill Klaus once you're there," Elena asked.

"That's what these are for," Caroline said, unzipping her boot and revealing one of the special daggers that put the originals in their little comas. "Bonnie created some more. We can't kill him, but we can put him out of commission and hide his body where it will never be found."

"Wait, wait. If Caroline uses this won't it kill her?" Elena asked picking up one of the daggers.

"Oh Elena try to keep up," Caroline teased, "Bonnie here worked her magnificent powers to reverse that little obstacle. I can stab as many originals as I want and I'll be perfectly fine."

Elena wrinkled her nose at Caroline's jab and the girls joined hands. This was the plan. Go back in time and kill Klaus long before he had the chance to become invincible. Preventing him from ever coming to Mystic Falls, preventing him from ever killing Jenna, or taking away Stefan or screwing up any of their lives. If he was dead in the past, he wouldn't ruin their future.

"Ready?" Bonnie asked. They nodded and she began the spell.

Caroline remembered feeling the low hum of the magic, the electricity in the air, as the flames on the candles grew taller and the spell began to take hold. Some kind of ringing noise filled her head as the spell grew stronger. She had barely heard Bonnie when she gave the signal. Caroline's hand had flown to Klaus's necklace, the metal of the charm burned her hand, but she kept hold of it. She felt a pull at her belly button and her bones twist and turn. Suddenly she was falling into gray space. Her head spun and her ears rang. She didn't know what was up and what was down.

Then everything went black.

And she woke up here. In this forest. With the birds singing.

But what happened to Bonnie? She was supposed to come with her and Elena was supposed to stay. That was the plan. She checked her boot, making sure the dagger was still there. She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt the cool metal against her fingers.

She stood up and brushed the leaves from her pants and hair. Now to figure out where she was and find Klaus. Also, when she was. A branch snapped behind her and she whipped around at the sound, spreading her legs in a fighting stance. Her jaw dropped a little when she saw what was behind her. It was Klaus. Well that was easy, she thought to herself.

"Well, well. What have we here?" Klaus said, circling her predatorily. Caroline watched him closely, taking in what he was wearing. He had on a loose, cream colored shirt, that was stained with blood. Over his shirt he wore a black velvet jacket, silvery studs sewn over the sleeves. His legs were wrapped in some kind of black pants and he wore thick, black boots. Judging from his clothes, she must have ended up during the medieval period. When Klaus was definitely still a vampire but definitely still as dangerous as ever.

She saw the evil glint in his eye and watched him carefully as he continued to circle her. His eyes were taking her in as well, noting her own clothes, and maybe even possibly what she would look like without them.

"Are you lost in the woods my dear?" He taunted, stepping closer to her now. Caroline kept her eyes open for his attack.

"No actually, I've found what I'm looking for," she replied.

He chuckled and licked his lips. "Well, that makes two of us then."

Before Caroline could react he lunged forward. He was much quicker than she imagined. She screamed as he knocked her to the ground, his fangs sinking into her neck. She could feel him draining the blood from her throat and tried her best to push him off. But then his teeth ripped from her neck, the blood trickling down his chin.

He stared down at her, wide eyed, straddling her torso on the ground. Her hand flew to her neck instinctively staunch the blood flow as she looked up at his face. She tried her best to calm her pulse and not look afraid, but she knew she wasn't doing very well. She was afraid. He had attacked her so easily. Her one shot and this was it. She had failed her friends. All she could hope was that Bonnie would succeed in her stead.

Klaus's eyes narrowed and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand away from the wound. She gasped, the sound more like a sob than anything else, and he watched as the skin knitted itself back together. With his other hand he ran his thumb across the blood, whipping it away to reveal the healed wound.

He had leaned into her more in his curiosity, his face hovering over hers.

"You're a vampire," Klaus said, coming to the realization. "I know every vampire in England. But I don't know you."

Caroline grunted under his weight, trying to break free of his grasp, but he only pressed her further into the ground.

"My name is Caroline," she said, "Caroline Forbes."

She screamed again as Klaus pulled her from the ground and pushed her up against a large oak tree. His body pressed into hers and his fingers dug into her throat, cutting into her windpipe and causing her to choke.

"Who sent you here?"

"No one," she gasped, her legs kicking.

"Liar," he sneered and dropped her to the ground.

Caroline gasped and coughed, trying to regroup her strength. Her hand went to her boot, to the dagger. If he was going to kill her here, in the woods, she wasn't going down without at least trying to get a shot at him.

Klaus loomed over her, she looked up and met his eyes, brushing her hair off her face. His gaze was angry, but curious. He cocked his head at her strangely, regarding her as if she were some weird plant he had found in the forest. She waited for him to strike at her again, but it didn't happen.

"You're coming with me," he said, turning from her and walking away.

"What? I'm not going with you!"

Klaus turned back toward her. "Or I could just kill you here now? Take your pick sweetheart."

Caroline sat there on the ground, considering for a moment. Fight it out now, where she certainly didn't have a chance or wait until later when she might have an actual opportunity to gain the upper hand and end him. Before she could give her answer, Klaus spoke again.

"That's what I thought," he said flashing her a small grin, "come along then."

Klaus walked off into the forest. Caroline gaped at him for a couple moments, before scrambling up and following him.

Klaus had never tasted blood like that before. He had thought she was human when he had found the lonely little blonde girl in the woods. Caroline, she had called herself. Caroline Forbes. Dressed like a man in her strange fabrics. There was an odd smell about her. Things he didn't recognize mixed with vanilla and lavender. But her blood was the thing that caught him off guard.

Her blood was otherworldly. Euphoric was the word that came to mind. He could have drained her dry right then and there, but he stopped himself. Why was she so different? If his centuries of living had taught him anything, it was that he couldn't be surprised. And this girl and her blood had surprised him. What was she? He would figure it out before he killed her. So he brought her back to the castle with him.

Klaus walked in through the kitchens, startling the servants as usual. They were all human and all afraid of him, but they were also compelled to keep their mouths shut. Caroline followed behind him as he walked through the kitchen and toward the staircase that would take him up to his rooms. He laid claim to three of the rooms in the house. His bedroom, his private solar, and a second bedroom. Elijah, his brother, had the rooms in the other wing of the castle. Klaus enjoyed his privacy, even from his brother.

He led Caroline up the stairs and into the extra bedroom in his wing. One of the servants was in there, busy cleaning.

"Out," he growled and the woman quickly made herself scare. Klaus slammed the door behind her and rounded on Caroline.

She stood in the middle of the room, her arms folded across her chest. She met his stare head on. He found he liked that for some reason. Most people regarded him with fear. Oh she had definitely had her scared moments back in the woods, but he noticed that she was always quick to mask them. Her misguided bravery was refreshing in a way.

Klaus circled her again, taking in every detail of her look and demeanor. He couldn't deny. She was quite beautiful. Her golden hair shined like the sun and her blue eyes sparkled like diamonds.

"Would you stop doing that!" Caroline stomped one foot in annoyance.

He stilled in front of her, his eyes flicking down to her hand, and noticing the ring that encircled her finger. He grasped her hand quickly and lifted it up to inspect it. Caroline tried to snatch her hand away, but it was useless. His hold was rather tight.

"Lapiz lazul," he said, his breath ghosting over her knuckles. "Where did you get this?"

"A friend gave it to me," she said.

"I don't know many vampires with daylight tokens," Klaus said dropping her hand. He leaned even closer to her then, his eyes dilating. "You will tell me exactly who you are and where you are from and why you are here."

Caroline noticed the note of compulsion in his tone and opened her mouth to answer. "I'm Caroline Forbes. I'm from Mystic Falls. And I can't be compelled."

Klaus growled at her. He didn't appreciate being made fun of. Why couldn't he compel her?

"I've been drinking small doses of vervain for months now. Built up quite the tolerance." She answered his question before he even had the chance to ask.

"You drink vervain, you wear a daylight ring, you dress strangely—"


"You're obviously prepared against original vampires. Now I just have to figure out who sent you to kill us and then I can kill you and be done with it."

Caroline swallowed. Even if he did figure out who sent her there, there was little chance that he would actually believe it.

"It's pointless in trying to figure out who sent me," Caroline said slowly.

Klaus smirked. "That is for me to decide." He backed away from her then and folded his hands behind his back. "We'll wait. Let the vervain leave your system. You'll stay here. This can be your room."

"Huh?" Caroline blinked at him.

"You will stay in this castle, under my watch, until I decide to kill you."

Caroline squared her chin. "Not if I kill you first."

Klaus laughed out loud. Her spirit really was quite amusing. But amusing or not, he couldn't allow her too many luxuries. He grabbed at her hand once again and snatched the daylight ring off her finger.

"I'll hold onto this for you," Klaus said. The room was shaded from direct sunlight for the moment, but if she tried to leave, Caroline would find herself in quite a lot of pain.

Klaus left her alone in the room. It didn't take her long to figure out that he had locked her in. She was his prisoner now apparently. Not that she could escape. Without her ring she wouldn't get very far before burning to a crisp. Caroline released a heavy sigh and leaned her back against the heavy oak door. The room was rather large. There was a gigantic for poster bed, decorated with large pillows and fur blankets. An even larger fur rug covered the stoney floor. On one end of the room was a fireplace and on the other a table with a basin and some rags. There was a large wardrobe there too. She opened it up and revealed a bunch of dresses ranging from simple to rather fancy. She shut the doors again, wondering who those belonged to.

She explored the room, trying to figure out a good place to hide her dagger. She was thankful that Klaus hadn't thought to pat her down when he had caught her. Maybe they didn't do pat downs in medieval times.

Just then there was a knock at the door, then it unlatched and in walked a tiny, old woman. She had a green dress in her arms. The woman walked forward and presented it to Caroline, keeping her gaze low.

"For me?"

The women nodded. Caroline touched the fabric. It was velvet. The woman then set the dress on the bed and left her alone again, locking the door.

Caroline took the dress in her arms and held it up to her body. It seemed like it would fit her. Although why Klaus was giving her dresses was beyond her, it wasn't like…

And then she stopped as the realization dawned on her. She was stuck here. Without Bonnie, she didn't know how she would get back to the present time. Bonnie had never explained how they would get back, just that they would when their task was accomplished. Caroline dropped the dress back onto the bed and sunk down onto the floor.

She was stuck. In the past, with a murderous original vampire, no friends, and no one to help her escape. Suddenly she was terrified. For the first time in her entire life, Caroline Forbes was completely on her own.

Klaus found his brother in the gardens, thumbing through one of his many books. Elijah heard him approaching and glanced up, squinting slightly as his eyes adjusted to the morning light.

"Good morning brother," Elijah said to him, "out all night again?"

Elijah nodded to Klaus's bloodied shirt. He hadn't bothered to change his clothes after leaving Caroline. He'd gone straight to find Elijah. He needed to discuss his new discovery with his closest confidant.

"Indeed brother," Klaus said coming to a stop in front of him, "pity you didn't join me last night. I found something very interesting in the woods this morning."

"Oh really?" Elijah asked, closing the book and now giving Klaus his full attention. He told his brother about stumbling upon Caroline, alone and lost in the forests on their land. He attempted to describe the encounter, emphasizing on the uniqueness of her blood, but he found it difficult to articulate the exactness of how different and sweet she tasted. Elijah could only know if he tasted her himself. But he shook off that idea as soon as it came to him. That thought made Klaus's fists clench. He felt possessive for some strange reason. He didn't want his brother or anyone else drinking Caroline's blood.

"Do you think she's some sort of special vampire?" Elijah asked once Klaus had finished filling him in.

"I'm not sure. Maybe she's one of Mikael's experiments." Klaus sneered at the last word. In his endless attempts to try and kill Klaus, Mikael had tried to create creatures that were stronger than Klaus and any of the other originals. But they always went rabid or just failed entirely. It had been a hundred years or so since Mikael had tried something like that.

"Where is this girl now?"

"In my extra room," Elijah's eyebrow shot up at this answer. Klaus shrugged. Yes that was where Klaus usually stored his mistresses, but there was no other option. He could have put her in the dungeon, but he couldn't see much use stashing a pretty little thing like her out of sight. "I need to keep a close eye on her."

His brother smirked. "Whatever you say brother. Hopefully she'll fare better than the last occupant. I'll consult with the witches and see what I can find out."

Klaus smiled. "Thank you brother."

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I feel like I should go ahead and tell you that I'm NOT going all Twilight on your guys with the Caroline's blood tasting so great to Klaus thing. There is a perfect and ordinary explanation for why that is: it's because she's from the future. I mean think about it, if you went back in time and brought someone a cheeseburger, they'd be really stoked when they took a bite of it wouldn't they? That's why Caroline's blood is so good to Klaus. Because it tastes different than anything they have going on in that time period.

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