"Space Michael: Channel 5 Reporter"

Chapter 4: Playing in Reverse

Space Michael wiped the sweat off his forehead. Man, this job was getting tougher by the minute! All of a sudden, the top of the HQ was ripped off. Space Michael looked up and gasped and what he saw. There was a giant robot floating in midair.

"Good evening, viewers! I am Giant Evila, the Advanced Reporter!" the robot boomed. I thought it was all over! I thought I defeated Evila! No, wait. Giant Evila is an entirely different robot. This time, I'm going against a giant monster, Space Michael thought. All of a sudden, Giant Evila held out a small spacecraft.

"MICHAEL, HELP ME!" a girl shouted from inside. Space Michael gasped when he heard her voice. It was Ulala! Ulala was being held prisoner in that spacecraft.

"Hey! Let her go right now!" Space Michael shouted. The next thing he knew, a hovercraft flew onto the scene. On top of it was…PURGE?

"Time for a game! If you don't want to hit Ulala, you'd better think fast!" he exclaimed. Oh, crap. Now I got to play in reverse, Space Michael thought. He got out his trusty guns and powered them on. (Ulala gave them to him).

"Right, chu, chu."

"Left, chu, chu."

"Right, chu. Left, chu, chu."

"Left, chu. Right, chu, chu."

The next thing he knew, Giant Evila fell down, and Ulala went plummeting down into the depths of space. Space Michael went flying down and grabbed the pink-haired woman.

"Don't worry! I got you!" he exclaimed. Ulala looked up at him.

"M-Michael…?" she muttered. Space Michael put a finger to her lips.

"Don't speak. I'll get you back home," he said. They then flew off, with Space Michael cuddling her the whole time.

Ain't that a nice ending?

It's the end! It's the very end! Thank you for reading. This has been superfly31, reporting to you live from the computer.