Chapter One

The replica of Alcatraz, now with some inmates occupying it's cells, was bright. Everything was white, as usual. Hauser walked down the cell block, checking on the inmates. Everything looked ship shape, until he came to the second cell. Ernest Cobb, number 2047. He looked even odder than usual, he was awkwardly fidgeting with his hands, and just looking stressed out, and just a little panicked.

"What's wrong, 2047?" Hauser sighed.

"I think. I feel. . ." He went silent again. "Oh come on. I dont have all day." He was still silent. Hauser started to turn around and walk back.

"She's next."He finally said. Hauser paused.

"What? Who are you talking about?"He said, turning back around. "You already shot one of us how , why in the world do you think you will be able to do it again?"

" I shouldn't have to even say her name for you to know who I am talking about." He said, slowly turning his head to face him. And something finally clicked.

"Jesus." He muttered, then pivoted and walked as fast as he could down the hallway. This could get ugly.


Makeup was strewn all over the vanity surface. Only a single light shone down onto the flat counter, the rest of the small hotel room was completely black. A hand picks up a tube of black eyeliner and wipes it across the closed, already makeup covered lid.

"When do you want me to do it?" A female voice cuts through the silence.

"Today?" After doing the other lid, the hand places the eyeliner back on the vanity and picks up a tube of lipstick instead.

"For how much? This takes a lot of effort you know. I risk a lot." The lipstick is swiped across a pair of lips, and then the hand extends it and starts to write something across the mirror.

"That's perfect. How many do you want dead?" The voice says again, and then leans back to admire the handiwork on the mirror. Written across it in all capital letters with the bright lipstick is the word 'KILLER'. And in the reflection of the reflective surface is a young woman, with long wild black hair, porcelain skin and light blue eyes that give her the look of a possessed person. She holds the hotel phone to one ear, and fiddles with it's cord.

"That I can do. Easy." She laughs, and tosses her hair back. "I find it quite sad that you doubt my abilities so easily. I've done this before. Quite often if I may add." She pauses, and waits for the person on the other line to respond. Her face is stern, then creeps up into a sinister smile.

"I'm a twisted individual. I'm glad you recognize that. Next time you hear of me, it will probably be on the news." She gently lays the phone down with two of her fingers and then cracks her knuckles and neck. She then stands up, and grabs a large basket from the softly lit corner, along with a heavy-looking padded bag. She slings the bag over her shoulder, and then leaves. The light is still on, and the lipstick on the mirror remains. Then the door clicks shut.

So. . . What do you guys think? I love Alcatraz, and Ernest Cobb is definatley my favorite character, so of course I'm going to throw him in there! :)