Chapter 12:

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Rebecca and Hauser, with some help from Doc, had narrowed it down to two options, the first being going after Vivian, the second being to just wait and see if she came to them. The latter was not likely, Hauser pointed out, as she was always one to lie in wait. Unless or course she was using knives on defenseless people in their apartments.

"I vote that we just go after her. We can see where she has been killing, and maybe figure out where she will go next." Rebecca said.

"But what if she surprises us instead of the other way around?" Hauser countered.

"It doesn't matter how we catch her, it just matters that we catch her. She's shooting people with arrows tipped in hydrochloric acid for God's sake."

There was a pause.

"What if it appears that only one of us is there, but we surprise Vivian by having backup?"

There was another pause.

"You know, that might work. Pass me that map." Hauser said. The map was laid in the middle of the table. On it were four stickers, one at the site of Vivian's first killing, the second at her second killing, and the last two, smaller ones was placed where she had killed two people in alley ways.

"Well, I don't believe that the people in the alleys count as one of her real killings. All of her killings are premeditative, and covered up well, but these were not. So remove the stickers." Said Hauser. Doc peeled the sticker off the map, and now there were two white fuzzy marks where the stickers had been.

"Pass me that ruler." Rebecca said. It was handed to her, and she placed the zero on the sticker that marked Vivian's first killing.

"Look. It's exactly five inches away from the second one. There is no way that wasn't planned."

"So go five inches away from both." Hauser told her. She did, marking the location as the top of a tall office building.

"Well. We have our location. Just when?"

Yet another pause.

"Tonight." Doc said.


"Both of her 'real' killings were exactly three days apart. Three days from her last killing is today."

It was silent as they absorbed the information.

"Then we better get going."


The three of them were parked in a black SUV about a block away from the building. So far there was no sign of Vivian, and the three were arguing over whom got to follow her into the building when the time came. Rebecca argued against Hauser going, as Vivian would have no trouble recognizing him as one of the guards who bore witness to her torment, and Hauser argued against Rebecca as she had chased Vivian once before and also due to the fact that her uncle would have an aneurism if anything happened. Not that that fact had stopped Hauser from sending Rebecca into dangerous situations before, but still. It was good argument.

After about ten minutes of intense quarrelling, a figure started to approach the building. It was Vivian. She was holding in her hand what appeared to be a smart phone, and was randomly jabbing buttons and tapping the screen trying to figure out how to work it. Clearly exasperated, she shoved the device in the side pocket, glanced around, and made her way towards the entrance of the building. Before anyone could say anything, Rebecca slipped out of the car and stealthily made her way after her. It was go time.