Hey guys! Well I'm a "Author" (you can say…) and I'm new here at fan fiction. I don't usually write this "erotica" sex type of stuff so I'm new to it. Please tell me what you guys think; good or bad I don't mind! Review please, and thanks for reading, hop you enjoy

WARNING: contains a lot of sexual scenes!

"Austin, you have to do a lot more than play with that saxophone if you want to help me write this song!" Ally growled in frustration. It was 1 am and Ally has to have a new song ready by tomorrow so that they can get the video up for Friday. And right now, Austin wasn't really helping by playing with all the instruments in the shop.

"Hey Ally guess what?" he hopped from stair to stair

"You're bored?" Ally rolled her eyes; that was always his answer.

"Hey you're seriously good at this game!" he slid down the railing of the stairs and jogged over to the piano where she was sitting. "So what have you got so far?"

"If this guy doesn't help me soon, I will kill Austin Moon!" She shouted at him and rose from the piano, feeling stressed.

"Hey that could be a great song! Wait; you were being sarcastic weren't you? Oh ha-ha." Ally walked over to his fridge to get a can of soda.

"Sorry Austin but the ideas are just not coming to me." She jumped up to sit on the counter.

"Maybe we should just relax for a while, to you know, get the creative juices flowing." He smiled and jumped on the counter, prying her soda out of her hand and taking a sip from it. She hid her face from the blush creeping onto her cheeks; she could already feel the goose bumps coming on due to their proximity. She was starting to like her best friend in more than a 'best friend' way.

"Give me my soda back!" she tried to snatch it out of his hands. A major failure as expected.

"Catch me if you can Dawson!" in one quick movement, he jumped off of the counter and was bounding up the stairs. Ally ran up after him, the clicking of her heeled boots ringing through the house. Of course he would go to his room; her mum locked her door before she went away. She walked into his room which was clocked in total darkness. Quietly, she opened and closed the door, closing to the lock to buy her a few seconds if he tried to run out again.

"Austin?" She whispered into the darkness but with no response. She rolled her eyes and flipped the switch on. Ally would have covered by eyes but the view was way too good. There was Austin, standing shirtless in all his glory.

"Why are you topless?" she managed to get out before a river of drool came before it.

"You're stupid soda spilt all down my shirt and now I have to change it!" he moaned, riffling through his chest of drawers.

"You should not have taken it from me then!" Ally smiled to herself and jumped onto his bed. She was really acting quite out of character, especially being around him… alone.

"Shit I can't find a clean shirt!"

"How do you not have any clean shirts?"

"I'm a boy. Move." He pushed her over and jumped next to her, not knowing all of the naughty thoughts running through her head. He let out a big sigh. "I know how we can entertain ourselves…"

"How is that then?" she asked, but he didn't answer. One minute he was lying down next to her and the next he was on top of her between her legs. "What are you …" He bought his lips hard down on Ally's, satisfying the burn that longed for them since they met. She didn't bother to stop him; they both wanted this. Her hands went around his neck and then to tangle in his platinum blond hair.

"Mmm… I want you so bad Ally…" He moaned and broke the kiss to kiss up and down her neck. slowly but hard, he started to ground his groin into her, getting harder by the second and making Ally get wetter with every moment. She arched her back to throw her blouse over her head and reached behind to undo her bra.

"Ally what are you doing…?" Austin wondered out loud. He knew very well what she was doing, and he hoped this would finally be the night.

"I need this Austin, even if it's just for one night…" she groaned, pulling off her bra and getting hornier by the second.

"Are you sure?" he asked, but he knew she was sure, and she knew he was sure too because she could feel his bulge growing even through her jeans. They couldn't stop now and they didn't want to; she nodded her head to reassure him. He kissed further down her neck and engulfed her nipple in his mouth. Her grip on his hair tightened through the shot of pleasure that rippled through her.

"Uhh… o-oh A-Austin!" she quietly moaned, as he undid the button and zipper of her trousers to slip his hands through and down to her entrance that was longing for his attention. She arched her back in attempt to bring her hips closer to him. He reunited their lips and his tongue shot into her mouth as his fingers went in and out of her in a steady rhythm.

"Mmm, you're so tight Ally" he moaned, using his free had to slip her jeans and panties off. She blushed as she was exposed to him for the first time. She hid her embarrassment and kissed him back with great force. He removed his jeans and boxers and broke the kiss briefly to rifle through his bedside drawer for a condom. She laid back and watch him put it on, admiring him for his great size, she couldn't meet his eyes.

"Are you sure you're ready Ally?" he asked when he positioned himself on top of her once more. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the great pain and pleasure she was about to feel. She gave him a slow and sure nod. He bought his lips to her neck as he slowly thrust in. He stopped abruptly when Ally let out a brief muffled scream.

"Shit ally are you okay? Did I hurt you? Do you want me to—" his worry was cut off when she squeezed his shoulder.

"Please... don't… stop!" he gave her one final look before continuing and building up a steady rhythm. Her eyebrows unknotted themselves as more pleasure came with each thrust of his strong hips.

"Mmm… Harder, p-please go harder!" she arched her back as he slammed into her harder and harder. Her hands flew to his neck to limit her movement. His hand cupped her breast while he sucked on the other, moaning in pleasure.

"Uhh… Ally you're so sexy." He moaning and started thrusting into her faster. The bed rocked like it was trying to break free of bonds and the headboard threatened to go through the wall. Ally's screams got louder and louder as she came closer and closer to her climax. Austin was coming too, his hands travelled to the back of her knee and he wrapper her leg around his hips, bringing his thrusts faster and deeper into her. Ally closer her eyes and bit her lips, taking her breasts her hands, missing Austin's lips on them. She was gonna cum; I was only a matter of seconds now. As if reading her mind, in mid thrust, just as she was about to cum, Austin flipped them over so that she was sitting up on the bed and he was lying down.

"Oh… A-Austin! P-Please don't s-stop!" she placed her hands on his toned chest and aided herself to her orgasm, grinding her hips down hard on him. He placed his strong hands on her hips and moved them up and down, thrusting harder than he ever had before.

"Cum for me Ally!" he breathed breathlessly. A wave of ripples washed through her body as she could focus on nothing else but Austin. He flipped them over again; it was his time to cum.

"Come on baby; cum for me." She whispered in his ear; it was her time to tease him. She moved her hips so that her rhythm matched his, edging him to quicken. Austin was close now, very close.

"Ally, I'm g-gonna c-cum!" he grabbed handfuls of his bed sheets and thrust into her hard as he came. He fell onto the bed next to her and it was quiet except for their hard breathing.

"Wow." They said at exactly the same time.

The Next Day…

"You're still on your break Trish?" Ally asked when Trish walked into the shop.

"It's only been what… 5 hours? Of course!" Ally shook her head; Trish could never keep one job.

"Ally, did you finish the song?"

"Yeah of course I did." she handed the song to Trish with a bright smile on her face.

"So you found a way to relax then?" Trish asked, reading through the song.

"Of course I did," Austin walked into the shop at this point.

"Ally, you coming over tonight? We could work on a new song?" he asked, with a knowing smile on his face.

"Sure thing!" she tried hard to hide her blush.