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Treasure Boxs and Hot Springs

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

"Pit, I have a gift for you." Palutena said calmly, the angel looked at her, and blinked his eyes in confusion.

"Uh…Lady Palutena, What is that?"

"Don't worry. It's a surprise and no it doesn't lure monsters to you."

"Okay…What do I do with it? Is it a weapon or something? I could use it like a club."

"No, Pit. It is something to wear and the Centurion can help you put it on if you need assistance." Palutena replied and Pit was staring at the gift. "This gift I give to you…It is angelic underwear and not everyone is able to wear this...It is a great honor and here is a picture guide on how to put it on."

"Thank you, Lady Palutena! I will wear it with honor and I won't disappoint you." Pit said to her, he held the gift along with the picture guide, and went to change.

'It is actually called a Chastity Belt and I had Dyntos create it for you after Hades created a Hot Spring Tentacle Monster. Hades is a creep.' Palutena thought and she briefly stretched her arms. 'It sounds better calling it Angelic Underwear rather than a Chastity Belt.'

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