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Rachel was sat on her bed mouth agape with the faint noise of Santana's voice in the distance, tears falling from her face as she looks at the picture they took on the first date her love took her on, a small smile began to form on the tiny diva's face as she began the remember the distant memory which happened a year ago to this very day Santana was confessing her love, fighting for her, fighting for Rachel Berry.

Rachel ran into the girls toilets as a raspberry slushy ran down her face onto her favorite owl sweater along with her salty tears while the laughter echoed through the hallways of the second floor. she slammed the door behind her and rushed to the sink taking off her white sweater which she knew would already be stained with the slushy, her sweater and bag in a pile discarded in the middle of the floor as she begins to wash her face she fails to notice a certain Latina standing in the corner, watching her, feeling sorry for her, wanting to help but knowing that she couldn't as she was a cheerleader and Rachel was well... Rachel. it pained Santana to watch her and before she knew better she walked over to the pile of the floor and picked up the already stained sweater and placed it in the basin with the water running. The sound of water running interrupted Rachel's thoughts and caused her to look up in shock that one of the most popular girls in the school, a girl she believed hated her was stood next to her, missing class just to help her.

After the sweater was somewhat clean Santana passed it to Rachel with an apologetic smile and walked out of the girl's toilets. Both girls stood in shock after the scene that just took place moments ago not knowing that moment in time changed their lives, possibly forever.

"Rachel? Rach babe are you there? are you even listening to me? Babe?"

Rachel shook her head as she slowly came back to reality and suddenly realized that Santana was still on the phone.

"Sorry Santana, i am here. unfortunately my mind got distracted to an old memory, one that i believe brought us up to this point in time. again i am sorry for not responding, what was you saying again?"

"i said that I will fight Quinn for you. I want it to me and you Rach, no one else. So will be mine and only mine?"

Rachel's heart warmed up at the confession "Of course i will silly! i love you and only you."

"But what about that thing with Quinn? i hated that, i hate her."

"Sanny, you always said you wanted to try a threesome and well Quinn wanted me and i wanted to make you happy so i thought getting Quinn to join a threesome would do that. i was only trying to make you happy baby"

"well i still don't like her for being able to touch you. and i'm kinda pissed off that you didn't just ask me about it instead of cooking up a devious plan... but saying all that, thank you and sorry for being pissed off with you"

"Santana Lopez thanking me and apologizing? Has hell froze over?" was said with a hint of laughter from Rachel

"fuck off dwarf" Santana bit back in a joking manner

"feisty, i likey" as Rachel said those last few words they both burst into laughter. soon they both said goodnight and went to sleep with a smile on their faces and phones in hands.

Reality faded as dreams began to take over, dreams of the future and how perfect it would be, just the two of them living in an apartment in New York as Rachel is on broadway and Santana is at home with the children waiting for her wife to come home, having these wonderful dreams but forgetting that someones dream was going to be broken along with their heart.


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