Spencer Reid Neko-Jin

Fandom – Criminal Minds

Pairing – Morgan/Reid

Summary – Spencer Reid is kidnapped (Big surprised there) and experimented on, turning him in to a neko-jin (half cat)

One would think this is where Doctor Frankenstein created his monster.

Dark and dank.

Safe and sound.

Away from prying eyes and human laws.

Unless you get caught.

"You are under arrest."

Supervising Special Agent Aaron Hotchner's voice is a stoic as ever as he snaps hand cuffs on to the unsub's wrists.

The rest of the team is checking out the rest of the building.

"For crimes against humanity."

Rossi and Sever are searching the second floor.

"Using humans as test subjects."

Laboratories filled with creatures that do not resemble the humans they once were stuffed into cages so small they wouldn't be used to hold animals in.

"They're all dead," Sever announces unnecessarily.

But there's nothing else she can do.

"Second floor clear," Rossi says into the walkie-talkie.

"And the kidnapping and murder of sixteen people."

Morgan's walking the first floor.

Empty room after empty room.

Until he gets to the back room.

"Three bodies in the back."

"Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

Emily Prentiss' voice comes over the designed channel as just a whisper.

"Morgan, you have to come down here."

"What is it, Prentiss?" Morgan asks making his way down to the basement.

"There's someone down here," Prentiss responses again in a whisper.

"Are you in trouble?" Morgan asks stopping in the stair well just at the bottom of the stairs.


Morgan enters the basement corridor.

Taking out his flashlight, he shines it down the dark hallway.

First left then right.

"Printiss?" he calls out.

An answer comes from his right.

"Down here."

Morgan walks all the way down to the last room on the right.

The room is empty save for his teammate who is standing in the middle of the room looking towards the corner.

"Where's the person?"

Prentiss points to the corner.

"That creature?" Morgan asks as he motions to it with his gun not trusting it to jump and attack them any moment now.

"Derek." Emily says impatiently. "Look."

Morgan really looks at the shaking creature.

Long brown fur covering his whole body.

Knees pulled up to his chest, hands (or is it paws now?) on his knees, heads bowed so you can only see his cats ears and a matching cats tail curling forward.

For a split second, the creature looks up.

His eyes are the bluest that Morgan has ever seen.

"I would do it again."