Gender Bender Naruto: The Series
By: KioKat

Summary: We all know Naruto, the #1 knucklehead, loudmouth ninja, right? Well, what if He had been a She? What if the whole Naruto world had been flipped around? The kunoichi now shinobi and vice versa? Join us on the adventure of a lifetime with Uzumaki Nariko, Konoha's #1, knuckle-headed Kunoichi!


Chapter One: Future Hokage at Work

(Completed: 06-02-09)



The earth grumbled angrily as the wind whipped across the plain and the neighboring forest. Small animals shook and fled from the strange tension filling the air, hackles and fur raised in terror. The night sky seemed to be unusually dark and ominous despite the full moon that shone brightly from above.

The ninja of the leaf were exhausted and drowning in pain, as chunin, jounin, and ANBU alike sacrificed their lives trying to reign in the fearsome Kyuubi. Hours passed; or was it entire days? The corpses of the dead and dying dotted the fields, and the medical corps scrambled in all directions to find those that still had a chance to live.

The fox was massive, toppling trees as if they were mushrooms and not wooden giants that could crush several men beneath their weight. The monster's demonic chakra flared about it like a burning cloakof dark red fire, causing the creature to seem even more intimidating. Furious snarls echoed from the beast's gaping maw, and every flick from one of its nine tails sent more and more brave and loyal shinobi to their death.

A man watched the massacre, eyes strangely blank within his visage. A small bundle wrapped in a pink hospital blanket rested in the crook of his arm, held securely to his chest and yet gentle enough that one might think something fragile lay within the folds. A sudden gust of air whipped his short locks about his face, almost as if trying to warn him, though the man's expression did not change.

The giant toad beneath him shifted and hopped closer to the demon and their destination. The man tilted his head slightly to stare at one of the amphibian's bulbous yellow eyes. The bright orb watched him, wariness prominent within its gaze, a wariness filled with an underlying pity that somehow seemed out of place upon the great creature's face. The man broke the eye contact and returned his gaze to the fox that steadily grew bigger with each leap the toad took.

By then the terrified ninja fought to keep standing as the amphibian's great bounds shook the earth. Eyes, both frightened and hopeless because of their enduringbattle against the Kyuubi, turned towards the source of the new vibrations, and with one last hop, the large animal emerged into view.

Shock filled the filth-covered faces of the shinobi army, a shock quickly replaced by relief and awe as they realized who had arrived to assist them. With wide, desperate eyes the ninja observed their leader, anxiety and anticipation openly displayed upon theirfeatures.

For one long, desperate moment, every ninja watched with bated breath to see what their Hokage would do.

Only a brief moment more and the man made his move.

Later, when asked, many of the observing nin would have difficulty recalling the blurred events from that point onward. Yet, somehow each and every time three things would be recalled: A blinding flash of white light; the unearthly scream of the dying Kyuubi; and a tiny, wailing newborn cradled in the limp arms of the fallen Fourth, a dark foreboding seal etched around its navel...


12 Years Later


"...And as you can see, that is why the Fourth Hokage was one of our greatest and most well-renowned ninja."

Snapping the text book shut, the woman's chocolate-brown eyes scanned the room in an attempt to stare down her students and add to the effect of her words.

Attempt being the key word, of course.

Instead of the intrigued and wide-eyed gazes she had hoped for, bored expressions and glazed eyes met her vision. The woman frowned, placing her hands on her hips. A snore resounded throughout the classroom, and she jerked her head in that direction, her dark-brown ponytail swishing as she did. One thin eyebrow twitched at the sight of one of her students slumped upon their desk, eyes shut and fast asleep.

A snicker echoed from the other side of the room, and the woman gritted her teeth, irritation stirring within her.

"Are any of you bothering to listen?..." she inquired testily, knuckles growing white as she clutched the book in her hand more tightly.

The snoozing girl jerked and snorted as a paper wad bounced off her head. However, instead of waking from her slumber, she shifted and moaned lethargically, "So troublesome..."

Giggles and muffled laughter ripped through the air, and with a twitch of her eye and a clench of her fist, the teacher slammed the text in her grasp upon her desk.

"You little ingrates!" the woman roared, infuriated by her pupils' inattentiveness and lack of respect. "I am teaching you about the man who saved our lives! If it weren't for him, you wouldn't exist—Konoha wouldn't exist! If not for him, there would be no Hidden Leaf Village, and yet you have no respect whatsoever for the man who died for us!" Her jaw ground together in such a harsh manner that it was a wonder the sound wasn't audible. "You- You- I should-!"

However before the class could find out what exactly their teacher should do, the door to the room snapped open, effectively cutting off the woman's rant.

Surprised and more than a little irritated by the interruption, she turned her head only to meet the eyes of a ninja in the same dress as her: a high-collared green vest, long-sleeved blue shirt with red swirls printed on the upper arm, and black high waters exposing bandaged shins.

Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion as she straightened to properly meet the dark-haired nin's gaze. "Hajime-san? What are you doing here?"

Hajime bowed slightly in response. "I am terribly sorry for interrupting your class, Izumi-san, but... well..." He lifted his head to frown at her, ice blue eyes almost-sympathetic. "...She's at it again."

"What?" Izumi cried immediately, eyes wide with shock. After only a brief moment, she groaned, fingers moving to rub the scar along the bridge of her nose. "Oh no, not now... Why now of all times?" She sighed softly, sparing Hajime a reluctant and self-suffering glance. "Did the Hokage send you?..."

His silence answered her better than any words could. Spreading her fingers, she shifted her hand to cover her whole face. Then, forcing back another groan, she removed the appendage and nodded at the male shinobi, expression stern, though anxiety and exasperation shone within her eyes. "Thank you. I'll take care of it right away."

Izumi gave her class a firm look and a hard "Behave," before quickly heading towards the door.

"Watch them while I'm gone!" the kunoichi called on her way out. Having already left the room, she missed Hajime's half-panicked expression, as well as the odd, wicked grins on the faces of her students.


A faint scream echoed in the distance, causing a small, tan hand to pause in its work. Cerulean blue orbs blinked in surprise as their owner turned briefly in an attempt to investigate the noise. After a short bout of silence, waiting for the cry to repeat, the young girl finally shrugged and returned to her task.

The twelve-year old giggled as she swiped her large brush across the wall before her, adding a splash of orange to her already quite colorful "masterpiece." Her blonde hair, pulled back into high pigtails, tickled the tops of her shoulders, which were bare but for the black tank top that clothed her upper body. Around her waist rest the bright orange jacket she usually wore over her dark tank. The coat's sleeves, red spirals imprinted on the upper arm, were double-knotted to keep it in place.

The blonde grinned broadly, narrowing her eyes and crinkling the whisker marks on her cheeks. The gesture gave her face a mischievous and almost foxy look—something many would find ironic had they seen it. Paint splattered down from the brush she wielded and onto her tan capris, but the girl neither noticed nor cared. Her blue sandals were saved only due to the fact that they lay curled beneath her.

Another giggle escaped the young girl's lips as she slapped her brush against the wall once more, causing again a thick spray of paint to coat her skin and clothes.

Far below, many villagers and a scant shinobi or two had gathered at the base, a strange and hostile aura clouding about them. Dark mutters and bitter words were exchanged as several irritated and brave souls shouted up angrily at the young girl. Oddly enough however, rather than shy away from their negativity and obvious dislike, the blonde instead seemed to enjoy the attention, perhaps even revel in it.

Her grin widened, making her eyes appear as only thin slits as she dropped the brush back into the can of orange with a loud splash.

"Hm…" she mused to herself. "Which color should I use next?" Rather than her usual giggle, a mischievous, if slightly evil cackle escaped the blonde, making her expression seem more than a little impish as she perused her options. Finally deciding on a ghastly shade of neon pink, she continued.

"Just like Seiichi-kun's hair…" she sighed dreamily, waving the brush and splattering paint yet again.

At that same moment, Izumi arrived at the scene, her hair windswept and expression both anxious and tense. Her face visibly fell at the size of the crowd, and she groaned, repressing the urge to rub her temples.

"Nariko..." she moaned softly. "What did you do this time?"

Dreading what she might find, the brunette pushed to the fore of the crowd. She snarled at a few of the more obnoxious villagers who pushed back, before freezing when she saw the short figure that stood at the front of the clustered mass, his head tilted upwards and hands clasped behind his back.

Izumi gulped, skin paling an entire shade lighter. 'Oh no... If the Hokage's here...'

Forcing herself to move, the chunin quickly went to stand beside the Third. "Ho-Hokage-sama..."

The elderly man turned his head to smile at her gently. "Ah, Izumi-san, I see Hajime managed to reach you alright."

"Um, yes, Hokage-sama..." Izumi flushed, embarrassed that she had stuttered. She was, after all, a chunin and a teacher. For goodness sake, she often worked with the man at the Missions desk when she wasn't teaching, so she should have felt perfectly comfortable with him by that point.

Of course, it didn't help that it was her student that was the subject of yet another bout of trouble in the village.

She shook the thought from her mind, returning to the matter at hand, and frowned, eyes darting about nervously. "Where is...?"

However, she paused on hearing a snicker echo from somewhere above them. The woman closed her eyes and bit back another groan. So that was why the Third had been looking up.

'Please don't let it be too bad...' Izumi pleaded softly to herself, tilting her head in the direction of the sound, eyes still firmly shut. 'Please, please, please don't let it be too bad...'

Then, she opened her eyes.

Bright Orange, Blinding Yellow, Neon Pink, Electric Green and Blue... How could her student be immune to the ghastly sight?

It took a moment for the chunin's eyes to adjust, or as much as one could adjust to that. Once she was able, Izumi fully opened her eyes, realizing in horror that what she had seen were not just random smears and splashes, but actual designs and words tattooed upon the great wall that surrounded Konoha.

Messages of Nariko Rules! and Nariko was here! announced their presence in orange; from yellow came silly faces and aimless doodles that related to nothing in particular; green and blue boldly proclaimed Future Hokage at Work along with a few sloppy swirls and designs; and finally, in that same neon pink but yet to be completed, lay the start of a heart with the initials NU+SH imprinted within.

Izumi could only stare, speechless.

'Well...' she mused for a brief moment. 'At least, it's not the Hokage Tower this time...'

But on spying the Third's amused expression as he observed Nariko's "artwork," she jolted from her stupor.

"Oh, Hokage-sama, I-I had no idea!" Izumi cried, feeling embarrassed, though for reasons more troubling than her stutter. "I'm terribly sorry! I'll take care of it immediately!" She smiled nervously at the man old enough to be her grandfather, before snapping her head upwards, expression set sternly as she fell into what she liked to call Teacher Mode.

"Uzumaki Nariko, what on earth do you think you're doing!"

The young blonde jumped, startled by the furious voice that echoed up at her. Quickly taking a step back in an instinctive attempt to try and restore her balance, she accidentally bumped the paint cans instead, unleashing their contents upon the unsuspecting crowd below.

Surprised shouts and yells resounded through the area as the villagers clustered below transformed into a multi-colored blob.

Izumi's eye twitched as she clenched her fist, her entire body now coated in a shade very similar to Nariko's jacket. Paint dribbled down from her hair, and she shut her eyes, slowly wiping her brow. She then stood there a moment longer, attempting to restrain herself as she took deep, angry breaths.

When she achieved no progress in calming herself, the brunette gave up and instead growled and roared furiously at the preteen once more. "Nariko!"

The aforementioned girl turned around slowly to stare wide-eyed at her paint-drenched sensei and she swallowed hard.

"I am so dead," Nariko whimpered, feeling her teacher's enraged and unyielding gaze upon her.

"Nariko!" Izumi shouted once more, features pulled into a dark scowl and eyebrows drawn tightly together. "Get down here now!"

"Ah..." came the blonde's oh-so-intelligent reply, knowing punishment would surely follow if she didn't think up a plan quick. "Um- Um-!" Nariko panicked, mind racing.

Suddenly, an idea struck the young girl.

'Of course!' she grinned, eyes sparkling mischievously as she placed her hands together in a seal. 'Why didn't I think of that sooner!'

"Nariko..." Izumi warned in a no-nonsense tone. "Don't make me come up there and drag you to class! You know very well that I wi-"

"Bishounen no jutsu!" the student in question cried before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

The brunette squinted, attempting to peer through the white cloud her student had disappeared in to catch sight of said student. She opened her mouth to threaten the blonde should she attempt to run off, but her jaw instantly went slack at the image that met her eyes.

Crystal blue eyes, stylishly-messy blond hair, perfectly-tanned skin... It was as if an angel had descended from heaven and now stood above them. His bangs nearly brushed his long lashes, making his eyes seem all that much bluer and brighter within his sculpted features. His lips looked as soft as silk and as if they had been molded by a god. His face was smooth and unmarred and just so... perfect, but for three thin lines that marked each cheek.

'Those look familiar,' Izumi hazily observed, eyes locked on the beautiful, perfect man before her; but she brushed the thought aside in favor of her continued, yet unintentional ogling.

If she had thought his face made him angelic, his body made him sin in physical form. His dark shirt lay casually draped over his right shoulder with one hand, leaving the man's upper body completely exposed. His build was lean and just muscular enough that he was neither too scrawny nor too bulky, his torso hairless and the skin just as smooth as that of his face—or so she assumed. It made her want to run her hands over it just to make sure it was real.

Her gaze fell lower and her mouth grew dry.

Just clinging to his hips by some wonderful and torturous force yet unknown to man hung a pair of black pants that revealed just enough and yet not nearly enough all at once.

It was as if angel and sin had combined into one person to create the god before her.

Izumi felt something trickle from her nose and past her lips, but her hands were balled so tightly to her chest and the warmth in her face so prominent, she couldn't bring herself to wipe the substance away. Perhaps it had something to do with the frantic rhythm her heart had suddenly and desperately taken to pounding out in the past short minute or so, but if the metallic taste that had dripped onto her tongue meant anything, she was quite positive it was blood.

Slowly, the beautiful man turned his head to look at her, expression casually indifferent, and yet, it managed to stop her heart's overdrive instantly, leaving her strangely out of breath.

"Yo," he said, voice like velvet and mysteriously able to produce chills with that single word.

The female chunin heard several thumps behind her as a portion of the women within the crowd fainted. In fact, it took all of the brunette's self-control to keep herself from succumbing as well. She just couldn't shake the faint nagging in her mind that she knew this man from somewhere... It didn't matter though. She could stare at him all day…

Then, she heard a chuckle beside her. Izumi somehow tore her gaze from the beautiful blond to see the Third observing the man as well, but no less amused than he had been before.

"That's a clever trick," the elder said with a smile, "but it only works on the female members of this crowd... Isn't that right, Nariko?"

Izumi froze, her mouth going dry once more, but now for an entirely different reason. Wait a minute...

The currently male Nariko stiffened, eyes darting between the Hokage, whose dark orbs seemed to be laughing, and her sensei, who was slowly beginning to regain her senses.

'Aw, crap.'

Without a moment's notice, she released the henge, transforming into the preteen girl of before.

"Hope you enjoyed the show, folks, and make sure to remember this and spread the word!" Nariko shouted, grinning nervously. She began talking faster, anxiously edging along the wall top. "Uzumaki Nariko, Future Hokage strikes again! So... see ya!" she finally cried, before leaping down and taking off into the village.

That was all Izumi needed to finally come to again.

"Nariko!" the chunin screamed, face flushed. Immediately, she sprinted after her student, wiping the blood from her nose and lips.

The Sandaime watched them go with a bemused smile. Then, shaking his head, he tugged on the brim of his hat and turned to walk back to the Hokage Tower. He had a lot to get done today and much paperwork to complete. The elder sighed and grimaced lightly at the thought, but his expression turned fond when he glanced in the direction Nariko had taken off in.

'That girl...'

He chuckled softly to himself once more before continuing on his way.


The blonde panted hard, running as fast as she could to escape her further enraged sensei. She peeked over her shoulder, only to see the brunette hot on her heels.

"Na-ri-ko!" Izumi cried out, emphasizing each syllable in her rage. "Get back here!"

"Eep!" Nariko squeaked, pumping her legs harder. "Come on, Izumi-sensei, it was just a joke!"

The chunin didn't respond; she only ran faster, teeth bared and nostrils flaring.

Nariko yelped again and sped up her pace. Sweat trickled down her forehead as she bolted towards freedom, the panting sound of her teacher behind her reminding the preteen uncomfortably of a charging ran through the streets of Konoha, Izumi tailing her from roof top to roof top, and the preteen darted through the crowds of people, hoping to lose the brunette amongst them.

'Come on, come on! Think!' the blonde mentally screamed. She took off down a narrow alley way, thoughts racing.

As she frantically turned another corner, Nariko ran several different plans through her mind. 'No, no, no! That won't work! I've done that before! Ah! What am I supposed to do? Where can I go! Izumi-sensei knows all my hiding places!' The orange-clad girl gnawed her bottom lip nervously. 'Think, think, think!'

She almost halted her sprint as, for not the first time that day, an idea struck her. The whiskered preteen grinned and glanced behind her. Good! Izumi had been startled by a couple of birds that, having been frightened by their chase, had taken off and were now blocking the chunin's vision, at least for a moment.

That moment was all Nariko needed.

Turning her head forward, the blonde spied the very place she was looking for. 'Now's my chance!'

With a quick burst of speed, the orange-clad girl darted up into the ancient tree growing beside the building. Carefully, she peered through the leaves, watching her teacher continue on in the direction she had originally been headed, appearing not to have noticed her student's quick maneuver. The blonde almost began cheering, but she stopped herself just in time when she recalled she was still in hiding. Waiting a few moments more to be safe, the girl pulled herself up the branches and through the large window that marked her destination.

Nariko dropped down into a crouch, grinning broadly now that she was inside and safe.

"Perfect!" she chirped. "No one would ever have the guts to hide in here!"

By here, she meant the Hokage Tower, within the Sandaime's very own office.

It was spacious but cluttered with a large wooden desk in front of the window from which Nariko had entered. Papers lay scattered across its surface in large piles and a stamp, the Hokage seal imprinted upon it, rest on its side as if the owner had been interrupted from their work.

Nariko smiled brightly as she realized she had been the cause of that.

"Cool..." she murmured to herself as she looked around.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to the large chair that had been pushed back from the desk, again as if someone had been called away suddenly.

Nariko giggled, very pleased with herself. Then, eying the seat curiously, she made her way around it and, feeling bold, sat herself down upon the cushioned chair. She squirmed, making herself comfortable, lips pulled almost as wide as they could go.

"This is gonna be my seat one day," she said to herself once more, blue eyes looking down eagerly. "The old man's gonna have to hand it over to me."

Laughing quietly, she kicked her feet aimlessly in an attempt to entertain herself. However, she frowned down at the appendages, which hung several inches from the floor, and the blonde stretched her toes, attempting to touch the ground and, unfortunately, meeting with little success.

The girl stuck out her bottom lip in a pout but blinked as she caught sight of the drawers embedded into the side of the desk. She cocked her head, interest sparking within her cerulean orbs, and reached towards the handle, more than a little annoyed when she had to strain to get a good grasp on it. She growled underneath her breath. Curse her midget-y height! Then, grinning excitedly, she tugged on the drawer.

It didn't move.

Nariko stared at the handle for a moment, fingers still wrapped around it. Narrowing her eyes and slipping from the chair, she gripped the strong strip of metal attached to the wood with both hands. Then, gritting her teeth, she pulled.

It didn't budge an inch.

After a few minutes longer of tugging, groaning, yanking, and hurt fingers, the blonde huffed, releasing the handle, and glared. Stupid drawer; why would they lock it anyway? She sighed, a little disappointed, but kicked it once in annoyance.

It shot open, slamming the unprepared preteen in the gut, and pushed her backwards with a surprised shriek so that she collided hard with the floor beneath her. Nariko moaned, pushing herself up to look at the now-open drawer in disbelief. That was all she had to do? Excitement coursed through her as her curiosity overcame her frustration, and the girl quickly scampered to her feet to look inside eagerly.

A normal desk drawer greeted her, and she blinked in confusion. The interior was relatively empty except for a few stray scraps of paper, a broken ink brush, and a small scroll, just a little longer than her hand and almost as wide around as her forearm. Nariko frowned and picked the scroll up, turning the cylindrical object over. Why would something so plain and insignificant be locked up? It was just a little scroll...

Suddenly, she paused and grinned. Maybe there was something really cool or dangerous written inside, like some super secret jutsu or maybe even a forbidden one!

The blonde-haired girl fingered the edge of the paper, prepared to pull it open and find out, when she heard the door creak, indicating that someone had entered. Panicking, Nariko clumsily shoved the scroll into her back weapons pouch she was suddenly glad she had grabbed and slammed the drawer shut, scrambling for the space beneath the desk.

But before she could claim the area, a hand grabbed her ankle and dragged her back out, bringing her face to face with the furious brown eyes of her paint-splattered teacher.




NOTE: Now I introduce our first session of Fun Facts! Yay! Grins and laughs. This is just a little something I thought up during one of my read overs of the chapters, some time after my completion of Chapter 17. Inspired by the Avatar Extras, as seen on Avatar: The Last Airbender, here is where I will make small comments and such, either about the fanfic, this odd Gender Bender AU itself, or perhaps even a note about one of the characters. There will be one for every chapter and it is my hope that you will find them as interesting to read as I found them fun to write. Thus, I will leave you to it and hope to enjoy your continued readership in the future.


Fun Facts:

– At the top of the chapter where it says (Completed: **-**-**), that refers to when I first finished writing the chapter. However, I am constantly going back over, re-reading, and editing chapters, so in a sense, they are never really "Complete."

– The title of this chapter was taken from the "Future Hokage at Work!" Nariko wrote on the Great Wall. However, it can also encompass this entire story.

– The first member of the Rookie 9 to be mentioned in this chapter is not Nariko, disregarding the baby Nariko at the very beginning.

– I was going to change the NU+SH to UN+HS since I realized it wouldn't fit how I do the names—in the proper Japanese way: surname, first name—but worried that people might not understand my meaning, so I kept it as it was.

– When I first wrote my description of the Bishounen no Jutsu, I was thrilled by it. Now, I can hardly read it because it embarrasses me so that I went so in-detail. I have a feeling many of my male readers will or have skipped over it.

– Nariko paints the Great Wall as a prank because I did not want this to be the same as the original with the Hokage Monument and I, unfortunately, when first starting this story, could think of nothing more creative for Nariko to do than that. I hate that I can't change this chapter now, which I would like to do because I fear it will turn some people away. However, I like the painting at least for the bright pink heart Nariko creates. Grins. It's just very like her to do so, as the 12-year-old girl she is.

– Yes, Nariko is so persistent that she will attempt to open a drawer even after discovering it is "locked." Laughs.



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