Who would have thought that Glynco was so different. It's where her training was going to be, place, where she'd get her special agent training. Erica Jane was aware of it. She was walking to the main building with her sports bag over her shoulder – all that she needed was there. Now there was a meeting with the principle or whoever was running the complex, there seemed to be an issue with her uncle – Philip Davenport, who happens to be the SecNav, meaning if EJ manages to graduate, her uncle will be her greatest boss of all.

Until the day EJ sent her application to NCIS, she was careless, but then something changed. Even though her training didn't start then – it took about 2 months before she got her letter to start her training.

And now – here she was. Walking on a sunny day to FLETC Glynco's office so she could start her training. She was dressed in casual jeans and white t-shirt with black sneakers. She had her sunglasses on and at first sight no-one would guessed her reason for the visit.

She didn't look like a soon-to-be-special-agent, she was more like a woman coming to visit her boyfriend here or something like that. People couldn't see the determination and motivation she had deep inside of the tiny body. They didn't know about the exercise she does every day to be in good physical shape. They could profile her from the outside, but it would be nothing like the inside.

They would be wrong about her. The building was classy and big, but it wasn't warm and welcoming, it was cold house, where killers were trained. But those killers are legal killers, until they switch sides. Then they will be killed.

EJ knocked twice on the big wooden door and took a deep breath.

"Come in" came a muffled voice from the inside.

She opened the door to reveal a big office, much similar to SecNav's and Morrow's. Tom Morrow is current director of NCIS, Erica Jane had met him a couple of times in office and more outside the office – her uncle and Morrow go way back.

The woman in her golden time sat behind a large wooden desk with 2 monitors, some photo frames and a mountain of papers on it. Plasma screen was on the wall and news came from it, but the sound was turned down. A couple of drawers were by the wall, probably full of some papers with student information and such. In front of him was a paper with EJ's picture on it.

"You wanted to see me, madam," EJ said and finally took of her sunglasses.

"Yes. So you are Erica Jane Barrett. I've heard a lot of you from you uncle. He seems to be thinking greatly of you, but doesn't want to be involved with your education or career. But still you are with NCIS and SecNav is the boss, so Philip is your boss eventually," she said.

"I am not planning on mixing my life with his. And I don't think that he will want to get involved with me either," EJ said coldly.

"Right. You will be living in campus inside the territory of Glynco, GA. I just wanted to make sure that you understand that you won't get a special treatment because of you family," the woman said.

"I wouldn't expect anything less," EJ replied simply.

"Good. Now you have to go to front desk and get checked in. You'll here everything you need to know from the woman at the desk," the director said.

EJ nod and left the office without another word. She put her sunglasses back on and waved her blonde hair, which had pink stripes from her rebel period. Hell, she's only 23 and it's time to live life.

She reached the front desk and saw another woman in her 40ties. She had short curly brown hair, just over her ears. She was also wearing glasses and was dressed in a dull black office suit.

"Hello. I'd like to check myself in," EJ said.

"Name ?" the woman asked.

"Erica Jane Barrett," EJ replied fast.

The woman typed on computer, then looked at some papers on her desk and took one out. She put it in front of EJ with a pencil.

"Sign here," she said and pointed to a line for a sign.

EJ signed the paper and gave it back.

"Here's your key and card. You'll be living in a room number 207. It's a single room as others. The phone is just outside. Breakfast, lunch and dinner times are posted in the lobby of the dormitory. All information is on the bulletin board. You'll get your training information in the first class or by e-mail. We have a computer class at this building and you'll have access there. Do you have questions ?" the lady asked.

"No questions," EJ said and left the front desk with a copy of her housing contraction and her sports bag. Back outside in the sun, she looked around for the right building. Having found it, she walked fast in the right direction.

EJ entered the dormitory. She went to the second floor, without even looking at the bulletin board for information. EJ unlocked her room and saw a nice little room, but it was impersonal – that's what EJ wanted. She didn't want to get personally attached like she did during her university time in Madrid. Yes, she was studying in Complutense University of Madrid and her focus was on history with some criminal law as she wanted to know more. And then came decision to join NCIS and now – here she was.

She threw her bag on the floor and crashed on the bed. It was so soft and welcoming. Beside she might have an headache, due to yesterday's drinking. Yeah, she wasn't an angel. Inside the innocent core was a rebel, who wanted to strike against the system, but somehow she ended up training to be part of the system.

Erica Jane looked over some papers she was given at the front desk. One of them was introduction to CITP or Basic Criminal Investigator Training Program. It lasts for 10 weeks, that's just over 2 months, but after that comes SABTP or NCIS specific Special Agent Basic Training Program, which is also 10 weeks long. That means she has to stay here for 4 to 5 months. At least it's gonna be full of training and studying and no time to get attached to anything.

She closed her eyes and was almost instantly asleep. She was tired indeed and she didn't open her eyes until the next morning just before the time to go to class.