Hello San Diego !

EJ walked towards the NCIS building in San Diego. She was wearing casual jeans, gray long sleeved shirt and sneakers. Her bag was over her shoulder and those sunglasses were on. She didn't look much different from the girl, who went to FLETC 20 weeks ago, but the inside of the woman was different.

She entered the building and got her NCIS visitor sign. She took the stairs to upstairs and then headed towards the office, to finish her transfer and get her badge along with other things. It was fast and soon she had her badge, NCIS jacket, cap, SIG, keys and a plastic card with her name on it. From that moment she became a real NCIS agent.

EJ was directed to her desk and there was 4 people waiting for her.

"You must be agent Barrett, I'm special agent Kevin Doyle," the eldest man introduced himself and shook EJ's hand.

"Nice to meet you," EJ said simply before releasing his hand.

"I'm Sarah Parker, I'm the probie no more," the cheerful woman introduced herself.

"Pleasure. Guess, that makes me the probie," EJ joked.

"I like this girl. I'm Tommy Montgomery, senior field agent," the man on her right said and held his hand out. EJ took it and shook it.

"Erica Jane Barrett, the probie," EJ said jokingly.

"I am Andy Caskett," the man on her left said.

EJ shook his hand.

"This is your desk," Kevin Doyle said and pointed to a desk next to Sarah. "Now come, let's visit our lab and morgue, you have people to meet."

"Right away," EJ said.

She dropped her things on the table and followed her new boss to the elevator with a big smile. It's going to be great – she thought.

"Hello San Diego, I might just like you !"